Surau Arab

This Surau has been around for the longest time.

Surau Arab

Would like to know more about this little Surau that has been there for the longest time. Looking into the fence, you can see a sign. It says Surau Arab. Anyone has details and history of it?

Surau Arab

It would be nice to know history of buildings in Batu Pahat that has been around.

Anyone has a listing of Mosques and Suraus in Batu Pahat? Would like to create a page and have a listing of it.

3 thoughts on “Surau Arab

  1. This place called ‘surau’ because the size is smaller than the bigger ‘masjid’ or mosque. The surau was build by the Arabs community in Batu Pahat. Most of the Arabs community in Batu Pahat are from the Bajrai family or clans. If you can see, there are a lot of Arabs trader under the trademark of Bajrai’s. One of the special occasion in this Arab Mosque is every Thursday night, the Arabs community will gather among each other and recite a ‘yaasin’ prayer. At the end of the meeting there will be a hearty feast of Arabs lamb briyani and tea. One of my childhoods memory.

  2. philip on

    Hi Reza

    Thanks for the explanation and also the history of it.

    This surau has been renovated and it’s now bigger. Maybe it’s time to post an updated photo of it 😉

  3. Another interesting fact,there’s another historic Indian Muslim ‘surau’ located nearby at Pasar Besar Jalan Ibrahim. Erected by South Indian Muslim. I really love the architecture of the building. Maybe i can dig out some stories from there and share it here.

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