Balai Bomba Batu Pahat (the old and the new)

Did you know that there’s a new fire station in Batu Pahat? Of course if you are staying in BP, you know. BP folks outstation, here’s an update! Yes! Ada Balai Bomba yang baru!

Now these pictures are of the old Fire Station taken in December last year.

The familiar bomba to many just round the corner of Radin Book Store.
Balai Bomba

Balai Bomba

Do you know that the full name is Balai Bomba dan Penyalamat Batu Pahat.
Balai Bomba

Here’s the number for the BP Fire Brigade: 07 – 433 8444. Emergency just call 994
Balai Bomba

Now here’s the picture taken during Chinese New Year 2007.
The fire station has moved to its new premises. Not exactly sure when the moving date was.

The main front view if you stand right in front of the fire station.
Balai Bomba

The left side of the building.
Balai Bomba

The right side of the buildling. It shows the address of the new Fire Station. It’s at Jalan Timah Sari, 83648 Batu Pahat.
Balai Bomba

Thanks for visiting. Now you are updated! 🙂
Remember the times during kindergarten or primary school, we get to visit the Fire Station? Drop your comments either here or at the new Forum.

Hmmm did you realise that the postcode has changed? I wonder why it’s not 83000. I emailed Pos Malaysia, got a reply that said they will follow up, but till today (2 weeks later), I still have not gotten a reply.

14 thoughts on “Balai Bomba Batu Pahat (the old and the new)

  1. chano on

    Where’s Jalan Timah Sari? Any idea what’s gonna happen to the Old Balai Bomba. I hope it’ll not be another ‘makan place’. But again, the Watchtower may come in handy if the place is turned into a Bistro…..

  2. bee on

    jalan timah sari is just opposite supreme building…noe tabung haji??yeah..along the way…

  3. chano on

    Can’t remember much. Is it anywhere near Taman Banang? I remember Supreme Building is next to Taman Banang and opposite it, is the Land Office.

    But Tabung Haji….no idea-leh???

    Can you include an area map of BeePee in your blog. It will surely helps folks like me who had merantau & gone rusty…….

  4. kevzz on


    I felt this site is getting a bit trivial. The postings are mostly about buildings, food etc and nothing much. You definitely need something more than pictures and descriptions of those places. Try to find something more interesting as a topic eg. people/ characters or stories of BP. Something with more soul and humane touch.

  5. kevzz on

    P.s I don’t mean to sound discouraging. I really appreciate your effort and think what you are doing here is great. I just think that BP is so much more than a fire station and the bus station.

  6. tigersden on

    Tabung Haji building, before it was the Immigration Office. The the Immigration Office got relocated to the the building at the roundabout and then to the current Bangunan Gunasama.

    The old Bomba building will still remain in its place in case there is a fire in town, there is still firemen nearby. Maybe just 1 or 2 trucks left.

  7. Hj.Jo on

    Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera,
    Thank You for the ‘story’. I myself is ‘anak Bomba’. Born in BP. Late father was a ‘Fireman’ during the late 50’s in the ‘old’ station and last rank held were ‘Station Fire Officer’ in that station after being transferd to various district fire station within state of Johore. There were nostalgic memories recalled when seeing the old fire station. You know, childhood memories in various fire stations.

  8. a new balai bomba eh?

    wonder what becomes the old one. i used to work in the gormen clinic across the road from the old balai bomba..

  9. cryingpearls on

    timah sari’s stil inside 83000 ar. my fren lives there. i hope they dun change it to that 8xxxx (difficult number see?)

  10. hartini on

    didn’t noe there is new balai bomba… always go back there on the weekends. guess only spend time at summit parade or carefour.. he he…. after seeing all the pictures, they r all cool.

  11. feng on

    there will be a new Police station in front the Balai Bomba.

  12. mizkyo on

    thanx philip..long time try 2 find out bout diz new balai bomba..finally i found it at ur page..toche2

  13. shiroki on

    not bad..the new balai bomba now is pretty cool..hahahaha..

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