Roasted Chestnut King of Batu Pahat

Introducing the Roasted Chestnut King of Batu Pahat. Well, you should be honoured that when you arrive in Batu Pahat taking the bus, you get to see the Chestnut King.

His little stall is located right outside of Eng Motor, one of the first motorcycle dealer in Batu Pahat. It’s located along Jalan Soga. On the right of Courts Mammoth.

Roast Chestnut at Jalan Soga

This is the man. People call him Ah Chiang. Tell him you saw him on the website, maybe he might give you an extra chestnut or two. 🙂

Roast Chestnut at Jalan Soga

Where are the chestnuts? Well, if you see from the first picture, there’s these black bags. These are where the roasted chestnuts are kept warm.

Roast Chestnut at Jalan Soga

The warm chestnuts. You know why many people in town likes his chestnuts?

Roast Chestnut at Jalan Soga

His chestnuts are roasted from the raw nuts all the way till they are done. In some places, they boil them first and then roast it in the final stages before selling. But for this guy’s, it’s roasting all the way.

Roast Chestnut at Jalan Soga

The next time, you arrive in BP or waiting for the bus to go back home, drop by and grab some chestnuts from him.
Chestnuts are called Buah Berangan in Malay. People usually call it “Gao Lat” in Hokkien.

Roast Chestnut at Jalan Soga

He opens his stall around 9 am in the morning. He closes at around late evening maybe 6 plus.
During weekends, his stall closes at around 9 pm or if they are all sold out.

15 thoughts on “Roasted Chestnut King of Batu Pahat

  1. chano on

    Ohhh, the aroma….

    I might be a downunder ‘gao lat’ man when I pencen. Chestnuts are cheep-cheep here; you can even pick them from some parks during summer.

  2. tigersden on

    It’s expensive because no one grows ‘gao lat’ here, most of them are picked from the jungle and hence the high price you pay for it. Its the same as petai.

  3. philip on

    if you have it in Hungary, 1 gao lat cost RM1. that’s expensive.

  4. tigersden on

    I told him I saw the pictures in this website, I got 2 free chestnuts. =p

    But anyway, he has been in this trade for 40 years. His chestnuts are special because

    1. they do not stick to your hand
    2. they do not stain your hand

    Unlike other competitors stalls, those do stick to your hand and leaving ur hand with brown stains.

    He also mentioned most of his older friends who sold chestnuts have gone to a better place, he is considered the younger generation.

  5. like that…maybe next time back bp must go n buy~~~i noe the fragrance but never try

  6. EG KEE on

    Only 2 pcs free??? I dont think I will tell him about the website thing la…. hehe…

  7. tigersden on

    Actually even without telling him about the website thing, he will still give you 2 pcs to try out b4 buying.

  8. EG KEE on

    This morning, I saw the chestnut king’s stall at Jln Rugayah in front of The Store supermarket. I believe that 1st shift is at Jln Rugayah and 2nd shift is at Jln Soga.

  9. sharifah on

    how the heck to fry the chestnuts aaa? i’m in ho chi minh and they sell raw chestnuts..ok la..not that expensive..but now i have no idea how to fry it..anyone care to tell? or maybe ask the chestnut king for me pretty please? huhu..

  10. tigersden on

    The really fragrant chestnuts are fried with coffee seeds. But most people in china uses sand mix with plain sugar syrup.

  11. chano on

    Kopi seeds make the chestnuts more fragrant. There’s a ‘secret’ to roasting chestnuts; always make sure the sand-kopi-sugar mixture is not too hot. Otherwise, the chestnuts will explode!! This can also be rectified by making a small incision on the chestnut so that hot-air can escape. I had a bad experience of chestnuts exploding. It was worst than fire crackers!!

  12. tigersden on

    Ouch!! But that only happens when u try to fry it from raw to cooked. Some people opted to have it steamed half cooked before frying to prevent the explosion of chestnuts. The disadvantage of this is the nuts wont be as fragrant as you want it to be, cause after steaming you have the cooking time shorterned thus not enough time for the coffee flavour to seep in.

  13. where can i find a chesnut supplier? can anyone give me complete address & phone number of the supplier?

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