Kangkung Pau

This is quite an interesting food that’s available in Batu Pahat.
The Kangkung Pau as reported by Sin Chew Daily. Have you tried it yet?

The English translation is from here. The original Chinese article from Sinchew Daily.

Kangkung Pau

JOHOR: A pastry shop in Batu Pahat has experienced a recent upsurge in sales with its newest kangkung (water spinach) pau. The shop never expected the kangkung pau to sell as well, that almost as soon as the freshly baked batch reached the shelves, it was all gone, snapped up by enthusiastic customers.

The launch of the Lunar New Year Ipomoea bun has got residents of Johor and tourists across the Causeway rushing to Jalan Abu Bakar, all curious and eager to have a taste of this cheap yet tasty bun.

Selling at a mere RM1, the pau boasts inexpensive ingredients such as shrimp, plum, peppers and of course, raw water spinach.

“Since the Prime Minister made ​​the price of kangkung cheaper, our customers have suggested that we launch a more economical water spinach bun. We did a few taste tests with our customers and they all said that it was good,” said shop owner Guo Ming.

He said that in just two days, the buns was all sold out. The shop owner also said that if there is a continued high demand, he is contemplating to increase the production volume.

Singaporeans flock to Johor to have a taste of kangkung bun

The kangkung bun also brought a group of car owners from a luxury car club from Singapore to try Johor’s newest bun creation. Some 16 luxury sports car models was driven across the bridge bringing wealthy Singaporeans to Batu Pahat for a cup of coffee and kangkung bun for breakfast.

Singaporean Wu Chong led the kangkung pau craving car group, which includes models such as Maserati, Porsche, Ferrari and Audi sports cars.

“We plan to arrange a larger fleet to visit Malaysia in the future, where we estimate there will be about 80 sports car enthusiasts travelling together,” said Chong.


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