Handal Ceria Bus : Johor Bahru – Batu Pahat

I took this bus ‘Handal Ceria’ last week. They are known more as Causeway Link buses. I usually take the KKKL or Hasry service. But the KKKL and Hasry bus tickets were sold out. I had to look for other ways to get back, instead of waiting for another 2 more hours in Larkin to get back to BP.

So, I remembered the ‘yellow bus’ also has service back to BP. So, I bought their tickets. I realise I did not take the pictures of the interior. (too excited I think haha) The bus is quite clean. Sis also commented, look their curtains are clean too!

Some of the buses smell and the air-con does not work. But this one is good. Strong air-con and no stinko smell.

It’s suppose to be Johor Bahru – Air Hitam – Batu Pahat service, but the bus did not stop at Air Hitam at all. Just like any other bus service, from Air Hitam to Batu Pahat, when people request to stop, the bus driver will stop at the next bus stop along Jalan Kluang.

Handal Ceria

From this photo, you can get the contact details of the company. It costs RM8.30 from Larkin to Johor Bahru.

15 thoughts on “Handal Ceria Bus : Johor Bahru – Batu Pahat

  1. OdenseL on

    I still remembered I took South Johore bus to JB from BP. It cost only RM 5.60 last time – in 1993 ha ha! Larkin Bus Station was not there yet. One apek with tattoo on his chest even extorted me for money…

  2. chano on

    You guys are spoilt for choices these days. It was ricketty Mara buses for me during the 70’s and there was only 1 journey to KayEl Pudu station per day, but it only cost RM7. The bus station was at Jalan Pegawai then….

  3. OdenseL on

    And I can still remember the daily bus fare to school in Johor Motor was 20 sen in the mid 80’s to early 90’s – the green ticket. Later, the fare increased to 30 sen.

  4. SGB4450A on

    Wht the heck? Why are you guys taking bus JB-BP?
    I drive…… esp watchin g the f***king crowds at causeway, its super hillarious…hahah

  5. Do you know when is the last bus for Causeway Link from JB to BP ? If possible, can you provide the bus schedule of the JB-BP Causeway Link Bus too?? Thank you.

  6. hawshy on

    you can try the new bus service from JB to BP – S & S
    the last bus is 9pm

  7. tigersden on

    S&S International is a Kluang based company but now operating the BP-JB route. Ticket price is the same as others RM10.70 for a one way trip. And its a SVIP bus as compared to KKKL which uses normal express bus to ferry people to JB.

  8. MailBP on

    Causeway Link and KKL are good choices, but never ever board the lousy stupid JOHORE MOTOR buses!!!You will regret.

  9. Lay Hoon on

    kkkl are goods choices and currently extend ( Friday) last bus to 9.30pm to batu Pahat ( wonderful) .

    if KKKL can have online purchase of Bus Ticket , is more conveniet for us .

    Hope to hear KKKL have online purchase ticket , e e

    Thank you

  10. siongwei on

    Promoter needed at batu pahat,kluang and segamat on weekend basis where we pay RM60-RM80 per day. It will be usually be at shopping mall or supermarket. anyone interested, plz kindly send in your profile to siongwei.87@gmail.com

  11. eric on

    KKKL is suck. From BP to KL still OK but from KL-BP is terrible and i think is the worst among others.
    I took from KL-BP 4.30pm. waiting there since 4pm and 4.25 still not yet see the bus. I went to counter and asked, the lady say the bus is on the way come in to bu station. I was standing at the platform’s staircase because too crowded at the platform. i waiting till 4.35pm still cannot see any bus come in and hear no one shouting bus change platform or need to move else way. 4.35pm i decided went to counter and asked again. the lady in the counter say bus already departed. what the heck. i never see any bus come in how can the bus departed???
    after the argued with lady she changed me another ticket for me but i need to wait at the pudu for another hour. Dear All, i am 100% damn sure there the bus is not come into bus station. i feel like been cheated. heard some of friend having same experiences when taking KKKL from KL – BP.

  12. This is not only one time happen to me.most of malaysia bus is like this we need to wait inside the bus almost 1 hour before the driver move the bus the reason bus still did not full.they are only will move only when the bus full with passenger.i use to it.

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