Gerai Pak Omar @ Taman Seri Penggaram

Double Decker Murtabak. Does that sounds very different to you?
Well, my sis and mum said I must go try it out, and so I did.

Pak Omar’s stall is located near the playground area of Taman Seri Penggaram. If you do not know where it is, you can drive along Jalan Lim Yew Leong and turn right somewhere after the surau, or you can enter via Jalan Tanjong Laboh, beside the Muslim burial ground. The playground is right in the middle.

Drive around until you see this hut. 🙂

Gerai Pak Omar

Introducing Pak Omar. He has been operating from this stall for many many years now.

Gerai Pak Omar

What is sold here? Just browse at the menu.

Gerai Pak Omar

Wondering what is the Beger? It’s the big huge piece of meat patty you see in this photo. (the one right below) Someone else ordered it, I just borrow it to show it here. haha..

Gerai Pak Omar

Introducing the double decker murtabak. I tell you, you got to share it. It is huge!
It is called double decker because it is double layer. What you see here is even thicker because it is cut into half and stacked on each other.

Gerai Pak Omar

What we also ordered is the Roti Sardine.

Gerai Pak Omar

Come and try this double deck if you want to try something different.
In fact, mum likes the roti kosong here as well.

21 thoughts on “Gerai Pak Omar @ Taman Seri Penggaram

  1. tigersden on

    Thanks for posting this philip, I have totally forgotten about this stall and its yummy murtabaks. Going there coming Sunday after my exercise.

  2. tigersden on

    I went there and found the stall closed, asked around he start business at 10 am. I had breakfast elsewhere.

  3. farahh on

    Pak O starts his business from 10 am until 3pm. If u can’t wait that late for breakfast u can still come for lunch. Must try nasi lemak and beger. Soooooo nice! 🙂

  4. uncletakumi on

    thanks! i’m from singapore. i drove up to try as well… Pak O also show us a printout of this article. 🙂

  5. very nice stall, must try… pak o also very funny

  6. eddievader on

    huhu…. nyum…nyum… still remember when I was in form 6 SDBL, ‘ponteng kelas’ with my friend (wan kodok) and had breakfast here but ‘kantoi’ with my teacher… ‘Cikgu’ asked “what are we doing here?”… ‘selamba’ we said “just having breakfast” cause where can get roti canai at school canteen… 1995.. still in my mind…..

  7. jack samad on

    Kalo rinduuu!! Balik ler bee peeee… Heehehehee.. sdbl91-95… Long time no see you, ASUM @ MUSA..hehehe.. Call me when you in Bee Pee…

  8. eka gf nage on

    murtabak pak omar best giler.walau lambat tapi berbaloi.rugi xcuba.rndu sgt2 kt org2 pgram.

  9. memang slalu lepak kat warung pak omar . aunt sya juga dduk kat tmn pggaram . pak omar memang best ! =D

  10. fazlyshah on

    teh ais pak omar terbaek seyh…aku order sampai 2…hahahaha

  11. fazlyshah on

    try something different….murtabak purple decker….which mean 4 stacks of murtabak…hahahah…pak omar can do….

  12. sedap siape tak cube menyasal seumur hidup
    sekali makan sebulan terasa sedapnya.pendek kata POWER GILERRRRR.

  13. xsbo blik bln 12 nie…nk kne g kdai pak omar nie…. penggaram im coming…..he3

  14. Ng Chwee Khing on

    Looking for my classmates or schoolmates from Temenggong Ibrahim Primary School and Temenggong Ibrahim Girls’ School

  15. can u ask pak omar before is open at parit besar??? Around 20 year ago ….. plssss…. tolong ….

  16. Enal on

    memang sedap tapi selalu bertengkar dgn isteri, tu yang boring hehehe. tapi taniah pada pak omar kerna murtabak dia Taman sri penggaram terkenal

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