High-Speed Rail via Batu Pahat

The last few days there has been announcements between the Prime Ministers of Malaysia and Singapore about the KL to Singapore High Speed Rail. That was not very interesting except for those staying in KL or Singapore.

When the newspaper started to quote Transport Minister Kong Cho Ha, saying that there will be about 5 stops in between, that is good news for other Malaysians and Singaporeans who have family staying in those stops. 3 stops in Johor! (Many say it’s election time! haha)



Folks in BP would not be interested in the non-stop service, but will certainly be interested in the transit service. I reckon it will be similar to KLIA Ekspres which has both express and transit services.

If the trip from KL to Singapore is to take 90 minutes, probably the trip between Singapore to Batu Pahat would be 30 minutes? KL to Batu Pahat in 60 minutes? That would be nice isn’t it?

Another report says the trip between KL and Singapore will cost RM250-350 when it’s ready in year 2020. That sounds more expensive than current flights. Let’s see how much the transit service will costs.

Are you excited about this news?

6 thoughts on “High-Speed Rail via Batu Pahat

  1. Kasinathan on

    It sounds fantastic! Good news for BP folks. However, I doubt that it will materialise. Will it be cost-effective? Don’t think so……

  2. hopefully commuters using this facility daily, obtained certain amount of rebate or use the season ticketing for more competitive price.

  3. Tang chin nam on

    I certainly look forward to this day

  4. Jocelyn on

    Where is the location for Batu Pahat high speed rail station?

  5. philip on


    It’s in the planning, so they govt has not revealed it yet. Though some people on the grounds are saying someone near Sri Medan. It’s just a guess.

  6. Dengar cerita stesen kereta api batu pahat nk buat di Pura Kencana? Tak tau lah betul ke tak.

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