Happy 50th Birthday Malaysia!

Selamat Hari Kebangsaan!

Wishing all in Batu Pahat, and visitors to Batu Pahat a very Happy National Day! Not forgetting the Batu Pahat people those overseas too.

TheStar newspaper has this page about 50 Things Malaysian.

What about a 50 things Batu Pahat? Let me start the list with a few…. (with the help of my dear friend Edder who is chatting with me while I am typing this)
– The Summit, formerly known as Summit Parade.
– Very very old tree at the roundabout.
– Mohd Shah Briyani
– Power Gam Briyani
– High School Batu Pahat
– Turtle Soup at Chiak Pa Sat
– Kway Chap at Mar Chor keng
– Perahu Restoran
– Temenggung Ibrahim Girls School – TIGS
– Convent Batu Pahat

Need your contribution. Tell us what you think is distinctly Batu Pahat.

23 thoughts on “Happy 50th Birthday Malaysia!

  1. philip on

    – Pasar Besar Batu Pahat
    – Pantai Minyak Beku

  2. tigersden on

    1. Glutton Square
    2. Ah See Wantan Mee
    3. All the old cinema buildings (Rex, Cathay, Odeon)
    4. Masjid Lama (opposite the Stadium)
    5. Parit Dobi
    6. Batu Pahat Golf Club
    7. The floods
    8. Tan Swee Hoe old mansion along Jalan Kluang
    9. Hwa Tai
    10. Hup Seng
    11. Munchys
    12. Old Pet Shop at Jalan Rugayah (beside The Store)

  3. chano on

    1. Ah Pek’s sons’ meesiam
    2. Hakka mee & gu bak ee
    3. Chendol
    4. Glutton’s square
    5. Sin Mee Heng
    6. Ah See wantan mee
    7. Jen Kuang satay.
    8. HSBP
    9. Simpang Rantai roundabout
    10. Kwang Siu Association
    11. Chinese Chamber of Commerce
    12. Radin Book Store
    13. Post Office BP
    14. BP Bridge
    15. Tan Swee Ho Mansion
    16. Stadium BP
    17. Minyak Beku
    18. Sin Pasar
    19. Jalan Penggaram
    20. Gunung Soga

  4. chinhong on

    1. pesta
    2. tarzan valley
    3. hai kee(riverside eateries)
    4. roundabout
    5. hsbp
    6. convent
    7. TIGS
    8. bp bridge
    9. swimming pool on the way to minyak beku
    10. minyak beku
    11. sin pasat (gotta go with the proper accent)
    12. jalan rahmat
    13. gunung soga
    14. bp garden
    15. dr chua soi lek (sry guys, he’s after all pretty well known)
    16. ah see wantan mee
    17. tong nam kedai roti (gone but not forgotten)
    18. stadium
    19. taman banang
    20. wisma supreme (is it still called that?)
    21. tasik Y
    22. kampung merdeka
    23. lau piak
    24. aggressive drivers
    25. rest house
    26. rojak stall behind the billboard at the roundabout
    27. hotel carnival
    28. mar chor temple
    29. montfort boys school
    30. limpoon
    31. taman perdana
    32. cheng siu
    33. ai chun (naturally)
    34. the weird dead end turnaround at lau piak
    35. nasi briyani across bp bridge
    36. bus station
    37. marybrown chicken (hahahaha)
    38. tam chiak kwei (glutton street)
    39. mr koh’s bahasa tuition
    40. miss liau’s super tough math tuition
    41. bata designer’s shoes
    42. po tiam kwei (jalan penggaram)
    43. bp river
    44. sin bee heng
    45. fuji cake shop
    46. summit
    47. fajar
    48. all the cinemas… cathay, odeon, prince, rex.
    49. mentally challenged dude that walks around bp garden and town and never seems to get old..dude looks like he’s only 12yrs old.
    50. us!!!.. people that makes bp the greatest hometown ever!!!!!

  5. bergkamp on

    1. BP river and BP jetty
    2. The old government offices at Jalan pejabat
    3. Gunung Soga
    4. Gunung Banang
    5. Kg. Segenting
    6. Minyak Beku beach
    7. The 100 yrs old tree at roundabout
    8. Ma Chor Temple
    9. Chinese Chamber of Commerce
    10.The old Balai Bomba
    11.Pejabat Pos
    12.Police Station
    13.The Mosques (both the old and new one)
    14.Church at Jalan Mohd. Akil
    16.Old Market
    18.Textile factories
    19.Birthplace of politicians – Dr. Chua Soi Lek, Lim Kit Siang, Tun Sardon Jubir, Dr. Syed Husin Ali, Teng Chang Yeow & Teng Chang Khim & Dato’ Fu Ah Kiaw (heard that he was born in Semerah) to name a few
    20.Jalan Ibrahim
    21.BP Stadium
    22.Cheng Siu School(the old one)
    23.Jalan Rahmat
    25.Hup Seng
    26.Miaw Miaw
    27.Hwa Tai
    28.The surrounding area of old market, Jalan Fatimah & Jalan Syahbandar
    29.Kwong Siu Assoc.
    30.Dragon Hotel
    31.BP Walk
    32.All the foods that our friends mentioned- Kway chap, Ah See Wantan Mee, Nasi briyani at BP Bridge, Ah Pek son’s mee siam, mahalingam’s pulut etc. etc.

  6. I feel the need to mention the crazy characters that used to roam the streets of batu pahat. Not to mock but to remember their existence.

    1. Kitaro, the “rich” long haired beggar. Saw him counting money in front of KFC while I was doing closing back then.
    2. Pakcik “Rabu tak kerja!!! But*h….” Classic insanity. Heard that he got struck down by a car or something like that.
    3. Robocop, the one that walks around with arms like a robot staring at the sun. Gives a new meaning to U2’s famous song… heh.
    4. That plump dude that kneels down and beg for money at Hai Kee and eats up leftovers.
    5. The one with a bad leg. He uses one arm to grab his bad leg to move about. Normally around Chiak Par Sat area.
    6. A deformed pakcik that goes around in buses with a tin can and I think later on became a staff of Johor Motor.
    7. The chinese guy that paints his name that ends with a “…….. Naib” everywhere along tasik y, smka, soga area.

  7. materabak on

    1. SDBL
    2. Pak ‘O’
    3. Acai Bas Stand.
    4. TOGOM – Legendary Croc Bomoh
    5. Simpang Rantai
    6. Kacap Telabik
    7. Rumah Tumpangan Fong Seng
    8. Mee Rebus Man Gemok – Warong ODEON
    9. Lim Gek Kia Naib
    10. Abg Gerek a.k.a Mat Lecak selling Ching Kwa Dok
    11. Tong Ah Bar and TOBA.
    12. Lontong Satay.
    13. Hidden Asam Pedas Stall in front Pasar BP
    14. Jeng Kwan (Kwang Ah Restaurant)
    15. Ah Cher & Stardust Jammin Studio.
    16. Jimmy Studio
    17. Solok Wan Moh
    18. Gangster Bas Stand
    19. Pusat Muzik Dickson
    20. Attack, DeMore, Step.
    22. Pusat Hiburan Lucky, 2000,
    23. Persatuan Pejalan Kaki BP – (ah low snooker)
    24. Sekolah Men. Pergerakan
    25. Rojas
    26. Ben Obod
    27. Anak Dayak
    28. Cotia
    29. Bon Cibai
    30. Pro-Circuit
    31. Budak Mayat
    32. Boo-Kodok
    33. Regina
    34. Mirage
    35. Warong Jonid & WARJON & budak Popeye
    36. Bas Pak Yem
    37. Tuition Cikgu Yahya
    38. Pakcik koboi beca
    39. Warong Zam Tong
    40. KARBAID

  8. materabak on

    …hehehe… its an illegal rempit motorclub, founded somewhere around 1993/4 but they’re no longer exist.

  9. smokenfly on

    yes2..no offend. just to join the fun of remembering all those days!! and bringin some excitement of this coming hari raya holiday..can’t wait to be back to BP!let me add on some!!
    41. Prof Hamzaid Yahya – his name written on our school wall.someone should help me to explain who’s this guy is..
    42. Bukit Botak – who can’t forget the romancing moment while looking at the sceneries of batu pahat from the top of the hill.
    43. goreng pisang at the junction between jln tanjong laboh and jln limpoon.there’s a car wash place called Abu Besi or something. dunno if it’s still there
    44.Malek Noor – gold medalist of SEA games, asia & world tournament?ermm not quite sure..etc etc.
    45.R A Ghani stall – in front of the junction of hospital quarters. the best rojak around those times.
    46.ABC at old bustand, jalan omar and menara bp (is it still there), u have to order with the goreng pisang too.and, the cendol too..and..’ABC gelas’..and..and..nyum2
    47.BR rajah – our schoolmate, most famous with his crime and his ‘most-wanted’ picture in the local newspaper.
    48.restoran medan – a hang-out place where me and our hostel frens met (when they skipping-out at nite).in front of JKR.
    49. Kedai Basikal Jln Kenangan – the old shop selling bicycles and gears.
    50. simpang rantai – and all the old shops along the road inc. the old paint shop.the old uncle is still there i remember.
    51. kedai stiker gemuk – located at jalan omar, next to the tyre shop.
    52. kedai gunting rambut ijat – located at ol’busstand..my hairstylist, hehe…
    53. lontong goreng – u can find this ONLY in BP, stall recommended, anywhere in the ol’busstand area @ night.try it n luv it.
    54.Saudagar Daging Babi – no offend, but it’s the shop name, and u know what they’re selling during those days. located at jln kluang, in front of tmn sri jaya. erm dunno if it’s still exist or not.
    55.the rubber factory at jalan kluang (in front of tmn broleh?)- the scent of BP, what a welcoming feeling if u’re from air hitam highway etc.(Kota Trading, hahaha)
    56.Kedai Kopi AKU – haha, a coffee shop located at Tmn Bt Pasir. is it still there? not sure too….
    57.ceramic market @ air hitam
    58.all those kerepek, nuts etc. @ parit raja
    59.Tasik Y & the food stalls…
    60.last but not least, Jalan Kelabu Asap. it’s where my parent’s house is.what a funny name. still remember, a lot of people asking like, “ini nama betul2 ke main2?”even the guy at Batu Pahat Post Office counter.??hehe

  10. materabak on

    maybe i could add some more….

    61. Gerai Kerang Goreng – Pantai Sg. Lurus Senggarang (rm3.50 per bowl)
    62. Mee Racun – Warong Joned (the most deadly mee name but the taste… so deadly!)
    63. Sup Kambing – Kompleks Pt. Raja… oh my god!
    64. Nasi Ambeng bungkus at Bajrai! – jln panchuran air off jln ampuan.

  11. FairuzMurad on

    miss batu pahat so much..hey fyi,im one of the cotia members:)but at that time rempit still ok compare nowdays..

  12. irfan on

    mmm len kali pada sesapa klu da tersesat atau da smpai batu pahat secara x sengaja,try la sup kambing berempah zul,area caltex bukit pasir,mmg molotoup….huhu..cuba jangan x cuba..huhu

  13. qasseh on

    mmg kena try sup berempah zul 2..mmg terangkat,pada tekak sy la..huhu..tp lokasi 2,jln jelawat depan caltex bukit pasir menuju perumahan,kedai zul 2 belah kanan rasanya..yg penting msti cuba..

  14. Remember tak dulu ada restoran McDota Fried Chicken? Now it is history…
    And don’t forget the smelly (like sh*t) Jalan Tongkang Pecah due to the sago industry. Now smelly no more.

  15. Anak dayak, cotia, budak mayat… aku lalui semua zaman tu wei. BP dulu-dulu memang best.. teringat zaman kegemilangan.
    But now grown up already. dah dewasa.. dah ada family.
    For the record, `bon cibai’ was establish by us: budak2 Taman Tanah Merah. apa khabar ahli2 yg lain. kihkih.

  16. Semoga anda semua sihat. I’m looking for a friend : Saayah Samsi last add. Gunung Soga, x TIGS

  17. teringat kemeriahan gunung soga…
    sekarang dah sunyi sepi…
    semuanya tinggal kenangan…

  18. zety_batu pahat on

    nak cari gitar yang biasa bukan gitar letrik katne erk?
    present for some1 special……

  19. na taw lebeh lanjut sgt2 pasal bangunan cinema lama seperti odean,cathay,gn rex kat b.phat..
    sbb arituh g sane,mtk information dari org sekekliling,hasilnya…HAMPA..semua tak endahkan..
    buat pengetahuan semua,saya ingin buat kajian ttg bangunan tersebut utk final task saya di UITM utk semester ini..
    harap sgt bntuan semua…tq…

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