Roaming the pasar malam….

How many of you have the habit of roaming the pasar malam? Sometimes it is to roam and buy nothing at all. Of all the pasar malam, I like the one at Pesta on Saturday evenings. (Yes, I know they are the same stall that roams around, but…. I still like the one at Pesta )

These photos was taken few weeks ago.

Pasar Malam

Bought jagung kukus, ayam percik, etc… But they were all eaten before I took any photos of it. Only took photos of ‘see ham’. $1

Pasar Malam at pesta

Sis suddenly wanted to to eat Sayur Lodeh, so we bought this. $1.

Pasar Malam

It’s always binching before we have our proper dinner.

Which pasar malam in BP do you like best? Anyone has the latest updated list of where all the Pasar Malams are?

Pasar Malam Venues Update: (Thanks to Faizi, Tigersden, EG Kee, MailBP, Ipan & John)
Sunday: Taman Nira (Near Low Piak), Taman Sri Sulong
Monday: Taman Bukit Pasir
Tuesday: Simpang Enam (On the way to Parit Betak), Kampung Bukit Putih, Kampung Istana, Taman Soga
Wednesday: Taman Pantai
Thursday: Jalan Omar old Bus Station
Friday: Rengit, Taman Peri, Peserai
Saturday: Pesta, Seri Gading

13 thoughts on “Roaming the pasar malam….

  1. Faizi on

    Rengit Pasar Malam – Friday
    Simpang Enam (On the way to Parit Betak) Pasar Malam – Tuesday
    Taman Pantai Pasar Malam – Wednesday

    Only those pasar malam I know. 🙂

  2. tigersden on

    Taman Nira (Near Low Piak) – Sunday
    Taman Bukit Pasir – Monday
    Jalan Omar old Bus Station – Thursday
    Pesta – Saturday

    Anyone knows when is Kampung Istana Pasar Malam?

  3. EG KEE on

    Taman Sri Sulong – Sunday
    Kampung Batu Putih – Tuesday

  4. MailBP on

    Seri Gading on Saturday,
    Taman Peri on Friday,
    Kg.Istana on Tuesday.

    I support our Majlis for helping small traders to earn a living. Its is a good move, but have you all sensed something else? In some locations the P.Malam is obstructing road efficiency for the traffic. Above all we also need to be careful as nowadays there are too many foreign workers roaming around and creating social problems. Becareful on your wallets.

    Anyway Philip…………your picture quality is good lah,how may pixcel?

  5. in batu pahat town area..

    monday – bukit pasir
    teusday – kg istana
    wednesday – taman pantai
    thursday – old bus station
    friday – peserai
    saturday – pesta
    sunday – low piak

    complete whole week guide to pasar malam..

  6. John on

    u all forgotten that there is another location for pasar malam on tuesday which is at Tmn Soga.

  7. philip on

    Which day is the Tmn Perdana Pasar Malam?
    Or is it Tmn Bukit Perdana?

  8. JenGGotT on

    There is another Pasar Malam at Taman Universiti Parit Raja on Wednesday

  9. Sulyn on

    Tmn Bukit Perdana Pasar Malam is on wednesdays..Almost a replica of the one in Tmn. Soga =)

  10. Annie Thomas on

    I would be grateful if someone would list all the pasar malam sites for the whole week for Johor Bahru. I took it for granted that the MPJB website would have this useful infor, but alas… People friendly? Ha, ha. Thanks.

  11. tigersden on

    Erm this is supposed to be a site for batu pahat. I dunno if we have any info about JB.

  12. nurule on

    evrything is cheap here..with juz rm10 mcm2 yg u bley bli n guarantee ur perut kenyang pnye laa..

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