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Visited my primary school (everyone calls it Montfort School) just the other day, it still looks almost the same, with a bit of changes, but its very very clean! The paint looks fresh, no rubbish around, just so so well kept!

Now let’s take a walk.
When you are at the gate, you see this, the main sign board. Familiar? When I was studying there, that did not exist :-)
Montfort Primary School

If you zoom in, Montfort boys, remember this? We had this on the white shirts we wore.
Montfort Primary School

Walk a bit more, you see this block. The first class used to be 1 Biru (in the afternoon) and 4 Biru (in the morning).
Montfort Primary School

Let’s walk closer, here’s the classroom. Look, they use plastic chairs now, we used to have wooden ones. Some got really shaky after a while, remember that?
Montfort Primary School

Now, looking up at the door pole… hey!, it’s no longer called 1 Biru, it’s now 1 Bijak and 5 Bijak.
Montfort Primary School

Ok, let’s turn left now, this is the canteen. This is where we buy our makan during recess time. (or after school)
Montfort Primary School

Looking at the tables and benches, I think they are the same ones right? The ones that we used since the 1980s!
Montfort Primary School

Now, going back to the corridor along the old 1 biru, noticed that part of it has been ‘cemented’. These drains were where we had our brushing teeth exercise! Anyone remember that? Colgate Cup and all….
Montfort Primary School

Walking down, it’s the teacher’s room! It used to have the swinging door thingy, but not sure if it’s still there, since the doors are closed when this photo is taken.
Montfort Primary School

Zoom in again, is that the original tag? I was too young to remember. :-)
Montfort Primary School

Then walking ahead, this used to be the Dental Clinic! Arrghh.. I was always terrified of the nurse inside!!!! She had this reddish tinted lens on her big big glasses. Macam evil women in cartoons. haha…. Wonder what it is used for now.
Montfort Primary School

Next to the dental clinic was the toilet! Look, same same or not? haha…
Montfort Primary School

Now turning left, it’s the school office! The headmaster used to be Mr Long. Wonder who is the headmaster or headmistress now…
Montfort Primary School

The front of the office, where we all used to stand for the assembly.
Montfort Primary School

Next to the office used to be 3 Biru and 6 Biru. Now it seems to be locked, maybe it’s no longer used as a classroom?
Montfort Primary School

Right in front of the old 6 biru is this block. It was not there during my time I think. Wonder what it is used for. Hmmm…
Montfort Primary School

Then between the new block and the canteen is the field! The field used to look bigger right? Now it looks so small. Hmmm, we must have grown bigger and taller.
Montfort Primary School

So, that’s a quick journey back to Montfort Primary School. Do you have any stories to tell about your experiences there? You can drop your comments below, or at the new Forum.
The Montfort School School Forum Discussion Thread is here.

The school looks so clean, I think we got to thank the pakcik who was cleaning up when I was visiting. The few places in BP that believe in having regular maintenance! Everything last so long and looks so clean.

Hmm.. if you are an old Montfort boy, and have extra cash, maybe you can call up the office and see if you can help! I think they will appreciate it. :-)

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  1. Michael Chia on

    Hi..! I am from class 6 Biru 1980. Saw comments by Dr. Simon Teoh, MT Ho and Dr Sukhvinder Singh. We were at the same class, 6 Biru 1980..!

    Just to inform you guys that this year, more than 20 of us from class of 1980 has reconnected, some after 35 years….!

    In fact, during the 3 gatherings we had this CNY, 2 in BP and 1 at KL, we were asking about the whereabouts of you guys.

    We had even earmarked 25th July 2015 to have a grand gathering at Montfort School for class of 1980.

    Contact me at for more information.

    See ya all soon…!

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