Vegetable Farm in the heart of BP.

I thought this was quite an interesting read. The Hotel Bunga Raya, one of the hotel that I haven’t step into before after all the years it has been around, has a vegetable farm on its roof top!

Apparently there is a Urban Agriculture Programme which I can’t really find info about online, but the hotel is the first hotel in Johor to participate in it. Hotel owner Peter Chew said the public can go and view the farm.


Vegetable farm in the sky

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BATU PAHAT: HOTEL Bunga Raya here became the first hotel in Johor to undertake the Urban Agriculture Programme through its “vegetable farm in the sky” project, where it grows vegetables on the sixth floor of the hotel.

The unique project, backed by the Johor Agricultural Department, is being implemented in an empty space using multilevel fibre pipes to cultivate various types of vegetables.

Johor Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Executive Committee chairman Ismail Mohamed was impressed with the hotel’s initiative, which transformed the upper floor of the hotel into a vegetable farm.

He said the public should emulate the hotel as urban agriculture that are actively implemented using modern technology can bring in lucrative income.

“The government is always encouraging those who are interested, especially the younger generation, to come to the nearest Agricultural Department office because we have training programmes and assistance for these initiatives.

“The urban agricultural initiative does not need a large area.

“In fact, it can be implemented in a clustered community, including those living in flats,” said Ismail at the launch of the programme.

Also present were the department’s deputy director Kamil Mohd Yunus and hotel owner Peter Chew.

Ismail said modern agriculture technology like mini fertigation and hydroponics, which does not use soil, would enable vegetable farms to be opened anywhere.

Chew said the project began about two months ago with the cultivation of vegetables like mustard green, cabbage, salad leaves and spinach as well as rock melons.

“We have produced about 150kg of vegetables and fruits which were sold to nearby restaurants as well as given to our workers.

“The farm not only make the view from the sixth floor more beautiful and greener but also allow us to enjoy the fruits of our labour,” said Chew, adding that the public are welcome to view the farm.




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