Ayam Golek Rempah Bermadu Sentosa

It’s exactly 1 week ago that I balik kampung to Batu Pahat. It was the last day of fasting and also the last day that all the Ramadan Bazaars are open. (The day I had the sup gearbox. haha..)

(Other than the Gearbox thingy, we also bought this.) We bought Ayam Golek. It looks too tempting to miss out. The smoke that came out was so so ‘wangi’. Our noses ‘dragged’ us straight to the Ayam Golek stall.

Just look at all the Ayam being cooked over the rollers.

Ayam Golek Rempah Bermadu Sentosa

I took the sign, so just in case you want, you can call the guy up and ask where he is selling. :-p

Ayam Golek Rempah Bermadu Sentosa

The guy chopping up the chicken for us. We ordered the smallest, which was RM13.

Ayam Golek Rempah Bermadu Sentosa

Here’s the close up of the chicken. Not bad at all. Very tasty.

Ayam Golek Rempah Bermadu Sentosa

11 thoughts on “Ayam Golek Rempah Bermadu Sentosa

  1. hey. im from kl but will be moving to batu pahat in a few days..im so nervous thinking of how “ulu” batu pahat might be..but from your page i only can see nice things waiting for me ahead.thnx!

  2. bergkamp on

    Compare to sup tulang, this ayam golek betul-betul makes my air liur meleleh, and the ayam percik too.

    Come on Amy, BP is not as ulu as u think, and the people here are friendly. Just come and discover BP 🙂

  3. EG KEE on

    my God… this ayam golek seems more delicious compare to Ayam A1…

    only sells during fasting month??

  4. tigersden on

    Actually ayam golek can also be found at pasar malams. Kee, maybe u can buat tempahan by calling that number.

  5. tigersden on

    ayu, I won’t consider batu pahat ulu, rustic maybe but definitely not ulu.

  6. EG KEE on

    not only friendly but safe and peaceful…

    can tempah ar… but I only want 1 pcs nia… still can tempah meh??

  7. philip on

    search thru all the pasar malams lor… else call him up, ask him which pasar malam he is at 🙂

  8. chano on

    This reminds me of an experience at Bandar Darulsalem Brunei some years ago. I was hunting for ‘authentic’ street food when I detected that distinctive smell of ayam golek, my mouth was already watering when I saw the stall. But I was in for a shock when what I saw were rows of buntut ayam golek on the bbq rack.

    Lost my desire for food the entire night……….

  9. i miss bp!! it grew a lot since the last 5 years. i soo going to try this next ramadhan

  10. sorry that is my uncle.he was sell ayam golek only on the fasting month and not sells at p.malam.

  11. membekalkan ayam kampung siap proses segar…sekitar kluang, ayer hitan dan batu pahat
    maklumat lanjut sila hubungi anuar: 013-7408821

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