Cendol at No 12, Jalan Engan

An update to one of the more famous Cendol Shop in Batu Pahat.

Cendol Jalan Engan

Cendol Jalan Engan

The crowds come and go rather quickly as usual. It might be so packed and suddenly it becomes empty.
I was there just before the crowd gathered. It was full when I finished by bowl of Cendol.

Cendol Jalan Engan

Cendol Jalan Engan

The original Chendol is still at RM1.
Why we love it remains the same. Cendol, Gula Melaka, Coconut Milk and Shaved Ice.


Cendol Jalan Engan

Cendol Jalan Engan

For those who have not been back in BP, just like the other popular Cendol shop at Pasar Besar, they now have the Red Bean version.  RM1.50 for the red bean version.


9 thoughts on “Cendol at No 12, Jalan Engan

  1. tigersden on

    Another notable one is operated by a chinese couple opposite Ah Soon Chu Char Tang shop. Try it if you are in town.

  2. philip on

    Ya, I heard about that one, but din try.

    Also people are talking about some Cheese Naan?

  3. tigersden on

    Cheese Naan which one are you refering to, the one at Jalan Sultanah?

  4. philip on

    I dunno, I heard people talk about it, do you know which one ah?

  5. tigersden on

    The one I knew is the one selling bubur ayam at Jalan Sultanah but after renovating the place I wonder if they still sell cheese naan. I will try to go there and find out since I am not permanent in BP.

  6. Tang chin nam on

    Price for a bowl of chendol was 50sen when I was in secondary school.
    That was in late 80s.
    As for the chinese stall may I know whr is this place?

  7. tigersden on

    The small road leading to Xian Leng Showroom, if you are coming from Jalan Mohd Akil which is where Grace Church is. You will see the small shop as you turn in, right beside a shop selling handphone or opposite a motorcycle shop.

  8. honda2roda on

    Ah Soon Chu Char Tang shop. PLEASE ADVISE where is this – the Jalan’s name – long time did not go to bandar jalan jalan – already lost touch with BP’s makan outlet

  9. Raymond Chan (from Singapore) on

    My feedback: Not overly rich coconut milk which can be stodgy and heavy. Not too sweet and the greenness of the dough looks natural and tastes good with lots of pandan aroma. Just the right amount of shaved ice to make it cold and drinkable. Original – without added ingredients like corn, agar-agar, atap seeds etc to make it look good like ladies’ makeup. Very well balanced and refreshing. It’s my reference to all other cendols. Thumbs up!

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