Farewell Mr Long.

He will be fondly remembered. Farewell Mr Long.


“thekingg” posted this in the BP Forum:

Our Beloved Headmaster Mr. Long Sie Hor

After a year and a half of valiant fight against colon cancer, Mr. Long Sie Hor, our primary school Headmaster passed away peacefully this morning with his family beside him.

My deepest Condolences to Yun Siang and his family….

The Wake & Funeral will be in Batu Pahat.

Montfort Boys, please be there to send our HM on his final journey.

Location is : Xian Terng Funeral Palour (Jalan Jenang, behind Lian Hoe Plaza)

Wake : Sunday, March 21, 2010 to Wednesday, March 24, 2010
Funeral : Thursday, March 25, 2010 at 10:00am
Location: Batu Pahat (Xian Terng Funeral Parlour)

15 thoughts on “Farewell Mr Long.

  1. C K Tee (@Melbourne) on

    Farewell, my dearest uncle (二舅舅)。Fond memories of you since my childhood up until now came flooding back. You were not just my uncle, teacher, headmaster, mentor but also a friend. Though you were strict at times (appropriately so), you were mostly fun to be with. Most of all, a man with genuine concern and passion for the betterment and welfare of others; esp. those less fortunate in life. Thought i could still see you in June’10 when i return. I will always miss you! Farewell & rest in peace with the angels,dear uncle. 一路走好,敬爱的舅舅 。。。

  2. CCLee on

    Is so sad to hear that, Mr. Long is great headmaster till today I always remember his teachings. Rest in Peace, sir.
    You be always remembered.

  3. Olly on

    Thanks Mr. Long. Will always remember him in a short sleeve blue shirt, black pants and always waiting for the last student to leave in school before going home himself.

  4. Brian Ong on

    Mr. Long, may you find peace in heaven and thanks for all the fond memories. You have instilled a sense of greatness to Montfort in all of us with your presence. I know that underneath that strong will and texture, you truly have a heart of gold…I still remember you coming to my rescue when I was cornered by some bullies.

    The few times I bumped into you in BP was fleeting but will forever be etched in my mind…again may you rest in peace. A truly great man…

  5. To all Monfort Boys Batu Pahat, the ashes of the late Mr Long Ser Hor is located at Kuan Yin Temple at Jalan Zabedah (Same place with Shan Chong). Do pay a visit when you are convinient

  6. francis on

    dear Mr Long, May your soul rest in peace. can still remember you holding a cane walking around the school with your beautiful smile.
    Mr Long was the first local headmaster after the St Gabriel brothers left, including the deputy Bro Mark. So Mr Long had to step in to teach us the nursery rhymes. LOL.
    he was also in charge of the boy Scouts: camping in school, and sleeping on the classroom desks and treking to the ole swimming pool behind the school.
    Goodbye Sir! RIP

  7. Lim_88 on

    Such a wonderful memory from the students. This proves the love to the late. This is true that good people will always live in everyone’s memory. Very touching and emotional. Teachers are like good guardian too.

  8. Alan Khoo Siew Koon on

    To SIR WITH LOVE. the late Mr. Long Sie Hor was my primary teacher about 50 years ago at the St Andrew’s School in Muar in the early 60’s and what a great teacher and mentor he was that I will always cherished and remembered. Having read the comments posted above by the other students from the Monfort Primary School in BP, I totally agree that the beloved Mr. Long was a great teacher, a true friend and a good person that I am proud to call SIR. May his soul
    rests in peace and my deepest condolences to his family for the great loss.

  9. 1984-1988 P2-P6.

    The first person I address SIR, may your kind soul rest in peace.

    I’m still able to picture you standing over the stationery counter through the slotted windows, other than carrying a rottan.

  10. Yusof Ahmad on

    Still remember him asking students to pick up the trashes laying around school. Always with his cane and i think i experienced it before. But its all good because im pretty sure you need to teach me some lesson.

    Thank you and may you rest in peace.

  11. I just got yhe news last week. Feels very sad. despite he always rotan me before, he is still the one I respected most. My dear headmaster, you are the best teacher in Batu Pahat. Every parents in BP are hoping to have more headmaster/teacher like you. Rest in peace. I will never forget you!

  12. lawrence ng on

    he is the best headmaster that i ever met
    never think about his status,
    he clean up his student rubbish outside the school,
    never give up on his student even they are so naughty..
    well,even when i left monforts for many many years
    i still respect him everytime i see him..
    i will never forget him..my best headmaster..
    my deepest condolences
    rests in peace

  13. Wong Luh Cherng on

    Any one remember Mr Long telling stories. He sometimes moved into tears.
    I graduated 1966.

  14. Yep, he was form teacher in Std 5. Still remember that he was an excellent story teller

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