Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus Batu Pahat

Convent School Batu Pahat as it is known nowadays was originally Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (CHIJ), Batu Pahat.

I do not have much history about this school. Any of you convent girls or convent ladies around? Do you know your school history? Let me know.

Mum studied in this school many many years ago. Here’s some of the photos of the school that we took a few weeks ago. Mum was telling us this was the toilet, this was the nun’s kitchen, etc… I can’t remember which is which now.

Sis studied in this school for a few years, but decided to go to Tengku Mariam and TIGS because it’s much nearer. Tengku Mariam was right in front of our house!

This is an interim posting. Will update this post again with all your inputs! Send them to me! I have numbered the pictures, so its easier to feedback šŸ™‚

Picture 1:
Is this the original chapel? Is it still a chapel? You can see the word CHIJ on this photo.
CHIJ - Convent Batu Pahat

Picture 2:
Statue of Mary
CHIJ - Convent Batu Pahat

Picture 3:
The original convent school classrooms.
CHIJ - Convent Batu Pahat

Picture 4:
The school office.
CHIJ - Convent Batu Pahat

Picture 5:
The general office?
CHIJ - Convent Batu Pahat

69 thoughts on “Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus Batu Pahat

  1. Indra on

    I remember mother Theresa and I used to play hockey, remeber Valentine

  2. Vickie Sivam on

    I was in Convent from 1960 to 1970. I have lost contact with friends. I am sure some of you girls are grans now. Please contact if you were in the same batch. Viks

  3. Margaret Henry on

    I was here from 1965 to 1975. Would like to get in touch with my batch. My e-mail is Would be nice to visit the nuns too, if I can get hold of the addresses; sister Anna, Ignatius ..I’ve fond memories of the nuns and my schooldays here. I visited it in 2006

  4. ēŽ‹ę¢…å…“/Ong Moy Heng/Maddie on

    Hi, i couldn’t associate anyone of you after browsing thru the last 52 comments. Was in this school from 1979 to 1982 (remove class to form 3) and yes, from Ai Chun (2). Had great time with some great teachers and the 2 i can never forget are Mrs Quek who was my form teacher and Pn Hasanah who taught us Jawi back in 1979. Wonder how they are now… Anyway, it’s the time again to wish everyone out there a Blessed Christmas!

  5. Picture 1 : Yes, it’s the original chapel and there used to be a statue of Jesus in the alcove. The front door was closed most of the time. I had entered through the backdoor to its ‘kitchen’ when I was in kindergarten.

    Picture 2 : Statue of Mary was vandalised and lost her arm in the 90s one night when I was in the secondary school.

    Picture 3 : The middle area used to not covered and was used as badminton courts or for performances whenever we have Minggu Bahasa Malaysia or English Week. The single storey on the right side was the Koperasi and further away is the canteen which was once the kindergarten.

    Picture 4 : Used to be my classroom. But I remember there were 2 doors, not one. There’s a button inside this classroom that one of my classmate was assigned to push it to ring the bell when the class period ends. Somewhere outside the door numbered ’30’, is the patch of cement still there (beside the drain)? That’s my foot mark on it. ;P

    Picture 5: Headmistress’ office. We used to joke that the position is ideal for our headmistress (Madam Marian Tan) to see who enters or trying to leave the school compound.

    I was in Convent since 1986 (kindergarten) until I graduated Form 5 in 1997. Somewhere in the 90s, we were having gotong-royong and came across a paper detailing that, Convent was first established in a garage of Tan Swee Hoe’s mansion until he gave a land to the nuns to start the school.

    Is Convent still giving 2 days holiday for Christmas? I hope they will stop doing refurbishment to the buildings but maintain its original colonial look. And I wish they will plant back 2 angsana trees which were once the mark of Convent.

  6. Sorry, I made a mistake here on the angle. Picture 4 is actually the headmistress office viewed from the back. My old classroom is after the glass door. The patch of cement is not on this side.

  7. Mary Ann Gomez on


    I am not sure who you are but I would like to let you know that I went to that school finished in the mid 1970’s.

    I remember the Chapel & the Headmistress office, her name was Mrs Tan, she was a good headmistress. I also remember Sister Theresa & Sister Bernadette.

    My classmate’s, as far as I can remember, my Class monitor her name was – Gan Soh Lan,the others were-Huan Peck Choo,Wei Meng & York Meng (they were twins and their mum was working in the cinema selling tickets)Goh Mui Ling,Goh Mui Lee,Cecilia Lim, I am sure that there were more, because there were 34 or 36 girls in my class.

    The photos of the school is the way it used to be when I went to school.
    Every morning we use to sing the national anthem in front of the headmistress office, exactly where it is in these photos.

    It brings back good memories of my school days. Well done! whoever you are!

    If your mum is one of the ladies whose name is mentioned or if she knows any one of them, please ask them to send me an e-mail, would love to catch up.

    Thank You.

    Kind regards,
    Mary Ann Gomez

  8. Star Vista on

    Hi Mary Ann,

    I am in your batch and we had a reunion of the three classes in 2009 with many teachers invited. Sister Anna is now in Convent at Balik Pulau, Penang while Sister Lucy is in Convent Jalan Lebuh , Penang. Sister Bernadette is in Heaven . We visited them now and then and hope those who remember them to pay them visits..You can contact me at

  9. jagir kaur on

    I’m an old student from 1969-1979wish to get in contact with my batch friends.

  10. Sarjit Kaur on

    Iā€™m an old student from 1971-1980 in Batu Pahat convent, then shifted to Johor Bahru Convent 1981- 1982. I wish to get in contact with my batch friends

  11. Saramma Abraham on

    Vickie Sivam are you the Vickneswary Nagalingam who completed Form 5 in 1970? I am Saramma Abraham. I am also trying to get in touch with the batch of 1970 Form Fivers. Can contact me at

  12. Mary Rosalind Joseph on

    I was an old student of CHIJ Batu Pahat from 1963 to 1973. I wish to get in touch with my classmates.

  13. HO WEE CHIN @ Nalie on

    I’m old student from 1960 n wish to get in touch with my classmates.

  14. Thava Kumar on

    I remember going to kindergarten in 1972. What I remember is the Sister’s IceCream which we looked forward to have. Old simple memories of my chile hood in BP

  15. Vasantha on

    Hello, I am Vasantha Kumari from 1970 vintage.. I Think I know you Vicky and Saramma.please anyone else from the same year keep in touch….Nice to have a reunion.I remember Mrs Tan, Miss Payson..

  16. Chia Choy Min on

    Hi Vick, Saramma n Kumari, i am also from 1960-1970 batch, Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus, Batu Pahat. I am Choy Min. We are having a get together at Crystal Inn, Batu Pahat on Sat 28 Feb at 1pm, 2015. Would be interesting if we are connected and meet there.

  17. Thava Kumar on

    Vasantha & Chia Choy Min, It was Kindergarden. I now live in Perth, Australia. I do travel back to BP almost every year to visit family. My email is

    Would love to see how are all my old classmate during those days are doing.

    Cheers !

  18. Michael Quinn on

    My late wife Trudie Hong @ Hong Huang Kiow of Sri Gading was a student at CHIJ Batu Pahat. 1958 – 1969? She passed away suddenly in Singapore in 2013 at the age of 59. Her ashes are in the Buddhist Columbarium on the coast road just outside of Batu Pahat (Banang Memorial Park).Trudie was a devoted wife and mother and a talented business woman. She specialised in fashion design. Trudie leaves a daughter Siobhan Li Quinn in Toronto and husband Michael Quinn in Vancouver and Singapore as well as the Hong Family who still live across the street from the MCA building in Sri Gading .Thanks to the CHIJ nuns who gave village girls like Trudie the opportunity to have a good eductation that prepared them for life.

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