Photos from High School Batu Pahat – Class of 65 Reunion Celebrations!

John Chan emailed the following to let those who miss out of the reunion to have a look at old classmates. If you want to keep in contact with them, you can email John.

High School Batu Pahat - Class of 65 Reunion Celebrations!

Group photo with the mentors.

High School Batu Pahat - Class of 65 Reunion Celebrations!

Organizing Committee 2007
Left to right : Lau Hock Seng (KL), Lee Kong Yeng (B.Pahat), Alexander Joseph (Sydney), Toh Swee Cheng, Eng Liok Fong (B.Pahat), James Lau (Melbourne), John Chan (J.Bahru), Jeffrey Tee (Perth), Ng Boo Hock (Brisbane), Jimmy Lee (S’pore), Ng Soon Lim (B. Pahat), Chew Yang Hua (J.Bahru), Sonny Syed Rahman (London-not in picture)

16 thoughts on “Photos from High School Batu Pahat – Class of 65 Reunion Celebrations!

  1. Eric Ho on

    This is what we call 60’s / oldies. but good to see all the people gathering together after a long long time. Anyway can anybody gime me mr chew yang hua e mail address. Thanks

  2. philip on


    Got your email, have forwarded your email to Mr Chew Yang Hua. Hopefully he will get back to you soon. Dont really want to publish people’s email here without their consent.

  3. yen on


    Batu Pahat is a great site for many reasons I don’t have to repeat. Stay active.

    I blog about my travel and things that I see (saw) in one of the most diverse society in the world and all major religions are equally represented. Do drop in and say a thing or two.

  4. raymond on

    because of you guys are high school as school of it is now

  5. John Chan on

    It took the Organizing Committee 2 years to contact classmates all over the world and the task was worth it especially when so many of us have not met for nearly 42 years. Our theme for the reunion was “Celebrating Friendship” and we were all just overwhelmed to see one another. We wish to encourage other batches to have their reunion and to renew friendship with their classmates. Our reunion was a memorable one with a large turn-out of classmates, mentors and guests. Hopefully, we intend to have another reunion in 2012, a double celebration of 65 year olds of High School Class ’65.

  6. chewyh on

    Keep up the good work, Philip. Your website has helped people to trace old friends and lost relatives.

  7. Lulu on

    Huh? Dr Ng Soon Lim is 60 years old already? Can’t believe it. He is our family doctor mah..

  8. I reckon there will be a huge huge celebration when the school celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2019.

    Will all HS boys alive then be invited for this centennial event? 😀

  9. chinhong on

    yea lulu, …. dr ng is already 60. he’s my uncle and my family doctor too!!i think he’s also phillip’s family doctor.

  10. joe 5 commerce 1973 on

    entry no 2, is mr chew yang hua brother of mr chew eng hua

  11. Hi John, Happy New Year to you.
    What a big surprise when i clicked the HSBP site today and saw my old friend John still looks good and handsome. Even Jimmy and Alex too.
    I am Sam ( Samsul Bahrin) . live in Hamburg everseen. of course came back home
    several times. Infact I was in KL july.07 …WHAT A PITY !! When is the next Réunion ?
    Wie will keep in touch.
    your old friend Sam

  12. Sharon on

    Came across the BP HS reunion sites. I think I remember my friend at the U Malaya, Dr. Ng Soon Lim. Not sure if he remembers me. I know he could do draw. Never knew he could sing.

  13. John Chan on

    Hi Sam,

    I have been desperately trying to locate you all these years, asking almost everyone from Class ’65, but no one seemed to know where you have gone. It is good that I
    have located you on this blog and I do hope you will drop me a line.
    My email address is :

    We are holding the Class ’65 Golden Anniversary Celebration on Thursday, 16th. April 2015 in Batu Pahat. I wish you could come and catch up with guys whom you have not seen for 50 long years.

    Cheers mate,

    Your good and old friend,

    john chan

  14. John Chan on

    Hi Phillip,

    Is there any way I can get hold of Samsul Bahrin’s email address through your blog? He posted a comment on this blog sometime in January 2014.He was my old classmate from HSBP in 1965 and I am trying to contact him as we
    are celebrating our 50th. Golden Anniversary Reunion this year.



  15. Sohaimi bin Abdul Karim ( HJ) on

    Hello pals,
    Saya ex-student HSBP tahun 1975. Sesiapa mengenali saya harap wasup do hp:0138156557.

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