Asam Pedas Ikan Cencaru @ Pasar Besar

I love Asam Pedas and here’s another post on Asam Pedas that taste much better than the previous post. 🙂

Have you ever wished that there’s a food place where you can just sit down, and the food will just appear in front of you. You do not want to crack your brain thinking what should I eat, hopeing that they just serve you delicious food.

Well, there’s such a stall in Batu Pahat. In a shack near the fish section of the Pasar Besar, just along a sidewalk, there’s this stall selling Asam Pedas that does exactly that. It’s always pack with people. You share the tables with others. When you spot a vacant seat, go and take a seat. After you sit down, you will notice that a plate of white rice placed in front of you. Wait for a few more seconds, a plate of Ikan Cencaru Asam Pedas appears in front of you! 

The Asam Pedas at this stall is cooked using recycled material (discarded wooden boxes). Depending on how you view it, some might say they have zero carbon footprint. They use disposed material for fuel. Others think it’s contributing to green house gases. It’s all up to you to make you own stand. But sitting down here and eating is quite a nice experience.

Asam Pedas Ikan Cencaru

Mum and I sat found two empty seats at one table and sat down.  Since it was two persons, we had two fish served to us.
By default it’s Ikan Cencaru (Malay) / Torpedo Scud (English) / Ngee Ber (Hokkien). Yes, it’s cheap fish, but they taste good!

Let me warn you, be careful! It’s very hot! Don’t burn your tongue by immediately trying the sauce in your mouth! If you do, your tongue will be numb for a while and you won’t enjoy your food.

The fish’s fresh because it’s straight from the fish mongers beside them. The Asam Pedas is sour enough and spicy enough too.  It’s a tad oily, so just avoid the oil. It’s quite fragrant.

Asam Pedas Ikan Cencaru

Eat it with rice and you can be quite satisfied. Two plates of rice, two fish, 2 drinks, it cost less than RM10. Can’t really remember the exact price. There are other things to eat, but I already had breakfast, so we only at the fish. (My secret quest to try out all the Asam Pedas places in BP. haha)

Asam Pedas Ikan Cencaru

After having a satisfying Asam Pedas we walked into the market. Just a few steps away from the makan place, you see lots of Ikan Cencaru on metal trays for sale. Took this photo from our a fishmonger we sometimes buy fish from. He said the Nyee Ber is not so nice today. So we bought other fish instead.

Asam Pedas Ikan Cencaru


So, around the Pasar Besar, I now know of 3 nice Asam Pedas places.

7 thoughts on “Asam Pedas Ikan Cencaru @ Pasar Besar

  1. MailBP on

    I’ve been there. Need to blind fold and eat. NO HYGIENE AT ALL.

  2. sixx on

    mana lg power, ali asam pedas atau yg nih?

  3. aabdulsamad4 on

    At least the asam pedas with diginity to operate…..

  4. egkee on

    Yes, it is very dirty place to eat. Furthermore, using discarded wooden boxes to cook the asam pedas is not good at all. This is because, some wooden boxes are used as packing material for export purpose. I am working in shipping department which handles shipment like import and export. Usually we will perform fumigation on these wooden boxes using pure methyl bromide. Try to imagine if they use these wooden boxes coated with methyl bromide to cook the asam pedas, the food will be contaminated for sure. I strongly advise all visitor of this website not to eat at this asam pedas stall, as long as they still using those wooden boxes to cook the food.

  5. elmo on

    erm…to egkee..people are just doing their business…i know you are concerning about their health…but do you heard of one word before…i said it in hokkien…la sam jiak la sam tua…if you don’t understand i said it in english…dirty eat dirty big…so just mind your own thing and don’t splash water on people business…thank you

  6. egkee on

    Ok, Elmo.. i will mind my own business and you can continue to eat at this stall. Hope nothing happens to you and God bless you!

  7. Eena on

    Nape Asam Pedas ni Berlondang ngan MINYAK?
    patah selera aku….
    huh huh…..

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