Views of Tasik Y.

How long have you not been to Tasik Y? I think I have not been there since secondary school days.

This was taken during the Labour Day holidays.

Walk in the tasik from the car park, in front of the food stalls, you see this.
Tasik Y

Family taking slow walks.
Tasik Y

The Tasik Views…
Tasik Y

Tasik Y

Oops, it seems that something needs repair.
Tasik Y

Well, you can see young and old fishing here.

Tasik Y

Tasik Y

Tasik Y

Over at the other end, there’s a children’s playground. It is also where people do Tai Chi in the mornings.

Tasik Y

Happy face of the boy!
Tasik Y

Beside the original tasik, there is also another tasik.

Tasik Y

Tasik Y

Hope you enjoy this. You can see the bukit-bukits behind too.

14 thoughts on “Views of Tasik Y.

  1. chano on

    Philip quoted:[How long have you not been to Tasik Y?]

    I reckon no one can beat me to it. The last time I was there was 1975. There was nothing of what’s shown on the pics Philip has posted. Those days, it was just ‘a lake’ with a small ‘island’ in the middle. My kawans and I would go there to fish & sometimes gayong around the lake on a sampan that was left there by some council workers.

    I can hardly recognize the place now……

  2. tigersden on

    woah … 1975, I was only 2 then. That time I believe there were only 2 lakes, one being Tasik Y and the other being Tasik Merdeka situated at Bukit Pasir. But for really old timers, there used to be 3, but that was covered up and our present stadium stands there now.

  3. philip on

    wah… depending which month in 1975….

    If you visit earlier in the year, I am not even born yet! hehe….

  4. tigersden on

    They connected the middle small island hence you see the shack like jetty there. Before they beautify the lake there used to be a lot of lotus plants there which provide excellent fodder to the numerous species of fishes there.

    Last time you can find humungous Haruans and Tomans there, as well as Jelawats, Tilapias, Puyu, Sepat .. etc. Cause Parit Dobi used to link with this Tasik, whenever after a heavy rain, this Tasik used to be flooded bringing in the fishes from the Parit, but when the flood water subside, the fishes stayed in the lake unable to swim back.

    When the Parit Dobi project started, that link was cemented and they build a flood control switch there. So no more fishes can swim in anymore and the town council removed any traces of lotus plants from the lake. Whatever fishes that you see now are released by people who have decided that keeping fishes at home is bothersome, so they free the fishes at the lake.

    That explains the lohan fishes in the lake. hehehe. And also if you look carefully at the cement surrounding the lake, you will see egg sacs … pink in color. Those are the egg sacs of the Apple snails. For those not familiar with Apple snails .. maybe this name might ring a bell … Escargot. Yeah those snails can be eaten and they can grow up to fist size.

  5. chano on

    Yeah…..golden apple snails. As a small kid, I used to collect them at my auntie’s farm near Minyak Beku. We would then boil them up and eat the fresh, really crunchy & yummy!!

    I don’t think we can find them selling in M’sia. I chanced upon them at an upmarket restaurant in Ho Chi Min City some years ago. Guess what? I whallopped a couple plates of them, much to the delights of my Viet frends…….

    Maybe one of you can be entreprenuer enough to start off a local eatery specializing in golden apple snails ala escargot-style.

    Look what they’ve done to the humble ikan pari that nobody bothered to take a second look during the good old days……

  6. Kasinathan Kengaiah on


    I am an old timer there but help me a bit… is this the tasik nearby HSBP?

    If it is then I believe I have beaten Chano to it! I dropped by there when I was in remove class in 1973 at SMKA.

  7. tigersden on

    Yeah thats the lake near to HSBP beside the large drain (parit dobi).

  8. Kasinathan Kengaiah on

    Geez! Whatever happened to the lotus plants and where did the trees come from? Lots of changes there. All I could recall was the lotus and a tiny island in the middle…..

  9. tigersden on

    The removal of the lotus plants was really a stupid idea really. The majlis people fail to understand that the cover of lotus plants provide a healthy shelter to the smaller fishes in the lake. And the rotting roots provide excellent fodder for the fishes big or small.

    Of course lotus do multiply fast, but instead of opting to trim the plant population, they opted the easy way out. Pulling all the damn plants out of the water. Leaving the water murky and the fishes have no way of protecting themselves anymore.

    The plants were there when they beautify the lake. They made some wooden chairs which was stolen a few months after it was installed. They even erected a No Fishing sign near the Pondok. The sign now lies somewhere in the middle of the lake, kena vandalised, plucked and threw in.

    And the people who clean the lake usually start their shift late in the morning. Early morning you can see them sitting near the public toilet chatting with the toilet attendant or sitting under the big Ara tree looking like some lost tua pek kong.

  10. Lulu on

    I agree with Tiger. Majlis people should trim the lotus plant and not to remove them all.

    The lake look so empty without the lotus plant.

    More than 10 years didn’t go to Tasik. During my form 4 and 5 I like to go there, planning how to burn down the stupid school and escape from Tasik. Haha. Bad student.

    From the pictures can see a lot of nice trees. I think it is worth going there for a stroll lah.

  11. rusty joe on


    I used 2 walk there 2 High School before I had a motobike 🙂
    Everytime I went back 2 BP must lepak² wit’ my buddies at Tasik-Y food stalls in d evening and have ABC. HaihSs~ miss BP so much..

  12. Yeo Kian Ing on

    Went thru all the postings about “Tasik Y” and noted one significant fact that nobody mentioned. In the 70s and 80s, the grounds at the lake was a popular spot for “kereta rosak”. For those who don’t know what “kereta rosak” means, it’s for those courting couples who decided that romancing in their cars is best. Steamy windows also add flavour to the mysterious happenings in the cars … do I need to say more?

    I used to collect some lotus flowers from that Tasik too. It’s a shame that they are gone now. That was part of the character of the lake.

  13. Sharfina on

    Is there any Bunga semarak api there? Delonix regia. Confirm me soon… thanks.

  14. If I remember correctly, there seems to be one at the back end of the lake, near the metal bridge over Parit Dobi (the big drain dividing the lake with TIGS).

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