Worms from your ears?

This sounds a bit unbelievable, but this man from our town inherited a special skill from his dad to get worms to crawl out from ears.
Has anyone tried that?


From NST Online:


Ear comes the worm-buster
14 November 2011
HEALTH CONCERNS Tiny worms are found inside the ears of most people, and they are said to be the cause of ear irritation and toothache, among others

Tan Guan Seng, 44, has inherited a special skill from his late father, Kiang Toh, who passed away two years ago at the age of 70.
It is an ear therapy that uses irritating fumes to make worms to exit from the ears.

First-timers may find it hard to accept the fact that worms do exist in the head, especially those hiding and breeding inside the ears.

When they see the dead worms after a five-minute therapy session on each ear, they know that seeing is believing.

Tan advertises his traditional service by putting a simple sign with a description of the ear therapy and phone number on the rear dashboard of his car.

He operates from his home in Taman Bandar, Batu Pahat, unlike his late father who moved door-to- door in those days.

Worms can be found in the ears of most people. The difference is in the number, he says.

“There are fewer worms among vegetarians than those who consume meat, especially chicken.”

Tan’s record catch was about 100 worms from both ears, while the least was eight.

Tan uses six types of herbs soaked in coconut oil for at least two weeks before being used in his therapy.

A small piece of brick is heated over a gas stove before it is placed on a metal plate.

A tablespoonful of the mixture is placed on top of the hot brick to produce the fumes.

A metal cone is used to cover the heated herbs to capture the fumes and direct them to the apex of the cone which has a small opening.

A small ear plug is placed over the opening.

Tan then asks his clients to put their ears close to the ear plug to send the smoke into the ear.

Each ear is smoked for five minutes, by which time the worms would have fallen out.

Each worm measures about five millimetres long, with the longest ever recorded at seven millimetres, said Tan.

Tan added that those with toothache, stuffy nose and ear irritation can try the treatment.

However, he could not explain where the worms had come from and how they entered and bred inside the ear.

“I only know that my traditional method helps in forcing the worms out through the ears,” he said.

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  1. Miss Sunshine Kelly on

    do you have the address or tel of this therapist i would like to go & try. thanks

  2. Mr Chia Tel 010 538 5793 / 016 362 0857. Address 439 Lorong 3 Side B 45400 Sekinchan Selangor. I was not able to examine and identify the worms under the microscope since they appear dead and white thread like. Let me know if you can identify the worms. Hook worm ?
    Interested friend. Teo

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