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Visited my primary school (everyone calls it Montfort School) just the other day, it still looks almost the same, with a bit of changes, but its very very clean! The paint looks fresh, no rubbish around, just so so well kept!

Now let’s take a walk.
When you are at the gate, you see this, the main sign board. Familiar? When I was studying there, that did not exist :-)
Montfort Primary School

If you zoom in, Montfort boys, remember this? We had this on the white shirts we wore.
Montfort Primary School

Walk a bit more, you see this block. The first class used to be 1 Biru (in the afternoon) and 4 Biru (in the morning).
Montfort Primary School

Let’s walk closer, here’s the classroom. Look, they use plastic chairs now, we used to have wooden ones. Some got really shaky after a while, remember that?
Montfort Primary School

Now, looking up at the door pole… hey!, it’s no longer called 1 Biru, it’s now 1 Bijak and 5 Bijak.
Montfort Primary School

Ok, let’s turn left now, this is the canteen. This is where we buy our makan during recess time. (or after school)
Montfort Primary School

Looking at the tables and benches, I think they are the same ones right? The ones that we used since the 1980s!
Montfort Primary School

Now, going back to the corridor along the old 1 biru, noticed that part of it has been ‘cemented’. These drains were where we had our brushing teeth exercise! Anyone remember that? Colgate Cup and all….
Montfort Primary School

Walking down, it’s the teacher’s room! It used to have the swinging door thingy, but not sure if it’s still there, since the doors are closed when this photo is taken.
Montfort Primary School

Zoom in again, is that the original tag? I was too young to remember. :-)
Montfort Primary School

Then walking ahead, this used to be the Dental Clinic! Arrghh.. I was always terrified of the nurse inside!!!! She had this reddish tinted lens on her big big glasses. Macam evil women in cartoons. haha…. Wonder what it is used for now.
Montfort Primary School

Next to the dental clinic was the toilet! Look, same same or not? haha…
Montfort Primary School

Now turning left, it’s the school office! The headmaster used to be Mr Long. Wonder who is the headmaster or headmistress now…
Montfort Primary School

The front of the office, where we all used to stand for the assembly.
Montfort Primary School

Next to the office used to be 3 Biru and 6 Biru. Now it seems to be locked, maybe it’s no longer used as a classroom?
Montfort Primary School

Right in front of the old 6 biru is this block. It was not there during my time I think. Wonder what it is used for. Hmmm…
Montfort Primary School

Then between the new block and the canteen is the field! The field used to look bigger right? Now it looks so small. Hmmm, we must have grown bigger and taller.
Montfort Primary School

So, that’s a quick journey back to Montfort Primary School. Do you have any stories to tell about your experiences there? You can drop your comments below, or at the new Forum.
The Montfort School School Forum Discussion Thread is here.

The school looks so clean, I think we got to thank the pakcik who was cleaning up when I was visiting. The few places in BP that believe in having regular maintenance! Everything last so long and looks so clean.

Hmm.. if you are an old Montfort boy, and have extra cash, maybe you can call up the office and see if you can help! I think they will appreciate it. :-)

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150 thoughts on “SK Montfort Batu Pahat / Montfort School Batu Pahat

  1. nick on

    really miz this school!!!
    not change a lot…
    just the paint…
    maby a few year ago its white n blue..
    i can’t remember much..
    i strt school at here from 2000 until 2003…
    really miz at this school la………………………
    always makan nasi lemak at there…hehe….
    miz at my sains n bm teacher….
    miz aida n cikgu razak….
    always got rotan from cikgu razak…..hehehe…
    after i out from this school i has lost contect with anyone from my friends here……..
    hope can find some 1 that i know…
    lim soo hean, andeka putra…my best friend from year 1 until 3…

  2. Dr Simon Gary Teoh on

    Its been so lone already since I left Monfort. I will never forget Monfort and it will be in my memory forever. Some of my friends who i still remember but lost contact since I left for Penang and Australia. They are:

    Christino Andew Benedict Castello
    Titus Fernandez
    Jerry Ng Say Heng
    Kim Kar Heng
    Yeoh Say Liang
    Lan Boon Wee
    Teo Lin Choon
    Sandy Ng
    and there are more and I cant write them all out because there are a lot I still remember even it has been years already and also the teachers who taught me also: Cikgu Ramah, Cikgu Zaitun, Cikgu Badar…etc Thanks for this site and it brought back a lot of memories. THANKS..:)

  3. Class of 73 on

    Sad that the school condition seems to be deteriorated. Lack of maintenance. Anyone still remember the lyric of ‘Holy boys of Montfort School’?

  4. A-ellynne on

    Wow, I miss the school days ..Any photos of Sek Ren Keb Convent Batu Pahat?I remember the morning session classes have to share with the afternoon session..We used to have merah, kuning, hijau and biru..after that, in the year 1995, they changed it to maju, k….., harapan and bistari. and the toilets are so far away from standard 3/6 classrooms

  5. Dr Ernest Lam Choon En on

    The late Mr Long taught me Mathematics in Standard 4 and was my form teacher in Standard 5. This was in 1968
    He was a great story teller. All of us would stay riveted with his stories and the acting that goes with it. The story telling was a treat when we could finish the class lessons early.
    He was a teacher who held high ideals and really had a great passion for teaching. A kind man RIP

  6. izzat 6a 2010 on

    hard to leave montfort… terlalu banyak kenangan manis yg x dpt dilupakan.thanks to all montfort that teach me since i yr 1.goodbye……………

  7. MT Ho on

    Oh ye sons of Montfort School
    ever grateful be and true
    to your alma mater dear
    for her loving care of you

    Keep your filial piety

    Ever jealous of her name
    Ever mindful of her claim

    Hark her bugle sound aloud
    Rise her sons and play your part

  8. MT Ho on

    anyone who can complete the song – please do.

    i was from class of 1980. guess i am the oldest to post here.

    unfortunately, many of the good teachers i had were transferred out.

    I am glad that montfort boys are now able to continue on to High School. mine was the 2nd batch to go to SMKA.

    i hope some one can post the picture of the grey church next to montfort. it was a place where we had most of our plays and activities.

    we had a cub’s den – that was between the toilet and the headmaster’s office. not sure if the wooden shack is still there.

    there’s two badminton courts right in front near the main gate.

    the field still looks the same. remember how we used to play in the rain in the soggy wet field and our white short sleeve shirts turning brown almost immediately. then of course playing with a tennis ball which we will catch and throw at each other leaving tennis ball marks on the shirts !

    those were the days. and yes, the chairs were made of wood. wish i could have 1 or 2 for my son.

    cheerios and take care all.

  9. MT Ho on

    Oh ye sons of Montfort School
    Ever grateful be and true
    To your alma mater dear
    For her loving care of you

    Keep your filial piety
    Burning bright your whole life through
    Ever jealous of her name
    Ever mindful of her claim

    Hark her bugle sound aloud
    Rise her sons and play your part

    p/s during my time, only the cubs get to learn and sing this song. we also got to learn the state song. perhaps the current cubmaster can help out ?

  10. MT Ho on

    Oh ye sons of Montfort School
    Ever grateful be and true
    To your alma mater dear
    For her loving care of you

    Keep your faithful piety
    Burning bright your whole life through
    Ever jealous of her name
    Ever mindful of her claim

    Hark! Her bugle sounds aloud
    Rise her sons and play your part
    With a song upon your lips
    And a courage in your heart

    See her banner in the breeze
    Freely flutters high and smart
    Feel in your surging pride
    When your maters colours ride.

    got this from a Brother St Gabriel school. guess all Brother St. Gabriel schools have identical song though some has 5 verses etc.

    maybe someone can teach the new students the song as the tempo is very lively and instill a sense of pride.

  11. MT Ho on

    just to share the 70s when i was there.

    in the picture of the field above, behind the goal post used to be lalang. that big tree was not there (i think) anyway, there was definitely no fence – just lalang. to the right, – no fence either, was the forest and a small drain.

    as cubs, we used to cross over that small drain and trek upwards to a disused swimming pool that was close to the reservoir next to SMKA. i think this area is now a residential area – forgot what the name of the estate. we use to do this trek once in a while.

    there is another trek – from the outside – we would walk past – on the other side of the fence of the teachers’ room. we did this trek only once – i remembered although the teacher – a cikgu Ibrahim said he had done it twice before. anyway, the trek leads past some kampung, a waterfall and lead us all the way up the radio tower on top of the hill – you can see the radio aerial in the first photo – to the right. i remembered leaving the school at about 730 and reaching that hill at around 12noon and we only stayed there for about 15 – 30 minutes and then walking back again !! lol. there was no space to stop cause it was a road leading to the radio station and we cannot go in anyway so just took some photos and left.

    i know this is hard to believe but lets see if i can find my photos …

  12. MT Ho on

    just a comment on the photos –
    first photo – the gates used to be black in colour and not sliding. there is a smaller gate on the (left) side of the photo. the main gate is opened for teachers’ cars who would park their cars on the 2 badminton courts on the right.

    the road beyond the gates were normal path with stones so if you cycle, which i did, it can be quite dangerous. we also used to have our assembly in the canteen on the left. there were 2 parts to the canteen – the part with table and benches and the other part – nearer the headmaster’s office – did not have any benches. it was enough for us to form 2 column per class for the 3 classes of each session – bit crowded but manageable.

    and yes – the big sign above the gate in the first photo was not there.

  13. MT Ho on

    picture no. 6 – canteen
    there was only one railing – parallel to the opening, so you can only enter from one side and exit the other.

    i remember as prefects, we had to do crowd control so that not too many students goes in an crowd, but there were a few rails that were broken so students would sneak in through the broken rails. of course there were those who would climb over the rail.

    the part nearer to the left (in the picture) was where they sold drinks and fruits. then the bottled titbits like biscuits, hacks, and other sweets, then the other end was the laksa and mee siam.

    i remembered once i bought a stick of jambu and mr long (bless his soul) came along and he pluck one jambu out – i almost cried cause i saved my money for that stick of jambu and he then told me to follow him and he showed the jambu – there was an insect hole – and got a replacement jambu for me. i can never forget that incident.

  14. MT Ho on

    picture 8 –
    yeah – the drains were covered up. i recalled a classmate tripping over the drain once during recess time. hard to believe one can trip over a small drain but must remember we were all much smaller then.

    there used to be a connecting path between this block and the canteen that was covered. but the path measured about 5 feet across ? and was built sometime in late 70s – after i was in the school. i remembered when i first entered the school, the covered path was not there and we had to run to and from the canteen whenever it rained.

  15. MT Ho on

    picture 12 – the toilet
    yup – guess it had not changed over the years. but i guess with the dental room on the left, there is no exit there anymore so the picture shows the only door in and out of the toilet. i recalled the toilet for the teachers or females are on the right … ??

    during my time, there was no dental clinic in the school. we had to go to Sekolah Bandar (i think) along Jalan Masjid. not sure if the school is still there.

    remembered we used to jump off the staircase while waiting for our turn to see the dentist – sprained my ankle in 2 consecutive years !

  16. MT Ho on

    picture 14 –
    it would seem that there is a building to the right of the headmaster’s office. during my time, there was a covered path to the toilet from the headmaster’s office and there was a railing on one side. we would all park our bicycles on the grass at the railing (ie the other side of the railing) and there was a wooden shed which had 2 rooms – one is a cubs’ den and the other was a gardener’s shed. guess this wooden shed is not there anymore.

    anyway, the railing also served as where naughty students or students who talked during assembly will stand – i know – i stood there twice.

    to the left was 6Biru, then 6Hijau then 6Kuning (cannot remember the sequence) then 5 biru, 5 hijau, 5 kuning then an extra room which is used for art class or jawi class.

    there used to be a gate on the side of the headmaster’s office facing 6 biru which Mr Long used to stretch his hand in to press the button for the bell that you see on the left column.

    and i definitely know there was no way a car could have parked there. seeing the blue car parked there seems blasphemous.

    dont recall there being a cemented platform on the right with a rostrum.

  17. sasidaran manikam on

    hai im sreedharan manikam, studied frm 1969 to 1974,remember mr long the headmaster,fatherjames,the church,the canteen.

  18. Tony Yang on

    I am from the batch 1976-1980 (P5-Biru)left school early for overseas.

    Always proud to be a Montfort boy.

    Wonder if we will have a alumni gathering….that will be a big event in batu pahat….

  19. mohan raj on

    hi””i am montfort boy too”‘i study in 2002-2004″”‘i realy miss the school very much””{}{}and my best friend jason””,kishan’previn,arasa,satis,amirul,aiman””arun””t.c all of u kk””t.c

  20. ron tee k h on

    hi there tony…i m from the batch of 74-80. my full name is tee koon hong. i m wondering any of u guys r from that batch. love to be in touch with those guys as i have totally lost touch with all!
    i agreed with u, we should all get together one of this day….man i dun think so we can quite recognize each other. we are all uncles now haha…i still remember some of their names such as lee lim choon (the one in his classic chopper), tan teck seng (the iron man), tan tee yong (the chubby guy), lim ann kim (the notorious one!), michael tan (heard he is in jb & my gd neighbour), lam yong kee (the hakka boy) & so….

    anyone, pls feel free to drop me a mail at

  21. Dr. Sukhvinder Singh on

    Hi everyone, i belong to class of Satu Biru – Enam Biru (1975 – 1980).

    At that time, our HM used to be Mr. Long Sie Hor, i guess now very much old and I came to know he was there till 1994 (quite recent).

    Well i just wanted to know if I still have my old classmates during this time. kindly dropin a few lines through my e-mail address:

    Thanks guys.
    Dr. Sukhvinder Singh

  22. faizal on

    sekolah rendah MONFORT. terima kasih…
    dr tahun 1991 sehingga 1996,
    thanks for teacher….tuhan saja dpt membalas ye…
    yg tak boleh dilupakan pd cikgu muzik…nama lupa la…hahah
    rindu pada sekolah lama….

  23. Jespal Singh on

    Hi All,

    I belong to 3Biru – 6 Biru (1975 – 1978)

    Montfort brings childhood memories. Anyone wants to connect,

    Jespal Singh

  24. montfort old boy on

    Heard that this year UPSR result , only 7 pupils got 5As, haiyoo… so pathethic. Heard comment from parents that certain teacher only know how to scold and grumble.Guess this is what you get once the teacher get their way, the teacher only only think about themselves, everyday preach,.compalaining only , teach for the sake of getting the salary i think, SO EMbarassing… come on la teachers.. wake up,

  25. Siang on

    Wow nice to come acrosss this site with all the old boys of montfort!
    Yes Mr Long with his sleek bycream hair combed to the side and his rotan
    My Niap who always emphasized that we speak properly..thx u..
    And mrs Yong who likes to knock my fingers with her ruler bcoz my writig was horrible…thxs for making me who i am..gone are those teachers who epitomize the nobility of teaching…haiz…

  26. Allooo everybody… I was in Standard 1A, 1973. OMG, didn’t remember anyone in the class anymore… At that time, I was the only malay boy in the class… hihi..

  27. Pang Kim Long on

    I still remember Mr Long walking chestup, roaming all the classes with his “rotan’ whipping at his pants as he walked. We will be shouting to all friends “Mr Long kiah lai yow”. Everybody will sit up right & pretending to be hardworking.
    I still remember we boys playing “masuk” & football at the basketball court, and when the ball fly into the canteen, everybody will run away whenever it hit the cup & plates.
    I still rememeber we play “duku” at the football field chasing “Singathasan” from 1 end to the other end(deep into the primary forest). This guy Tan Thiam Swee sometime miscue & smash some of the classroom window trying to show off his “duku” skill but chased by Mr Long.
    Just imagine when we were studying from Std 1 to Std 6 & I am 45 years old now/
    Here, I would like to pay my respect to MR Long (our beloved headmaster) for being that strict & this has become a culture in upbringing life after school. Thank you MR LONG, You are the legend of Montfort school for all that had gone thru’ your guidance, RIP..

  28. Lee Phin on

    In the late 1960’s there was a ping pong table in the Teacher’s room, on left hand side partitioned from main room. We used to play ping pong before classes start and during lunch break.
    When we make too much noise or ball flies into teacherl’s room, they will scold us.

    Drains surrounding school used to have fish to catch and teacher took us for walk in jungle to the swimming pool/resorvoir.

    Does anyone remember this?

  29. Pang Kim Long on

    Yes, I still remember the jungle walk behind Montfort.
    ya you can find fishes & small prawn in the drain flowing from the reservoir. It was in the 70’s

  30. Winston on

    The stream water behind was so clean and cool. Use to jog there.
    Miss those days….

  31. Simon K C Yeow on

    When you talk about memories, I think I go a longer way back then. I am also from Monfort Primary School. My headmaster at that time was Bro. James. which then transfer to Singapore Boys Town. Met him number of time there. The best part was he still remember me and my name after a lapse of more than 20 year and among the thousand that been there.
    Can anyone enlighten me with the original version of the school anthem.
    The first sentence still rings in my head. It goes something like this:
    O ye son of Monfort School
    Ever grateful be and true
    To the arm of alma mater dear
    For her loving care of you.
    (Couldn’t remember the rest

  32. Simon K C Yeow on

    age is catching up. Still remember 1967 I am in standard one. Was so surprise that the Penang CM is in the same you never get to know him. If any of you from that period sould remember my sister who was teaching there too. Miss Yeow Kwee Lian at that time. If any of you still remember me do email me to catch up for old time sake.

  33. Allen Yu on

    K.C.Yeow. Is that Yeow Kah Choon? We were in High School together.

  34. redwan osman on

    my kid studied in this school and have achieved excellence in her studies. I always came to the school and mixed around with my kid’s friends and parents too. During my presence in the school, the common question that i want to know most from students and parents is how they commented teachers in your school. Reasons…simple …from comments of students and parents we can able to know what atmosphere of the students have in your school.

    Good environment does not mean in cleanliness or discipline of the students only but also the harmonious relationship between students and teachers and administrators of the school a a whole.

    On average i found out all works out proper and not much of complaints to the teachers but to the traffic after school at the pact area of the school where parents got lots of difficulty in picking up their kids when schooling i over.

    from what i gathered quite a number of teachers names was always praised by the parents and their kids and so is my kids. the names of teachers that was really been highly respected and praised are ……. ehem ….find sendirilah.

    iam a single father to my only kid that study in your school.

    thank you teahers.

  35. So happy this website exists. I miss the canteen kuey teow with curry sauce. Yum!!!

    When did Mr Long pass on??

  36. Salam…
    mandi di hutan belakang sekolah, main duku, mr long, cikgu tahir, miss tan…miss n luv all the memories….batch 73-78

  37. Azahar Abd Rahman on

    Hi everybody,
    Banyak kenangan semasa di sekolah ini tahun 1971- 1976…nama2 rumah sukan spt gabriel , scorpion ….mewakili sekolah dalam bolasepak….rakan -rakan spt Lim Poh Teot, Billy How, Lim Kim Seng, Ong Soo Han, J . Krishnamorty, Charles Dayak, Thomas, Benny Poon, Azhar Ahmad, Nelson Ng….lama tidak berjumpa…dimana anda semua….harapan sihat walafiat with family…

  38. Iskandar on

    Hi everyone! Didn’t know there’s a blog on my dearest school… I am from batch 1969 – 1972… fr Std 1 till 4… Anyone knows where Alexander Tan, Tony Tan, Raymond Ng, Kipline Ho, & others from this batch… ?Really miss you all…tqvm!

  39. May i know the contact number for SK Montfort? Thank you.

  40. Enal on

    my first yrs in monfort is on 1967 that time Headmaster was brother james , the old building beside the toilet is was a first shcool canteen. On that time mee goreng and nasi lemak was only 10 cent per plate,Late Mr Long was my jiran at jln best friend was zulkifli A.majid and Lokman mutalip,

  41. raja hafiz on

    Hi all seniors of monfort boys,
    I’m batch 1985 standart 1kuning until 1988 4kuning.
    Anyone from my batch??

  42. gohstysx on

    Remember football MSSC 1979 was greatest, Montfort beat SRK Bandar 10-0, beat SRK Binjai 10-0, beat SRK Parit Bilal 5-0.

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