Houses of yesteryears…

Larry who previously sent some old photos of Batu Pahat sent me this recently too.

Anyone knows where is this? The only info give is that it was taken in the mid 70s. Larry notes the contrast between the two houses.

If you have photos of the past you want to contribute, send them to me.

26 thoughts on “Houses of yesteryears…

  1. EG KEE on

    Let me start with the guessing:

    It is located at TMN Batu Pahat.

    Please let me know if it is correct.

  2. tigersden on

    Reminds me of the shack thats located next to the big drain.

  3. Chano on

    I think it’s at Jalan Mustapha where presently the kilang kacang Chap Butterfly is. There was asmall path next to this attap house that led to an older section of Jalan Abu Bakar.

  4. EG KEE on

    I think Tmn BP because I sort of saw some kind of house located at that taman similar design as shown in picture…

  5. tigersden on

    Anyone has any idea where this is located? Then I can help this page by taking a current picture. Then lets compare. XD

  6. philip on

    No one seems to know! Even Larry who sent me the photo doesn’t. Hmm…

  7. bergkamp on

    My guess is Tmn. BP too. However, it can be somewhere in Tmn. Pantai, Tmn. Nira (near the bridge), near Tmn Banang or Jln Omar.

    As for Jln. Mustapha, the house looks like those behind the caltex station (near Summit and the mosque).

  8. salleharon on

    Err… i think its the area behind the high school.

    There was an old malay kampung house last time and also many chinese pasar that richer build their house in that area too..

    its the old road to minyak beku beach

  9. Larry on

    In looking at a map of BP and trying to figure out where I may have been when I took the picture, it might have been in the area of Jalan Mustafa. Most of my pictures were taken close to the center of town.

  10. tigersden on

    If its at Jalan Mustafa, the brick house might still be around, the attap house .. a big question mark. I will go around and find the location when I am free.

  11. Chano on

    tigersden, start looking from the junction of Jalan Omar & Jalan mustapha. I am sure the brick house is part of the first row of houses. Of course the rumah atap dah roboh a long time ago. It should be the row of houses where the kilang kacang is.

    philip, any hadiah for the right clue?

  12. My initial guess is same as salleharon. It’s behind HighSchool along the stretch where the really old chinese sundry shop is located.

    My other guess is Tmn Kemajuan.

  13. salleharon on

    hmm…seems like many of us left bp too long already.
    many things been change since i moved out from johore.

    last time, behind high school call taman pantai..

    all those STBP student that “ponteng” lari around this area la..

    and me (pengawas displin) + guru displin will chase them..ha ha ha

  14. bergkamp on

    the house on the left looks familiar, but can’t remember the location. Maybe all the 70s’ houses look alike?

  15. tigersden on

    One thing for sure its not around Jalan Mustafa vicinity, could not find houses like that. I will search around High School next week.

  16. It looks a bit like the area near Kampung Merdeka and the former football field. Quite a few the double-storey houses there now. Forgot the name of the lane. I had a classmate who stayed near this place.

  17. James Lau on

    You are all wrong. It is at Lorong 5, Kg. Merdeka. In fact the back of this house faces the Katerina Hotel. It was built by a contractor who wanted 2 of his sons to live side by side. They have since moved elsewhere.

  18. philip on

    Larry! You got the answer!
    James Lau seems to know where it is, right to the street name. Thanks James.

  19. tigersden on

    That attap house I dont think its there anymore. Hehe I stay just one road away from Lorong 5, and that goes to show how much I go out during the 70s.

  20. Larry on

    Great! That’s not too far off from where I thought it might be on Jalan Mustapha. I didn’t think it was near the High School.

  21. tigersden on

    Must take the ‘NOW’ pictures discreetly, later the neighbours think I am some kind of PI and set the dogs on me. LOL

  22. Genesis on

    You guys are all barking up the wrong tree, except James Lau who climbed the right tree. You see guys, James lived in the house next door (semi-detached) and the one that is shown in the photo was occupied by his younger brother. Both the houses were built by their late father and I have visited the house many times in the 70s & early 80s. The occupants of both the houses were my classmates. Sorry, James, my good buddy, I have to enlighten all these confused guys making wild guesses. You ought to send a photo of your present house in Melbourne for comparison.

  23. tigersden on

    woof? lol .. I will take the current picture this coming weekend. Instead of the attap house, its now a bungalow.

  24. tigersden on

    There is a current picture in the forums titled New and Old houses

  25. Firhan on

    I know where the area…i was live there in late 70’s and mid 80’s…the houses at Lorong 5, Jalan Zabedah, Kampung Merdeka….the street now near Hotel Katerina

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