Selamat Datang ke Batu Pahat / Selamat Jalan

Once upon a time, when driving into Batu Pahat along Jalan Kluang, you do not see much on your left or right. It’s fairly dark at night until you reach where you turn into Jalan Bakau Condong, where the mosque is on the right. There, you see the beautiful white lights of the minarets.

But since December last year, you know you have reach Batu Pahat when you see a big Selamat Datang ke Batu Pahat neon lights.
Selamat Datang ke Batu Pahat

BP Town has expanded quite a lot these few years. This place used to be so ulu ulu, now it’s no longer.

Of course if you are leaving Batu Pahat at night, you see the other side of the overhead bridge with Selamat Jalan. Pandu Cermat.

Selamat Jalan

These lights are part of the advertisement of Batu Pahat Mall. Quite fancy fancy leh…. With lights like these as well.

Fancy Lights at BP Mall

For those who have been away for a long time, when was the last time you came home?

7 thoughts on “Selamat Datang ke Batu Pahat / Selamat Jalan

  1. chano on

    Wow! Beautiful……..

    The Pesta area was called ‘Coconut Plantation’ a long time ago & there was an electric generator plant that used a big diesel engine to churn out electricity for the area. My earliest memories were those of playing amongst the coconut trees and the white sands on the ground. Sometime, I would sneaked into the generator plant for a look-see.

    This area had changed so much. Is the Pasar Malam still around?

  2. tigersden on

    You mean the Pesta Pasar Malam, it still happens every Saturday evenings without fail.

  3. barry on

    This latest mall in Samchoon attracts lots of visitors (read: customers) from Kluang, competing directly with Carrefour. As a matter of fact, you will find many signboards in Kluang pointing the direction to Carrefour in Batu. As a direct result, the only decent-sized hypermarket in Kluang, Senyum, closed show recently. I guess the lights in Batu are brighter, especially the shopping and the food, both hawker and restaurant. I feel a little sad for Kluang, as it is the domain of my better half. I would imagine many Muar people are flocking to Batu as well.

  4. Farah on

    Hi there

    I guest u know a lot of batu pahat. I am organizing a field trip to any location with high density of coconut. i know batu pahat is the one. May i know the specific part/kampung/bandar i can/should go?

  5. philip on

    Hi Farah,

    I am not very sure. But let’s see if others here know where to go. Let’s hope they reply.

  6. Lim_88 on

    As of today many coconut tree areas in BP is gone, but only left a few sports along the way from Rengit to Pontian. You may see there within the Kampung’s.

  7. Hi Farah,

    Coconut plantation can be found along Jalan Parit Botak near Senggarang.

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