The famous Batu Pahat Ah See Wantan Mee.

This is the famous BP Wantan Noodles. OK, I finally took pictures of it, and here it is. The name of the shop is Chop See Kee, but everyone calls it Ah See Wantan Mee. The shop is located at Jalan Jenang.

If you are coming back to BP, or visiting BP, remember to pop by this legendary shop. haha… Hmmm..

Here’s how the shop looks from outside. (Yes, this silly boy was standing in the middle of the road, risked his life to take this pic)
Ah See Wantan Mee

The ‘signboard’ of the shop. It looks very antique, doesn’t it?
Ah See Wantan Mee

Then the moment you walk in, other than tables and chairs, you see this big imposing Wealth / Fu sign.
Ah See Wantan Mee

You order the food, and if you order a bowl of soup with lots of wantan, it will most probably arrive first and here it is.
Ah See Wantan Mee

The famed noodles! This is the ‘big’ portion. Maybe we should just have ordered a small one. We have been going around eating and eating… 🙂
Ah See Wantan Mee

How much does it cost? This sign tells it all. This is as of December 2006. I guess they should not change much, even if you visit in 2007, which is in 2 days time. RM3.20 / SGD1.40 / GBP 0.45 / USD 0.85 for a large size.
Ah See Wantan Mee

If you order the Small portion, you get 1 ring of noodles, the Large portions gives you 1.5 rings of noodles.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

34 thoughts on “The famous Batu Pahat Ah See Wantan Mee.

  1. chano on

    Oh yes…I remember this shop. When I first started to ‘eat out’ as a young teenager, the price for a large plate was only RM0.60 !!!

    I understand one of the son is running his own shop around Jalan Ismail.

    Hope I can come back someday to savor Ah See’s wanton mee again.

    By the way, there use to be a stall selling beef-ball noodle at Jalan Abu Bakar in the morning and it moves to Jalan Engan in the afternoon. Is the stall still operating?

  2. Cynthia on

    Best WTM in town! My brother and i used to order the noodle with extra wonton!

  3. Feel like going back Batu this weekend to eat it!!! The wantanmee in KL is so different…

  4. You should have taken a picture of the fan in the shop. Aunt said it’s older than my uncle, who aged 50+ this year!

  5. Thinke® on

    LoL…yea.. the best in town… grow up eating it..never got bored of it….everyone should try it..


  6. Badtz on

    Went home after 5 long years and it’s still so good…How come there’s no posting of the “ta mee” store who used to be opposite Champion shoe store? Heard they sell out of a shop now according to my brother and does not taste as good as before…Their cousins who still operate out at “hai kee”, the noodles still taste the same…

  7. XiaoMianYang on

    like the noodle since small, my dad will brng us there for lunch; maybe because just beside the ‘frequent visit’ barber shop.

    of course, the price is getting higher and the portion is gettin lesser, but who cares with the price? I’m not having it everyday or every meal.

    how about the Hakka Beef Ball noodle with Yong Tao HU?? understand that the various branches are run by family clan. can anyone update on that?

  8. Sometimes it is not only the taste of the food, it is the sentimental value added to it. Of course the food is tasty lah. But sometimes it is the sweet childhood and teen age memories that make us MUST go back for it. I love the Mee Kicap near my house because my father used to buy that for our breakfast. Whenever I go back Batu, I’ll sure go for fried carrot cake and oyster omelette at Haikee, as they were my late father’s favourite supper. Same to this wantanmee. Taste + growing up memories make it so wonderful.

  9. Tigersden on

    The ‘ta mee’ otherwise known as fish ball mee opposite Champion shoe store (I am assuming this is the one who used to sell at Jalan Penggaram at night) has shifted to a coffee shop behind Courts Mammoth near to the Bus Station. To me it still taste the same after I ordered extra chili to it.

    That particular coffee shop also sells nice prawn noodles and lor mee in the morning. You people might want to try it out when you get back during the CNY break.

    The Hakka beef ball noodles with Yong Tau Hu which used to operate over an open drain near the Blacksmith street has moved to Jalan Abu Bakar. How to get there .. after Ujagar Sports Store u will see a junction, go straight somemore till u see a coffee shop. Its the 2nd one in that row. Still taste the same though. There are 2 shops there with the same name, the 2nd one sells the Hakka beef ball noodles, while the 4th shop sells steamboat (dont go there, not good reviews I got of that place).

  10. Somebody on

    There is another version of “Ah See” Wanton noodles at Restoran Huei Siong (near the old Inco money-changer). I heard this is run by “Ah See”‘s brother, and is just as good.

    I saw some illustrious sons of Batu Pahat eating there on a Sunday morning, after a round of golf.

  11. XiaoMianYang on

    The one is run by Ah Leong, Ah See’s eldest son, who used to be one of the major cook in the main shop.

  12. This best wanton mee shop is owned and run by my best friend’s family. Whenever I go bk BP I will drop by to hv a big portion of wanton mee. Nvr tired of eating it. Its still so tasty as before. Two thumbs up for it.

  13. Whenever i am back to BP with my outstation friends, this is the “NO 1” food that i would bring them to eat.

    Normally they will say weird colour(diff with KL style)…follow by “WAH!! very DELICIOUS”. Some even ‘tapau’ back to KL to share with their families.

  14. I came back Batu last Friday for CNY. Immediately I drive to Ah See and tapau 7 big pack of mee for my family of 4. We Makan sepuas-puas hati 🙂

  15. jaywk on

    Those photo make me hungry already. I can eat 2 BIG plate of it with a wantan soup now.

  16. Vu Family on

    Came back to PB from UK just to eat this so very delicious wontan noodles. Brought back so many sweet memories for my mum… Thanks granduncles & grandaunties for lovely time

  17. Oh, yes. This is definitely one of the top items I missed when I’m away from hometown. In Phnom Penh, you do find wantan mee in several restaurents here. But I tell you, the taste is totally different. >__

  18. jaywk on

    i just had 1 large kering mee with extra wan tan… very satifying

  19. I never like to eat wantan mee when I was young. Maybe because the shop is just beside my house and I can easily access to it.Just bring a plate to next door and tapau back. Sometimes get extra wantan somemore.
    Then I go to Penang to study, baru I realise the best wantan mee is the shop next door to my house. Even now I’m in KL also I still think the best wantan mee is Ah see’s. The wantan itself already wins all.
    Now I know how to appreciate and I do still get free wantan mee aand wantan sometimes. haha because my mum is good friend with the auntie next door!

  20. guolin on

    Dear peggy,
    LOLz. I wonder if your lil’ brother Calvin also thinks the same as you.
    Anyway nice to meet u here. What a surprise.

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  22. upon all your kind words, i went to eat the large portion wanton mee with a bowl of wanton soup plus soya milk drink the morning i left batu pahat… i must have paid Rm5.50 or thereabout… the old bespectacled lady was quite unfriendly, ie dont take your order even if you are sitting in front of her, walk away the moment you order something less than soya milk.. i guess the poor service must have come with good business.. my verdict for the food is… really no big deal.. it is overated and too much hype.. i would go further to speculate that if they do the same business in singapore, i am not sure if they can get that crowd easily without the constant hype and over excitement. i hate to say this, but seriously, you can get 100% better tasting wanton mee in singapore. in bedok for example, some of the stalls there goes back a long way too.. as in 2nd generation. i patronise 3 of the stalls there every week.

    i like a roadstall place in batu pahat selling claypot rice, as it was cheap and tasty, without any frills. the problem with that place is… it seems to be dusty and dirty everywhere… as i wasnt born there, i have no childhood nostalgia or sentiment attachment to that.. my apologies.

  23. chow ah beng on

    omg there must be close to 1,000 wanton mee stalls in singapore, some good, many just so-so. whethr they have been around a long time anot, i dun see anything nostalgic abt any of them.

    i still prefer the fried wanton mee at melaka besides a former amusement center close to the renaissance hotel. usually long queues, a great bang for the buck with satisfaction guaranteed.

  24. Jacelyn T. on

    ya~~so miss it~~it’s totally different compare wif KL…haiz : p

    long time no back le~~ T.T

  25. The original Ah See Wanton mee (Chop See Kee) on

    Hei, did you know now Ah See original shop at Jalan Jenang extending business hour till 9.30pm. Business hour from 8.30am to 9.30pm.

  26. Jason's Royal City on

    The original Ah See Wanton mee (Chop See Kee), may i know what is the different between Jalan Jenang Ah See Wan Tan Mee and the other one,良记云吞面 located at Taman Setia Jaya 2 and Taman Flora Height?

  27. bpbeepee on

    The original one is located in Jalan Jenang and operated by Ah See’s sons, daughters and grandson whereas the other Ah See Noodle House is the one previously located along the Jalan Ismail coffee shop but moved to its current location in Taman Setia Jaya and branched out to Taman Flora Heights.
    Ah See Noodle House was previously operated by Ah Leong, Ah See’s eldest son, thus Liang Ji, but his nephew is now running the daily operation.
    They operate individually but as far as I know, they use the same techniques and raw material and ingredients.
    It was said that Ah Leong’s nephew (sister’s son) once worked in the original shop but was kicked out from the shop to pave way for another grandson to work in the shop. Ah Leong was infuriated thus taking in his nephew under his wing at his stall but couple of years later they had to move to the new location in Taman Setia Jaya and Taman Flora Heights.
    Taste wise, some says the original taste better but lack in cleanliness and hygiene whereas the new one offer a wider variety and better amenities and cleanliness.
    As a matter of fact, taste buds differ from one another so it’s hard to judge.

  28. This stall is better.

    I went to Liang Ji, they have started to impose 10% service charge. The best thing about this service charge is that, the service is quite bad. Tried to place an order thru one of the staffs, but they just ignore you and walked away (without acknowledging your presence). 3 staffs clearing table, only 1 staff taking order.

    We placed order for 2 glasses of barely. 10 mins later, two young gals seated besides us placed an order of barely also.
    One of them were served the barley drink, then the waitress drop by our table 3 mins later, informing us there is no more barley drinks left.

    Faint!…and they still wanna charge the 10% service charge?

    To cut the story short, it will be my last time visiting Liang Ji….

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