Dih Tong Hai Coffee Powder Batu Pahat

Way before the fad about Rengit Coffee and Old Town Coffee, Dih Tong Hai Coffee is one of great coffee of my parent’s time. 🙂

I was helping mum to sort out and look for old chipped cups and bowls in her kitchen cabinets to be thrown when we stumbled upon this saucer.

Long long ago in Batu Pahat, (and maybe elsewhere too) when you bought coffee, you keep the ‘coffee bags’ so that you can exchange for gifts. Many people will be faithfully keeping all the bags and when they had collected enough, they will exchange it for the cups and saucers.

Here it is. The saucer. The cup is already long gone.

Dih Tong Hai Coffee Powder Batu Pahat

For those who always like the zoom-in photos, this is for you… It’s in Chinese, English and Jawi.

Dih Tong Hai Coffee Powder Batu Pahat

If you turn over, you will realise they are Japanese made!
Fine quality saucers!

Dih Tong Hai Coffee Powder Batu Pahat

So, any of you collected these? Do you still have the whole collection?

This earlier ones were made from fine china. The latter ones are different, they changed to “made in BP” products instead. Will post it up another day.

5 thoughts on “Dih Tong Hai Coffee Powder Batu Pahat

  1. bergkamp on

    Ah…Dih Tong Hai 333 is my mum’s favourite.

  2. Tee GEBP on

    Sea in the middle of land.
    Most popular brand when I was a kid, but not now.
    I doubt how many kids know nowaday.
    Old Town is the brand of the town now.

  3. Wee Lim on

    Hi Phil: Need website. I like it. Is Dih Tong Hai coffee still in BP? I used to go to school with the owner’s sun. He is now somewhere in Australia. Lost touch with him.

    I was an ex- HSBP graduate.

  4. saya ada simpan gelas percuma …semasa beli serbuk kopi tersebut

  5. baharin ismail on

    I do own a reasonable collection of the teacups,coffee cups,glasses and other items for this coffee brand.

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