Dataran Penggaram – Hip place to be at?

If you are like most Batu Pahat resident, you know this thing exist, but you have not gone near it to see it right? When there’s something on, ‘parking so difficult’, ‘so many people’ why bother….

Here’s some pictures for you all that have left Batu Pahat for the longest time and have not returned.

The famous Batu and Pahat structure.

Here’s a view from another angle.

The info about when it was set up. It’s been quite a while eh…

At the other end of Dataran Penggaram, there’s a clock tower.

Also, the tallest flag pole in BP?

During the night, this place is litted up, and lots of people come here to ‘lepak’ with their families.

Have a good weekend.

4 thoughts on “Dataran Penggaram – Hip place to be at?

  1. browsing thru this blog accidentalli…
    and looked at so many pic…
    was like walking into batu pahat
    so many familiar places…
    but some of the places i never been to…
    suddenly i miss batu pahat
    thanks for the effort 🙂

  2. how bout make a review on tasik Y?? place to hang out with frens and family…

  3. chano on

    I believe the BP structure was built over a fountain. This place used to be a favourite for courting couples. There wasn’t any ‘parking’ problems those days cos’ most couples were on bicycles then….

  4. Tigersden on

    Yeah the structure was built over the old fountain which was never refurbished. But even if the old fountain is gone, the new one is impressive too once they turn on the water. (this only happens if there is a great event there).

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