More on BP Mall.

Here are some more pictures of BP Mall.

Going in the main entrance, you see this:
BP Mall

These pictures were taken during Chinese New Year. Crowds everywhere.
BP Mall

No Starbucks here, but there is authentic Batu Pahat coffee! Rengit Coffee.
BP Mall

If you are thinking, hmm shopping mall, is there a new food court? Yes! Food Junction, the Singapore chain of food court is here.
BP Mall

Someone asked before, what’s Pacific Department Stall? It’s part of “The Store” group which has hypermarts called Pacific and Department stores called “The Store” and “Fajar”.

This is the lower ground hypermarket entrance. Lots of people. Madness.
BP Mall

The upper floors are the Pacific Dept Store. Not suppose to take pictures inside, but outside can right?
BP Mall

Looks like any other modern department stores with all the branded stuff inside.
BP Mall

Shopping anyone?

28 thoughts on “More on BP Mall.

  1. 洪狗 on

    asking a stupid question, where is BP Mall ?
    at the Taman Pacific ?

  2. Lulu on

    Reply to 洪狗,

    Jalan Kluang (sam choon) lah…

    It’s sooooo big that u can’t miss it. U sure long time din go back Batu liao la…

    I passed by it b4 CNY. Haven’t got a chance to shop there yet. ( Me dun like shopping mah…)

  3. tigersden on

    I went there 3 days after they opened, saw the HUGE crowd, did an about turn and went to Carrefour which was empty and did my CNY shopping there. =p

  4. 洪狗 on

    Lulu, I got go back to BP during CNY.
    But is from SG to KL then to BP, so, did not pass by Jalan Kluang.

  5. emotion on

    y BP MALL dun have THE BODY SHOP?? isnt wil be open in BP MALL?? i had use tis product for 3 or 4 yrs le, coz in bp dun have THE BODY SHOP, hope wil open in bp lor, if not every mth need go muar or jb to buy my facial and cosmetic wor… hiah…

  6. hehe 😀
    allo everyone..
    i live at Kampung Istana 😀

    it is about 1 km to BP Mall.

    but i really dont have time .. gutt to go there~
    i wait until all stare full of shop 😛

    now i go there.. nothing special… just normal like Summit ajer ..

  7. Faizi on

    Hahaha, Chaiyok Rengit, Chaiyok BP, wahahahaha….

  8. Ellicia on

    aloooo….im interested to rent shop lot here… but i heard frm somebdy chit chat outside that this BP Mall got court case (between landlord & developer) hey meyy??? SO….whom should i refer to???

  9. tigersden on

    Just call the BP Mall staff and talk to the marketing personnel. Ignore rumours.

  10. Ellicia on

    alamak !!! my fren told me bp mall really got court case between (landlord & developer), there advice me not to rent this place for the moment now !!! so i juz hold my decision.

  11. tigersden on

    Its in the midst of settling. Just rent la .. anything happens use the agreement and get back your damages =D

  12. Ellicia on

    if after spending for over hundred thousand to do the renovation & rent the place in bp mall & anything happens ???? get back your demages !!! this is stupid…stupid…decision. i’m businesswomen,,, wheather is profit of loss. i don’t like the things happen then go to the court !!!! be caution !!!

  13. tigersden on

    Well there is a settlement going on .. something in the range of RM 5 million which BP Mall has to settle with the landowner.

    Ooo what kind of business you doing? I am not a businessman so my mind is pretty simple. hope no offense to you in my earlier post.

  14. Ellicia on

    Hye meh!!! RM5 million only meh ???… I heard frm public its more than that !!! but anyway its nothing to do with me…. i already surveyed around batu pahat, still got more potential shopping complex for me to choose……

  15. tigersden on

    Yeah true to that, get somewhere nearer to the folks in town. I find BP Mall a bit too far for my shopping needs.

  16. sharon on

    emotion, there was Body Shop in BP Mall but closed down within a month! What a joke. No business they said. No Starbucks either.

  17. tigersden on

    Now I wish for a Body Shop …. my supply of soap bars are quickly diminishing.

  18. 洪狗

    if you want to go BP Mall from SG.
    you mind turn into Yong Peng toll.
    than follow the sign board to Batu Pahat.
    follow the road go straight, until u see the big chinese temples on you left hand side, turn left at the front traffic light.
    than go straight until the end of traffic light, turn left.
    go straight and reach BP Mall after 2nd traffic light.

  19. Md Kamal on

    Ai yah, Ah Tan, I think the easier way to go to BP Mall from SG is exiting at Air Hitam. After the toll plaza turn left and proceed to BP. Go straight ah, don’t belok-belok. U will pass through Air Hitam town. Go straight (on Jalan Kluang) until u see the bloody big mall on your right.


  21. Jerry on

    I am interested to know more about the Food Court. How many food stalls are there? Who is the management? Any stall for rental? How much is the rental per one stall.

  22. elyassyah on

    BP mall is like a quite exclusive goods paradise in BP but why the parkin in the 4th floor was really look haunting with no roof! can u imagine that!! It’s simply like 1 utama but that is embarassing!
    I am just went back from BP mall! and 1 more thing is I am quite sad with 1 of the BIG apple donuts worker! I wanna buy 12 pieces of donuts and i am waiting around 15 mins and one of the worker wanna serve me but then the other worker says ‘don’t serve him! he just wanna buy 2 pieces!’ towards me and my family! how rude that guy! He just misunderstand what i said! I said 12 pieces but he said i wanna buy 2 pieces ! OMG! and i am simply go out and with the rude voice,he said thank u and don’t cum again loudly! so sad! if nak ikut hati,nak je pelempang muke pekerja tu! I don’t wanna cum to BP mall anymore! better i go shopping at East Coast mall Kuantan or go search Kluang mall as the worker at BIGapple might be friendly! huh! B.E.N.G.A.N.G

  23. Mr Ng on

    I’ve visited the rengit coffee shop in BP mall just now at around 8.30pm (25/10/2010). I like the coffee. But I was very disappointed with the service. When I ordered the 2nd cup of coffee, it takes more than 15 minutes to wait (still not being served). Then I give them a reminder. But after 5 minutes, still no response. So, I decided to give up and bill. When I’ve received the bill. I saw that they charged me for the 2nd cup of coffee. Then I asked the cashier to change the bill. You know what….. that cashier throw me the bill with a impolite and stupid face. This is what makes me feel sad for the company. How could a well known coffee shop provide such a poor service to customer. I hope Rengit Coffee will improve the quality of their services.

  24. Ellicia on

    u see lah mr tigersden.. lucky i didn’t rent shop lot @BP Mall last 4yrs ago… reading Sin Chew Jit Poh paper today (3/12/11) proved that BP Mall really got court case. myb later i will consider again lor with the right owner…ha ha

  25. tigersden on

    From sources that revealed to me, they lost the case. Starting beginning next year, BP mall is going to change owner to the landowner. Pray that he doesn’t increase the rental or its going to be another big eye sore in BP

  26. i heared they will handover to landowner next year on jan2012!
    so dont know how to transfer deposit to new landowner??

  27. tyne on

    can i know how much rental of the store or small shop? i would like to open computer repairing shop

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