Need your feedback….

Hi people…

I have gotten some feedback on improving this site, so that you all can enjoy it more.

1. Installion of a forum software, so that the replies to post will go to the correct title.

We are all wondering how Cendol and swimming pools in Batu Pahat are related. Don’t worry about messing it up, this is a fun and informal blog afterall. (a .org and not a .gov site) The info is so informative, most of us don’t even know about it. Now we know why Jalan Kolam Air is called Jalan Kolam Air! We would need subject experts to moderate. Volunteers needed. From the comments to the postings, we know who they are πŸ™‚ hint hint…

2. Harmonious posts.

There are postings of food that is not halal, and the picture might look so tasty to some, but really insensitive to others. I shall categorize them so that people will know before hand what they will read. Will have to think about the best way to do it.

3. User submission of stories and pictures.

I can only spare ‘that’ amount of time to post stuff up. It takes time to dig out info from many sources. If you have something to contribute, let me know. You can be guest bloggers on this site. You will be acknowledge in those posts. Pictures have to be taken by yourself and not grab from other people’s websites. The photos posted here are all personally taken by my sister and I. Hope you have enjoyed them thus far.

Kevzz is coming back to BP for a visit soon and says he’s going to interview people. We are all waiting for his masterpieces πŸ™‚ Thanks Kevzz. *putting pressure on him* :-p We also thank Mr Wakai from Japan for his photos too.

4. Feedback and more feedback.

Any more ideas to improve it? Let me know. You can leave comments on this post or email me. The suggestions above might take some time to implement. Please be patient ok? It’s the time of the year which is super busy for me.

blah blah blah….

TIGS and HSBP bashings will always be part of BP. We know that’s natural. Let it continue, it’s tradition. LOL…
HSBP and Convent seems to be quite harmonious. Why ah?

Actually I have some photos of TIGS, sis and I took it, its her school after all. This CNY, see if we can get into the school and take photos of HSBP and TIGS, like the photos of the CHIJ series.

28 thoughts on “Need your feedback….

  1. chano on


    Kudos to a great site! You’ve done a good job in such a short a span of time to make this site a ‘must see’ for me when I have my daily cuppa.

    Since you’re asking for feedback, may I suggest if you can include a Live Chat section so that Global Batu Pahat folks can get together for updates & networking.

    Keep up the good work!!

    PS. Jus’ to add my bits to the TIGS & HSBP bashin’. I dated girls from TIGS & Convent but was won over by a Convent gal. Yes, do agree with edder that Convent girls r always prettier….. πŸ™‚

  2. Kasinathan Kengaiah on

    Maybe TIGS was close to us than Convent. Almost daily you get to see them. Could be the reason you either love them or hate them.

    BTW how come no mention of SMKA Batu Pahat? I studied there 1973 – 76 (Remove class to Form 3) before moving to HSBP. Was a pioneer there, when the school opened. Still remember some of the teachers there… Mr. Gorbak Singh (or was it Gorback Singh), Mr. Kok Peng Liak, Mr. Tee, Mr. Ng.

    Any of you guys from there?

  3. No! It’s not because Convent girls are prettier or TIGS is nearer to High School etc. It’s because for the longest time, there’s always been an affinity between Convent girls and High School boys!!! *laugh my ass off*

    Well, that’s how I see it anyway. And for me, an ex-Convent girl, I’m still dating a High School boy now, even though I’ve left school for 12 years (Class of ’95). Even when he and I have left BP to work in Singapore, somehow we still found each other… πŸ˜‰

    Philip, it’s been a while since I last visited your site and it’s buzzing with life now! Great job!!!

  4. Teo Weih on

    A forum would be nice at least the food pics can be categorised to halal or non-halal. As for the live chat thing I welcome it. The friendly feud stays, cause it was going on before my time and it continues after my time. (Whats progress when there is no feud =p)

  5. tcs on

    i studied at SMKA from 1992-1998.

    Good to see this site getting famous now πŸ™‚

    Btw, perhaps you can do an early review of BP Mall. I am sure many BP kias at oversea would like to see πŸ˜€

    Maybe can post some vidoe clips as well. Hosted at is the easiest way.

  6. philip on

    wah….so many comments liao… much appreciated, people hate changes, but i think they are good.

    just like many of you, i am not staying in bp, but overseas. (are you all surprised?) so request to show this and that will be quite slow. i hear about the must eat food, and i am not there to try, very ‘kang kor’ you know.

    i take tonnes of pictures when i go home and slowly release the photos, just like how they release the water from the dams and flood the kampungs in BP. (sigh…)

    i will be going back next week! just like many of you. if you have photos, just email them to me. (only the ones you take hor, not download from other places)

    i have a few articles i ‘harvested’ from the net last time long ago, but they are very poorly written, but contain lots of facts. i must track the author first to see if I can use their info. putting them up here without acknowledging them in plagarism. tak boleh tak boleh. i work in a university, so this is an absolutely no no πŸ™‚

    wah. as edder says, wah.. celebrity blogger also left comments here.

    btw, if you all want to use the photos on this site, use them as long as you leave the imprint visible. it’s perfectly ok with me. also if you happen to be in the photo i took, and don’t like it, let me know, i will take it down. :-p

  7. Philip if you think I can help in anyway, just let me know. I used to live in a pre war house just behind High School in Jalan Dagang. My mother has since sold it as it was too big for her to maintain while living alone. That’s why I do not go back there anymore because it annoys me for being a Pure Batu Pahat Blood but have to put up in hotels now when I do go back. As a result, I have not been there for more than 3 years. My house can be a historic site you know. I have photos of it on black and white, colour and now where it is all overgrown with lalang and seems haunted now. My grandfather bought it before the war. Let me see if I can dig up some good photos.

  8. Tigersden on

    Philip if you need any help in the food pictures I can help out. I am in BP so I have the time to go eat and take pictures for you.

    As for old pictures of BP I need to dig up my dad’s old photos and see if I can see anything interesting to put in here. I have seen one picture of his black and white photo of High School overlooking a big lake. If you dunno about the lake its probably cause they build the stadium over it.

    Old pictures of High School also I need to dig up my dad’s old collection of MERCU. So basically I am trying to help out here though quite limited.

  9. philip i’ve got a bunch of dilapidated postwar ice factory photos that was rumoured to be one of the japanese torture chamber. Just the skeletons of the building only.

    I dunno how authentic is that but gotta dig it out from my photo archives.

    Its at the junction of Taman Soga and Taman Ampuan, pretty near to the popular yong tau hu shop.

  10. Philip, I already use all the food picture as screen saver at my office computer!! Haha. My boss also bey tahan with me πŸ˜›

  11. kevzz on

    Hi Philip,

    I reckon to categorize the site in a more navigate-able manner. And a forum is a great idea since there’s so many comments being posted each day now. You can hardly track which articles have new comments now.

    ps. Do you intend to convert this blog-style website into a proper webpage format? I reckon this is a good option to consider, more user friendly to all.

    But its good to see lotsa BP folks are starting to congregate at this site now. Let’s make this the ‘BP website’ on the net! πŸ™‚

  12. Pooh Ling on

    I am very happy to see lots of BP ppl gathering at this site and sharing some good and old memories of BP. I am just wondering since CNY is approaching and many of you might be back to BP, would it be a nice idea that we can all come out and gather at 1 place, just to share some stories of BP. I have been living and working outside of BP for ~ 10 years and each year I can roughly ~ max 14 days in BP (due to my annual leave). I think a face-to-face meet up will be fun. What do u think?
    Happy CNY!!

  13. hi, i’m from pekan nearer BP – Pt Raja.. accidentaly, i start navigating this site from last month.. but it is nice to knowing our own town :).. keep it up & happy CNY

  14. Kasinathan Kengaiah on

    Is there a way to include each of our photos (passport size) in here somehow? I am not computer savvy; that’s why I pose this question. It will be nice to see others from BP.

    I guess Philip has the last say in this.

  15. philip on

    OK. I think the upcoming forum might be able to support it. Will be after CNY. Working like mad these few days to clear work, so I can travel home for CNY. πŸ™‚

    hi easy, we always stop by parit raja for the crispy crunchies (kerepek, etc) yum yum..

    welcome all the photos. it provides more materials for everyone to comment on πŸ™‚ thanks so much.

    kevzz, still not thinking about it. i got tight project deadlines at work. HELP! i am taking leave to go back for CNY, so….

  16. Somebody on

    Most of us grew up in Batu Pahat, but ended up not working there because we pursue higher education elsewhere, and ended up working in bigger cities. Some of us (in my view, luckier ones) stay back to be doctors, lawyers, engineers or run small businesses like eateries, spare-parts suppliers, Old Town, Secret Recipe and even arcade centres.

    Its a good idea to meet up during CNY. Maybe Philip can organise? A CNY get-together in his house with some games based on chance and probabilities on the side…??

  17. Somebody on

    Its a good idea to network with fellow Batu-Pahatians, then I get follow their cars back to BP for CNY and other festive seasons!! No need to rush and squeeze with the public.

  18. Wong Chong How on

    hey this website is really a great success for batu pahat ppl…..erm for nasi lemak laow piak is now moved to jalan idrus aldy

  19. adam on

    err…that is soooo not tru about convent gal prettier than tigs!
    i’ve been dated tigs gal for the last 5years!~since we at form 3 until now.during that tyme(around 1999 kot?)no convent gal that i attract to..altho this one gurl who i used to sit next to at tuition is from convent..quite pretty but for me..tigs gal prettier!!~

  20. I study in Diploma Technology Computer Course, where can i get my industry training place in Batu Pahat?

  21. Fird on

    anybody can help me..I study in Diploma Technology Computer Course, where can i get my industry training place in Batu Pahat? course now i live at perlis so ineeded ur help who can tell me shop that take student for industrial practical.
    contact me on 013 7857780 or 017 7351055.p/s need before 16 october 2009

  22. Jenny on

    May I know who is the principal now & email address

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