Ayam Beg


Haha.. Sorry for being so quiet after CNY. Was so so so busy with piled up work after 9 days leave back in BP. I thought I should squeeze out some time to post something here. So, Ayam Beg! haha.. Read more ›


Famous singers at concert in Batu Pahat on Feb 17. (2008 MUNCHY’s LOVE CONCERT / 爱团圆演唱会)


Article from NST Online: AWARD-WINNING singer Misha Omar will be coming to town for the Munchy’s Love Concert 2008 at Dataran Batu Pahat, Batu Pahat, on Feb 17 at 8pm. Misha, from Kota Baru, Kelantan, is known for her Read more ›

Drivers causing Jams in BP


Since last Saturday, traffic on the roads in BP suddenly increased a lot. Guess everyone is coming back to hometown to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Jams seems to caused not by the cars, but it is drivers like these Read more ›