Batu Pahat Mall.

Here’s some photos of Batu Pahat Mall, the newest kid on the block. When I visited it during CNY, not everything’s open yet.
The anchor tenant is the Pacific Hypermarket and the Pacific Department Stall.

Other shops are like GNC, Popular Bookshop, etc.

These few pictures were taken during a rainy day (in a moving car too). That’s why you can even see raindrops on it that looks like scratches.

Batu Pahat Mall

Batu Pahat Mall

Batu Pahat Mall

Batu Pahat Mall

Have some more collection of the photos, but will post it another day. Very sleep deprived.

45 thoughts on “Batu Pahat Mall.

  1. wow.. batu pahat mall. was working in batu pahat between june and december 2005 and i see that bp has changed a lot. there’s the summit, giant, carrefour and now bp mall. quite impressive considering i was kicked to muar (muar is such a ho-hum). will look forward to makan angin in bp mall soon.

    nice site 😉

  2. Kevin Khoo on

    who is pacific hypermarket/dept stall? are they a chain…..don’t think i’ve heard of them……
    anyone know what food outlets are in the bp mall yet?

  3. Pacific is own by the Store. Sorta like a hypermarket version of it.

    Old Town coffee seems to be thriving as well as the Chicken Rice shop.

    Dunno about the rest but in BP… its hawker food galore lah.

  4. pacific coast on

    hi there, just wonder where is the location of the bp mall?

  5. tigersden on

    Along Jalan Kluang to Air Hitam, after you pass Kampung Istana, there will be a hard-to-miss big shopping complex beside a chinese school.

  6. angie on

    what the name of the chinese school along jalan kluang beside bp mall? i visit bp mall during cny, but many stall haven’t open yet.

  7. chano on

    The area reminds me of Jalan Solok Wan Moh. A long time ago, an old pak chik told me how this jalan got its name. Apparently, during the early British colonial days, there was this mat salleh asking for direction to this area. He asked a local who replied in manglish that it’s ‘solok one more’….. 🙂 Solok means the side of a valley. The area being situated at the foothills of Gunung Soga was dotted with many ‘soloks’ at that time.

    But of course, it was jus’ a joke. I think Wan Moh is a Javanese name. maybe someone can shed some light on this….

  8. natasha Yong Peng on

    wow..i’m glad to say that, batu pahat will become a famous city in malaysia..

  9. siewting on

    bp mall is not a gud place to shop!!!tis 1 i can guarantee!!

  10. tigersden on

    Coming from a place where we have only 2 shopping complexes, BP folks dont have a choice even if its not a good place to shop. =p

  11. pijot on

    i’ve been there…enjoy ‘malling’ there..except there’s no kids place for my son to play around while i’m busy shopping..

  12. ahsiew on

    on 30 sep,2.40pm,i went to BPmall for blood donation.after 45mins,i went to carpark get my car back,but i realised my car broke in by ppl.

    the security pretended didnt see anything n didnt say anything,so i called police to lodge police report.

    i kept my camera under front seat but still stolen by thiefs.the camera missing is Panasonic FZ50,with 2gb memory card which contented the wedding photos of my cousin,some photo of review for magazine and my fren birthday’s photo.

    if any1 can provide information pls call 012-764 7645,i will offer some token.





  13. tigersden on

    If the security people are patroling the car park instead of letting those people who sell car wax have their way, I would say BP Mall have good security.

    All I see are the security guys giving out free parking tickets (which does nothing), all gaji penuh kerja kosong kinda management.

  14. Jason Chung on

    I heard the rumour that either one of shopping complex or hypermarket will build in Batu Pahat?!Jusco?Giant?Tesco?…

    It’s true?Please replying me by my

    Thank you for clearing out my question marks??????

  15. johari ahmad on

    kepada pemenang pemenang pasific shopping tahniah tapi kenape warga bangsa cina sahaja yang ramai menyandang pemenang dalam peraduan tersebut tak adil tak adill.

  16. rueny on

    bp mall is quite ok la…
    my frenz n i alwz lepak dere…
    got many singers cum…

  17. Can I know is there have Golden screen cinemas in BP mall??
    is there have cinema there?
    if so,I wanna go for watching movie??
    please response and answer my question!!


  18. tigersden on

    Golden Screen Cinemas is only located in The Summit Batu Pahat. The cineplex in BP mall has not opened yet.

    And the MBO cineplex in the upcoming Square One Mall is also still under construction.

  19. nurule on

    at last we hav our one n only vincci shop ere in bp…haha bp mall is betta than the look more organize n x srabut like the it’s very clean too.. *wink*wink*

  20. jason on

    BP Mall cinemaplex is already opened.
    The company name of the cinemaplex is Big Cinemaplex.
    This is the largest cinemaplex in Batu Pahat,there are 7 cinema room in the cinemaplex.

  21. MailBP on


  22. elyas on

    Im proud of BP actually!Im from cheras!I went there and it’s a modern district with many attraction..
    and also 3 cinemas in bp which is GSC summit!MBO Square one and also Lotus five star cineplexes on BP mall!
    all BPrian should be proud of BP!

  23. elyas on

    BP got a lot of cinemas la!
    and it’s one of city in Malaysia with kepadatan penduduk yg tinggi!

  24. elyas on

    All BPrian,please dont insult your place..
    be proud of your place!
    and all people from other places,please dont say such things!
    BP is better than KL I think!
    all Bprian is open minded and the thinking of people in BP much better than KL la!
    Malaysian people always like that!love insulting but not supportive!

    all BPrian..keep support!

  25. BPrian,Taman Pantai on

    Thanks elyas!

    BPrian should support our rapidly development!

  26. MailBP on

    its true what elyas saying. bp is cheap to live and wealth to earn.all bp fellows should support our town but not our lazy majlis.

  27. elyas on

    mailBP and BPrian!
    I wish wanna go BP this CNY cuz hv something to do there for some new work at Square One..
    I wish wanna go to BP mall and can u tell me a bits bout big cineplexes there?is it true got a cinemas there?and how was it?is it better than GSC summit or MBO square one?
    I check on internet..but there’s no details bout BP mall cineplexes!!
    so,I need some information from u all!
    wish to go there!

  28. elyas on

    I dont know what to say..
    but kadang2 in weekends or bila ada cuti!my mom selalu ajak g BP,johor from here(cheras).
    my mom always ask me to go BP!
    mom crazy to go there and shopping especially the poetry at air hitam tu!!OMG!so cheap!

    Johor Gov should develop BP into City status la!
    moreover,it’s 10th largest city in Malaysia and 11th highed-population in malaysia and better than Kuala terengganu and alor setar!

  29. MailBP on

    just search as big cinemas. Real worth for the money to watch movies at both cineplexes. Clean n the sound system is good.

  30. Jason's Royal City on

    ya ya… hoping bp can become city status before 2015… MBBP,MAJLIS BANDARAYA BATU PAHAT maju jaya!!!

    but if and only if AEON and Tesco are coming to batu pahat according elyas_syah…

    and when the news becoming true…
    “Managing director Nagahisa Oyama said Johor would continue to be a strong market for the company and AEON would look at opportunities to expand to secondary towns such as Batu Pahat.”

  31. elyassyah on

    BP mall is like a quite exclusive goods paradise in BP but why the parkin in the 4th floor was really look haunting with no roof! can u imagine that!! It’s simply like 1 utama but that is embarassing!
    I am just went back from BP mall! and 1 more thing is I am quite sad with 1 of the BIG apple donuts worker! I wanna buy 12 pieces of donuts and i am waiting around 15 mins and one of the worker wanna serve me but then the other worker says ‘don’t serve him! he just wanna buy 2 pieces!’ towards me and my family! how rude that guy! He just misunderstand what i said! I said 12 pieces but he said i wanna buy 2 pieces ! OMG! and i am simply go out and with the rude voice,he said thank u and don’t cum again loudly! so sad! if nak ikut hati,nak je pelempang muke pekerja tu! I don’t wanna cum to BP mall anymore! better i go shopping at East Coast mall Kuantan or go search Kluang mall as the worker at BIGapple might be friendly! huh! B.E.N.G.A.N.G!

  32. Limyewleong on

    Muar has less shopping malls compared to BP, but they are more than 90% occupied. BP has more shopping malls compared to Muar, but they are less than 60% occupied. Which is the better economic barometer?

  33. i think in bp,the only one of the shopping mall which is only 60% occupied is BP Mall due to high rental fees…

    Others for examples The Summit,Square One,Carrefour all have more than 90% occupied…

  34. Limyewleong on

    JCCC, you seem to forget about Wira Court (100% unoccupied), Plaza Bukit Pasir (90% unoccupied), Bangunan Supreme (100% unoccupied)….

  35. Wira Court I heard will be operated by MYDIN. Not 100% sure, but rumors are there.

  36. fizz on

    yey..bp mall best gler…mmg best tok org ske shopping sakan..

  37. BP mall has a nice layout to organize event (spacious space and circular railing fence above main stage). As a photographer this layout make my job easier when shooting event.

  38. sheikh on

    > Chano .


    U ask about how Solok Wan Moh got its name. Its Kampung Solok Wan Moh. Solok means valley. Infront of this kampung is Gunung Soga . Wan Moh is actually someone’s name. His name is Mohamad Basalamah. He happens to be my late grandfather. He lives there but already died in the 60’s. His son ( my uncle) still lives there right behind BP Mall. He is from Arab decendant. For the people around there, because he ( Mohamad Basalamah) own most of the land there, and still is, they call the place Solok Wan Moh. Why Wan Moh? Wan is the front name Javanese people call the Arabs those days. Moh is short form of Mohammad. Btw, his name is down to me now. And NOT because a mat salleh said.. ahhh solok ‘one more’.. hehehe

  39. BP Lover on


    searching frm internet and find out Aeon Jusco will having the new branches soon in secondary town.. such that Rawang and Sungai Petani!!

    when BP should have our own Aeon Jusco?? x sabar ni~ hehe..

  40. hoho yeh on

    i dunno tis bt recently go to pura kencana office at sri gading looking for prospect buying home there. one of salesman said there will be another mall open up there n its Jusco. cheers!

  41. fu yan ying on

    saya nah tanyak kalau saya nah kerja bp mall juruwang nah spm/pmr sijil tak?

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