Sembrong Dam – The water supply issue in Batu Pahat.

The Star reports that the water supply in Batu Pahat is in a bad state with water quality getting very bad. If nothing is done soon by the relevant authorities, Johor has to start importing water from Pahang in a few years time.

You can read the full article at: The Star.

Here’s the first few paragraphs:

KLUANG: The Sembrong Dam, a major water source for some 120,000 people in the districts of Kluang and parts of Batu Pahat, is “slowly dying”.

Indiscriminate farming and agriculture activities around the dam, not unlike in Cameron Highlands, is causing an algae bloom, that threatens to halt water production and the existence of all marine life in it.

The dam, which was previously built for flood mitigation in 1984 and managed by the Drainage and Irrigation Department (DID), has been providing water for human consumption since 1990.

It covers some 775ha and supplies some 55 million litres of treated water via its Sembrong Barat water treatment plant daily.

Due to the indiscriminate farming, agriculture activities and planting of oil palm trees, which cover at least 87% of the dam’s 130 sq km catchment area, the dam is slowly “dying” due to Eutrophication or better known as algae bloom.

According to a recent research done by UTM, the phosphorous levels at the dam was 92.28% on Carison Trophic Index compared with normal levels of 70% to 80%.

Phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium are widely used in fertilisers and pesticides.

The dam is surrounded by oil palm plantations, farming, and the 3480ha Kluang Modern Farming.

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