Radin Book Store is now a restaurant

This photo was taken just before Chinese New Year 2011.
Workers are painting and doing touching up.

Radin Bookstore that many of us used to buy books and magazines is gone.
It is now a restaurant.

7 thoughts on “Radin Book Store is now a restaurant

  1. I’m actually surprised that it can stand that long despite the competition from Perintis. Been there for only 3 times and kind of fed up with the staffs’ attitudes.

  2. gundam on

    Yeah use to buy book there, pity they have change is to a restoran and some somemore is like a warong style food and got a very wrong place. I wonder how long that restoran will last….just not right they setup there.

  3. hi,

    i’ve tried dinner for two times at the new Ceria Maju. its quite nice, the food. try their “ikan masak stim limau”.

    Raden bookstore has re-allocated somewhere there. try to look opposite “babyshop/ secret recipe”. unfortunately the new raden location, behind the bus stand. so, you might missed it, if you are in the car.

  4. Mazlan Hamdan on

    I have not tried the restaurant that replaced Radin Book Store but Radin Book Store re-located next to Camel Active Store opposite Secret Recipe, along Jalan Rahmat.

  5. Thom on

    Raden Book Store was featured in Majalah 3 tv3 program back in early 1990s, that shows now available online

  6. L.H.Koh on

    I used to live diagnally opposite Radin and it was a source of all my reading materials when I was growing up- from “Bunty”(?) comic magazines to novels and office stationery. Knew the owner well. Used to have an awesome rojak stall along its side. Now a restaurant? Such is “progress!

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