Munchy’s does Malaysia proud

Did you know that Batu Pahat has 3 of the major biscuits factories in Malaysia? Hup Seng, Hwa Tai and Munchy’s. They have done well and their products can be found all over the world. I have seen Hwa Tai’s biscuits in Asian grocery shops in Chinatown, Melbourne. (that was like 10 years ago when I was studying there).

I have seen biscuits with Japanese packaging and writing on one of the three brands mentioned above for overseas market too. I thought they were Japanese made until I saw Batu Pahat on the packaging! 

My current favourite is Munchy’s range of Lexus biscuits. Here’s an article about Munchy’s on last Saturday’s newspaper. You can read the original article at:



Munchy’s does Malaysia proud

THE popularity of MUNCHY’S has seen the Malaysian snack being munched in more than 50 countries around the world.

The business, run by five brothers, started with just a wafer stick machine in 1991.

Today, Munchy Food Industries Sdn Bhd has a monthly output of over 2,000 tonnes of biscuits and wafer products.

C.K. Tan at the company’s new HQ and marketing office in Klang.


“Munchy’s brand mission is to produce all kinds of fun-eating snacks for every home all over the world,” said chief executive officer C.K. Tan. “We are trying to use Malaysia as a base and build Munchy’s into a world brand, instead of seeing more foreign brands coming into our country.”

Tan and his brothers have gone through tough times in bringing up the brand, especially in 1996 when the local market was saturated with many other big brands.

“It took us about 10 years to grow Munchy’s into one of the top brands in Malaysia. Now our mission and vision in the next 10 years is to grow Munchy’s into a world brand,” Tan said.

“We will allocate more funds into marketing to grow each overseas market in a big way in the next 10 years.”

Tan, who foresaw the importance of branding after he joined the company in 1994, started a re-branding exercise in 2002.

Munchy Food’s laboratory at the manufacturing plant in Batu Pahat, Johor.

The company promptly brought in top branding consultants, who re-designed the logo with the distinctive colours of Munchy’s red and white.

“Munchy’s brand value is to bring fun into people’s lives and this has been our main focus for the past six years.

“Munchy’s is a very catchy name. It comes from the word munch. Our brand is very lively as you can see from our product packaging,” Tan said.

He added that a lot of innovation went into the design and packaging of Munchy’s products.

“I believe everything starts from the product. You have to have a very good product and …we put a lot of innovative ideas into designing the products from the packaging to brand image, the shape and weight of the products, basically from all aspects,” he said.

The Tan brothers believe in continuous product development.

“We spend three years to innovate a product and keep modifying the quality and packaging.

“Until today, we still keep thinking on how to make the existing products better.

“It took us more than 10 years to make Munchy’s Lexus the most saleable biscuit sandwich product in Malaysia,” Tan said.

Export markets

Munchy’s major markets are in Asia with Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan and Japan its key markets. It is also looking to penetrate Vietnam.

Munchy’s products are also exported to Mongolia, Bangladesh and Iraq.

Iraq is a major market; prompting Munchy’s to take a closer look at the Middle East.

“Going forward, we also focus more on the Middle East because with the oil money, people there are willing to spend,” Tan said.

Overseas sales now contribute about 25%-30% of Munchy’s total revenue, with the management aiming to expand it to about 50% of total sales by the end of next year.

With the launch of the new Munchy’s Mini crackers this year, the company is expecting export sales of RM90mil to RM100mil and a total revenue of over RM300mil, against RM250mil last year.

Overseas expansion

Tan said the company would produce 10 new products under the Munchy’s brand this year and planned to build a factory each in Vietnam and Indonesia to increase production.

“Vietnam is a new and emerging market with a population of 80 million while Indonesia has a huge population and is now our second largest export market, which shows that Munchy’s products are widely accepted,” he said.

Tan said the company had invested about RM75mil in new equipment in the last two years that resulted in the production of the new Munchy’s Mini crackers.

15 thoughts on “Munchy’s does Malaysia proud

  1. EG KEE on

    The third one should be HUP SENG, as Munchy was mentioned twice. Hope that this correct the error.

    I was proud to be from Batu Pahat, the home of biscuits!

  2. tigersden on

    CK Tan is from my batch during my time in High School. He was in the Commerce Stream while I was in the Science Stream. He is doing far better than me. =/

  3. MailBP on

    Yes, as a fellow BP man I am very proud of those cookie manufacturers. They well market they’re products to whole world. I was in Vietnam for the past few years and noticed BP brands sold there everywhere from small shops to big lots. I noticed in India too. In India Hwa Tai is so popular.

  4. Winnie on

    One of the Asian markets in the United States sells HWA TAI’s biscuits too.

  5. ishak on

    Found Hwa Tai and Hup Seng at Wisconsin, US.. that was around 9-10 years ago?

  6. mr. amin rosli on

    i’am students from polithecnic merlimau malacca.

    i have a question….. can i make a field trip to your factory within 1 april 2010….

    if can, who can i contact to for futher information…..

    i hope u can reply answer as soon as possible…..


  7. philip on

    Hi Amin

    You might want to contact Munchys directly.
    You can do an online search for their address or you can pick up any packets of Munchys biscuit anywhere in Malaysia and you can find their contact there.

  8. Lim_88 on

    During my trip to India I was so surprised to see all kinds of Tongkang Pecah Biscuits including Munchy’s there in all supermarkets. I was so happy for seeing that.

  9. i am a student from segamat . we will like to visit munchy’s factory for an education purpose . the problem is , we don’t know how to contact munchy’s directly because i understand that we are suppose to make an appoinment before we come for a visit .

  10. dr.siti fadhilah on

    i’m a dentist from Klinik Pergigian Kota Tinggi.Chairman of Kelab Kebajikan planning for education trip to munchy’s is available on December 2010?how to apply?

  11. i am a student… how may i get the munchys company annual report?

  12. hi..
    im student from uitm .
    how can i get munchys annual report for 3 years?
    it is because i want do some analyse about my study
    hope you all can share your annual report as soon as possible.

  13. Dear concern, how can i sure the lexus biscut is fresh if there is no menufacture date and expair date, please let me know the process, in bangladesh some shop woners sale over dated biscute in bangladesh market please see this matter,

  14. juju on

    May I get Munchy’s Annual Report? its for my stdy analysis..Reply me please..

  15. bharat pandey on

    can i know ?? did the munchys food running 24 hours??

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