Hutan Lipur Soga Perdana

Hutan Lipur Soga Perdana did not exist when I was young. It was there, the trees and all, but there was no purpose built tracks and the look out house at the top. To get there, from Jalan Kluang, you need to go past Taman Tanah Merah, Taman Perdana and then Taman Bukit Perdana.

From Taman Perdana towards Taman Bukit Perdana, you will see this sign:

This big clear sign will bring you there. There would be a few more till you reach the entrance.

You can see that the Hutan Lipur was opened by the Johor Menteri Besar (Chief Executive of the State of Johor) on 15 October 1999.

You will be walking along steep steps like this.

It is a good exercise actually. Maybe someone might want to count the number of steps and post it here in the comments.

You can see the primary forest trees there. Huge and very tall trees.
You can see nice looking trees too. You should still be able to see this tree if it has not been cut down. 🙂

Walk along tree sheltered path like this picture, you will soon reach the Look Out Hut.

From here, you get to see the whole of Batu Pahat.

All right then. Till the next posting of Batu Pahat when I am free again.

35 thoughts on “Hutan Lipur Soga Perdana

  1. Someone counted the number of steps before… But I can’t remember the number liao. =p

    Can I ‘curi’ the last picture for my blog?
    Reading your blog makes me miss home so much!

  2. philip on

    Sure! Only for people from Batu Pahat. But let pple know that this website exist! Ask them to visit and go and count the steps. 🙂

  3. Hello, phil! Just come in to say hi 😛

    Came across yr blog when i was searching for express bus from singapore to bp 🙂 I am “bp kia” too but current working in SG.

  4. philip on

    Hi TCS,

    Take Hasry Express from Lavendar St. That will take you directly from Singapore to BP.

    If you are staying near the East of Singapore, that’s a good choice. If you are staying in the west or north, taking a bus to Woodlands then hopping the next bus to Larkin might be faster and cheaper.

    Hasry has only 2 trips from Singapore. Larkin has a bus to BP every hour I think…

  5. Mr and Mrs Toh, who stays near Hutan Lipur climb the forest almost daily. They say there are 1088 steps. The forest is rich in herbs but beware of certain plants that has sap which can make one itch badly. Nearby, there are people who Q to collect water from some springs there. The H2O
    there was lab tested and supposed to be clean n healthy.The orderly Q last till late in the night daily. The tap water in bp is terrible.

  6. leok soo on

    Water from the springs there has no residue and no chlorine smell. Once you try it, you won’t want to drink the tap water of BP again.

  7. budak on

    Back in the 80s, what is now the housing estate was rich jungle and rubber plantation with many beautiful streams, trails and animals (wild boar, gibbons etc). Now all gone except for the remnant Hutan Lipur..

  8. Brother, Tarzan Valley all torn down already lah. The last time went there with Terrence Soong, Chua and all. Now it is all housing area. Before, you have to go through the grave yard and miles of rubber estate to get there. Then there were these roots that come down form the trees that makes it look like you can swing but it was not as easy. The long hike to the stream was rewarding.

  9. Terrence Soong on

    Ahh..those were the days. the fresh water prawns there was so fresh that you could eat it straight! but tasted heavenly with maggi mee of course! Yep..I heard it is all gone now. There was an old lady’s wooden hut which you had to pay 50 sen each to park your bicycle. she had 2-3 skinny fierce dogs that always scared the hell out of us!!

  10. Marie on

    Just dropping by to say hi to BP friends cos i saw some familiar names appearing! :o) Never know that this website existed. Thanks to all, i’ll certainly promote to others. The smell of those days came back once again, going Tarzan Valley with a group of school mates and playing inside the ‘chilling’ water. I’ve walked up to the top of Hutan Lipur a few times but heard that it’s not so safe these days. Hence do go in a group rather than alone! Take care!

  11. tigersden on

    Yeah it isnt safe anymore there, got a few mugging cases especially at the vertical staircase where there is a small pavillion there. The muggers hide near the plants, better to go there in a group.

    Last time before the muggers case, there was the wild bear and wild snake reports.

  12. best sangat dekat..jimat minyak..pmandangan pon cantik!!!

  13. sephie on

    There’s been some cases of cars being broken into lately so don’t leave ur valuables in the car.

  14. nain ex-HSBP on

    Yeah! those were the good ole’ days. Swimming at Tarzan Valley. Now everything been runned down by the greedy property developers. Wonder how can g’ment gazzeted forest reserve can become housing estate? use politics laa…politicans are not-environment friendly humans. They are sex-starved and money friendly apes…

  15. kaki jogging on

    Hi guys!I had the experienced will not be forget…
    One day my children &I went there for jogging.We parked @ nearby the stairs coz its will be easy to go back home. After we finished,we decided to went home.Alamak!!my goodness.My car looked so dirty..moreover, my radioantenna gone..and scrathed.. apa sudah jadi? The tarzan good friend(monkey)punya kerja lah..
    So guys my advice,dont park yr car too close to stairs entry & under the trees or yr car will be ruin by that Tarzan’s good friend.
    X HSBP-SPM ’89(Rock kapak)

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  17. tigersden on

    I went there 2 Sundays ago, still looks pretty much the same. I did not complete the climb as my stamina is totally gone by the time I reached the half way zone.

    Instead of taking photos of the scenery around me, I chose to take pictures of monkeys having siesta at the car park. =p (wrong priority)

  18. philip on

    en_me, sure.

    why you say it’s wrong priority? maybe after getting married, you can have more hikes there? 🙂

  19. i never know batu pahat also has hutan lipur. i will definitely go there next time i go back to bp. thanks for the entry.

  20. nurule on

    mse baru2 bukak..mmg rmai org but now ive heard a lot of uneasy story if u go there such as kne ‘pau’ dgn bdk2 yg mlepak kt dlm tu..dh rmai yg be careful guys..

  21. Selamat siang, salam kenal…
    Baru hari ini saya baca blog ini, ketemu di google 😀

    Si Cantik

  22. woww..nvr know tht BP has recreation place to go other than Tasik Y…gud job there! 🙂 post more interesting place to go in BP ya in the future

  23. Azam on

    my girl show me that hutan lipur when i go bp. unfortunely, we nv did reach the top 🙁

  24. hai, philip..i’m new here..
    i had been there in 2006 wit my frenz..
    wut i can remember,we just got back from shopping mall..
    we nvr planned to climbed it, it was last minute planned..
    so, we climb it wit our shopping outfits..hehehe..

  25. Hye , I’m Nurain from MRSM Batu Pahat ,
    Thank you for posting about the rainforest in beatu pahat johor .
    I have to do a research about it and the data help me alot ,

  26. hye….i’m ajoy from mrsm batu pahat…i like this place….i have to do some research about rainforest ecosystem….this place have give me many information and also it help me a lot…

  27. hi i`m haziq,

    saya memang org sini HUTAN LIPUR MEMANG BEST
    mcm2 ad kt sane sudah dua kali saya naik
    sape yg dpt naik smpai atas memang best

  28. arry nazroun on

    hai all,

    Looking at the pics are cool, wondering if there is any mountainbike track there? it would be very interesting to have one there. please inform if there is any dowhill track in BP

  29. ArvinKumar on

    Hi, can anyone of you show me the way to tarzan valley. i’m an 18 year old boy who is curious to see the once beautiful place called tarzan valley.
    do email me

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