High School Batu Pahat, Class of 79 Reunion.

The High School Batu Pahat class of 79 had a reunion recently.
It was a huge success with many coming back to Batu Pahat for the reunion.

Quoting Christopher who asked me to post these photos:
“33 years have passed in the twinkling of an eye, yet, when we met for the first time, it was a nostalgic evening down memory lane for all of us, ex-students and ex-teachers alike!” 

You can click on the photo above to view a bigger version of it.


The ladies photo.


Wishing the class of 79 all the best!

2 thoughts on “High School Batu Pahat, Class of 79 Reunion.

  1. Batu Pahat High School will be celebrating Centennial next year? Do you have any photos of BP High School to share? sent email to bphs100years@gmail.com
    “A website to look for long lost Friends & Teachers, remembering Sweet Memories”.
    Log-in to our website to look at http://bphs100years.webs.com/
    Please share this message to all your schoolmates.

  2. Tim CT Goh on

    We have 800 plus or nearly 1000 if all in. Come to search our BP Cronies Ang Kim Heng and you can download as many as you wish. We were the ones with 12 tables including 2 tables for old teachers and performing a song called we are the world on the stage wearing colourful wigs.
    Tim Goh

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