Views from The Summit Shopping Centre.

I took this few weeks ago and I think I shall quickly upload it here before the photo gets too old and irrelevant anymore. haha… I have many photos that end up in that category!

This was taken at The Summit, one of the pioneer big shopping mall in Batu Pahat. People still call it Summit Parade, but the name has been changed to The Summit for the longest time!

From this photo, you can see the previous Supreme Finance behind. In the foreground you can see Aman Kolej.

Views from The Summit Shopping Centre.

You don’t really look at what shops are opposite The Summit right? I did not know so many shops have changed over the years!

Views from The Summit Shopping Centre.

Panning to the right, you can see the minarets of the mosque. The big building beside it is the Federal Multipurpose building, where you can renew your IC, Passport etc…

Views from The Summit Shopping Centre.

These photos are for those far far away and have not been back for a long long time. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Views from The Summit Shopping Centre.

  1. tigersden on

    Gunung Soga (Mount Soga), not to be mistaken for Taman Soga which is located near SMKA school.

    Its actually behind the Batu Pahat Golf Club.

  2. Larry on

    I used to live in Taman Tanah Merah, which was very close to the hill.


    pls reply me , pls help me check competition for baby chinese new year 2011 in summit parade complex batu pahat 2011

  4. philip on

    I think you have to call the Mall management to check.

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