Shinkansen through Batu Pahat.

As residents of Batu Pahat, it’s always nice to read about the “Rail Network” that will pass through Batu Pahat. We all can’t wait for it to be finally built in the coming years. Every now and then the reports will appear on newspaper about various companies or countries that are interested to build the network.

There’s the Chinese consortium that will bring what they have in China here, that would probably be of the lowest cost. We do read about the accidents that happen and with the “Malaysian” kind no maintenance attitude, it’s scary. You look around and you know how many places are not even maintained.

The YTL folks in KL that built the ERL uses Siemens trains and they are also the first to propose the KL – Singapore link. We wonder if they will get the contract, but using German technology will be more expensive. We know how reliable the ERL is as most of us have taken it many times. We do know they take maintenance seriously.

Then recently there’s reports of the Shinkansen as well. Probably the safest in the world. If the authorities decide to use the Japanese technology, I will be very glad. Let’s hope if they get it, they will stress the maintenance culture. Read about the Shinkansen report here:


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