Mobile Fish Monger in Batu Pahat – Mr Lee Swa Chai

Growing up in Batu Pahat, we used to have the mobile meat and vegetable sellers. I remember a truck that goes around Taman Perdana and all the neighbours will come out and get their veggies and other stuff from the uncle.

There’s also the Chicken Man who our family will call him “Ah Sor”. He goes around in his motorbike and when he blares his mobile horn and also his ‘beep beep’ from his motorbike, the neighbours will be out. There was also the pork man.

Recently, the news has a story about Mr Lee Swa Chai who still goes around selling fish. He serves the residents of Kampung Sungai Dalang Darat. It’s a nice read.

You can read the full story at:

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