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Did you know that Batu Pahat:

  • can be literally translated as Chiseled Stone. (Batu = Stone or Rock, Pahat = Chisel)
  • in Jawi = باتو ڤاهت, in Chinese = 峇株吧辖
  • is also known as Bandar Penggaram.
  • is available on Google Maps too. click here to view.
  • in around 1456, the Siamese army was led by Admiral Awi Di Chu camped in Batu Pahat before attacking Malacca.
  • in 1511 when the Portuguese captured Malacca, they built a fortress made of granite rocks that were from Batu Pahat. [1]
  • in 1893, the present township was founded by Dato Bentara Luar, Mohamed Salleh bin Perang, acting on the orders of the Sultan of Johor, Maharaja Abu Bakar. [2]
  • is the home of Puteri Gunung Banang which is the family member of the traditional fable Puteri Gunung Ledang [3]
  • has 14 mukim (sub divisions). Mukim 5, which is Mukim Simpang Kanan is where most people in Batu Pahat lives. Around 139,640 out of the total population of 335,368. [4]
  • there is a registered airstrip with ICAO ID: WMAB. This is why when you board planes with interactive flight display, Batu Pahat appears on the screen :-) Coordinate: 01 51’00”N 102 55’56”E [5]

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[4], BP District Office Website.
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3 thoughts on “Interesting BP Info

  1. Hi,I came across this website in an interesting way.I had a dream 2 nights ago that I was driven to someone in Msia and there was a wall of rocks.The next day, I recall the meaning of Batu Pahat and I came across yr website and realized that ‘in 1511 when the Portuguese captured Malacca, they built a fortress made of granite rocks that were from Batu Pahat.”I have never been to this place though I have a fren staying there.Im not sure what this dream means but I guess I will visit this place someday.Cheers!

  2. Chui Yin on

    Does anyone know the name of the Buddhist Temple on Jalan Fatimah in Batu Pahat? My aunty passed away recently and her ashes was left in that temple.
    I live / work in Singapore at present but would like to pay my respects to her when I visit Batu Pahat next year.

    Please help.

    Chui Yin

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