Shopping Malls in Batu Pahat – The Summit

Long long ago, (just before 1997 ? somebody correct me if I am wrong) there was no shopping malls in Batu Pahat, there was only Fajar and The Store.

Then Summit Parade came along, which subsequently changed its name to The Summit.


This 6 storey mall is where you get The Store as the anchor tenant. It also has many other little shops. There are more than 300 specialty shops as well. (That’s according to their website at : )

It’s also where BP’s first Cineplex is. Also the first air conditioned food court too. Well, if you want fast food in BP, you can get McDonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC here. (who needs them when people go back to BP to have real food. right?)

The location: 88 Jalan Bakau Condong, 83000 Batu Pahat.

17 thoughts on “Shopping Malls in Batu Pahat – The Summit

  1. kevzz on

    Sweet memory when the Summit was just opened. I still remember the vividly the smell of fresh paint, bright daylight shining into the clean atrium space on the first day of McDonald’s opening. Not many people in the mall that day, just few of us curious cats, everything was so new and few shops were opened yet. I bought a cassette in one of the record shop. Oh, those were the days, and I still remembered how excited me and my mates were about this new mall in town! 🙂

  2. chano on

    The first ‘mall’ was the Emporium situated at Jalan Abu Bakar, near the BP Taxi station. It was a ‘big thing’ during the late 70’s.

    The plot of land occupied by The Summit was once used by some of us ‘motor-crossers’ during the 70’s to ‘show off’ our skills. We would ajourn to a warong mamak next to the Caltex station for rojak & mee rebus after our ‘shows’.

    It’s so sad to that Coronation School had been tear down in the name of ‘progress’. I’m sure lots of old boys would miss it……

  3. Oh yes! I remember Emporium. When we were kids, we were so intrigue by the blinking neon lights! (Where KFC is now)

    Then there was Rich’s or something like that. Then it became Parkson Ria. Then now its Courts.

    Oh ya, remember there was Hoover or something too? Can’t really remember that.

    Grandpa will always be buying toys for us in both places. haha…

  4. kevzz on

    Yes, I was there in the building when Emporium was burnt down long time ago (or was it Rich at that time alr?). I was still a small kid and was in my mum’s hair salon which is in the other side of the Emporium building.

    It was at night and I was waiting for mum to close the shop so we can go shopping for christmas card in Emporium (it was near christmas time I remembered). Then a man came rushing into the shop and said there’s fire burning next door. Everyone just packed their stuff, even those customers who hasnt even had their hair done. They all just wrapped their head in the towel and ran down to the street. It was pretty hilarious to think back!

    Have vague memory of standing on the street across, witnessing the fire. My mum was so nervous that the fire will spread to her store. Amazing the building is still standing there now.

  5. Kasinathan Kengaiah on


    Jeez! I didn’t even know a school by the name Coronation existed. I was a 70’s guy too but can’t recall the school. Anyway I left BP in 79 to attend UPM Sarawak.

  6. chano on


    Yeah, there were a couple more private schools such as Chalton situated at Jalan Abu Bakar near the present day Bus/Taxi Complex. The school blocks were subdivided into several small businesses like the Central Book Store & Charlie’s Photo. Not sure if these shops are still operating.

    There was also another Coronation School (I think) located at the end of Jalan Ismail (opposite D&C Bank?). The building was already in a very shape the last time I saw it in the 80’s. Wonder if it’s still there…

    Anyway, that was a long time back & these were my memories of BP. Maybe Philip can shed some light.

  7. Err. I think you need others to reply. I am too young to know about the schools 🙂 Any others who know might want to shed some light…

    Central and Charlie’s still around.

  8. XiaoMianYang on

    The Summit..

    Spent my days after SPM there everyday.. I think with this statement, you should know my age..

    As it is within walking distance from my house, not too near actually, i can be found there from monday to saturday between my lunch and dinner time..

    And it ‘was’ a very fun place to hangout, as you can easily find someone u know there, hence, do not required appointments with friends.. but nowadays, from a teen to a youth, of coz, some of the kakis that used to hangout there already settle down..

    Hence, Summit is always my 1st stop when i go back to BP, refresh my memories on my teenage days..

  9. Tigersden on

    BP Mall not officially opened yet. Most of the tenants hasnt shifted in and most of the shops in there you can find them in town too. So much for wishing I can get certain items instead of travelling elsewhere. =p

  10. I was in Carrefour during the first day of Chinese New Year. My mum had to buy some chicken for our feast that night, apparently she underestimated our appetite. It was pack,that day. Someone told me that Batu Pahat Mall, ( the one along Jalan Kluang), though small was pack thoughout New Year. I’ve not been there, so does anyone has pictures of the mall, inside?

  11. eyza118 on

    summit parade…
    the place where i learned about life n love…
    now, even i’m studying outside bp but i still remember the environment….

  12. wiwwawa on

    oh yeah …. cool…. summit … somewhere i miss for the past…….
    memories place which i never forget..

  13. Parkson also lah… before its change to courts (opposite bp bus stand)

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  16. Nova Dewita Saputri on

    waaaahhh,,,, kangen nya dengan batu pahat……

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