SMI, Form 4 Science 1 Photo, dated 11 Feb 1975

Few days ago, one reader T.S. Lim, who has commented here before, send me this photo.
Here’s what he wrote:


…. I found and scanned a old high school picture of my class in the “old” SMI. This is the Form 4 Science 1 class in SMI. The photo was dated Feb. 11, 1975. …..


(Left to Right)
Back row:
Kang Hway Chuan, Lim Peng Hock, Ong See Meng, Tan Seng Huat, T’ng Siew Beng, Teo Poy Bean, Yeo Kian Ing, Chua Tiong Kiat, Soh Chee Wen, Koh Kok Eng, Gong Wei Chiang, Wong Woei Lieh, Chong Kai Fuat, Neo Soon Siak, Lim Yak Heng, Lee Kia Cheng

Middle Row:
Soo Chee Siong, Ang Kim Seng, Michael Tan Tiow Soon, Ng Boon Hong, Robert Yu Chin Ping, Lim Thing Sea, Tan Boon Ping, Chan Kim Keng, Kuan Yee Teng, Seow Teo Tiew, Ong Chong Shiuh, Lim Lian Hong, Teo Chee Hai

Front Row:
Foo Joon Sang, Tan Hong Kim, Liew Nam Yong, Ho Seng Chuan, Yow Yu Mun, Lim Huang Kim, Mr. V. Sathasivam (headmaster), Kek Hwa Choon, Encik Kalam, Mr. Ng Kim Hwa, Boon Hian Kok, Benng Khiaw Thin Jin, Eng Yeow Seng, Lim Meng Hong



Apologies if I misspell any names…as the writing in the back is pretty faded.

I would love to hear from anyone. My name is T. S. Lim. I am in Huntsville, Alabama. My email address is tslimbama @ hotmail . com


If anyone recognise yourself inside, please contact T.S. Lim, I am sure he is waiting for your replies.
I have split up the photo into 2, so that you can view it clearer and bigger.

16 thoughts on “SMI, Form 4 Science 1 Photo, dated 11 Feb 1975

  1. philip on

    I think it was then known as SMI, but now it is Sekolah Munshi Sulaiman?? I think there was a discussion thread before.

    See if anyone can confirm.

  2. tigersden on

    Yeah I can verify it, Sekolah Menengah Sulaiman former name was Sekolah Menengah Inggeris.

  3. chano on

    SMI was located at Jalan Kluang but had a name change later. I can recognize a few faces in this photo though I wasn’t from the school. Sadly, one had passed on many years ago……

  4. Yeo Kian Ing on

    Hi Thing Sea:

    Ah… The Form 4 Science 1 photo is a god-send. I had lost mine years ago and I’m so glad to see it again.

    Remember me? Yeah, I heard that you had gone to the US. In the past 4-6 years, I had been organising the SMI Alumni Class Of 1976 gatherings in Batu Pahat on the first day of Chinese New Year. However, we didn’t have one last year because I couldn’t get back to BP on first day CNY. This year I won’t be doing it again because I won’t be back in BP. I’m now in KL. You may contact me at (work) or

  5. Yeo Kian Ing on

    I have contact details of most of them. Pls drop me an email and I’ll send the contact details to you.

  6. Hi Philip, great job you are doing there! Managed to contact TS Lim and gave him some contacts. Guess TS must be missing the good old BP. BTW, i am grounded in BP so maybe can assist somewhat. hehe.

  7. philip on

    SS, so i should add to my previous statement..

    but now I see! 🙂

  8. SS Neo, since you’ve joined this website, why not post something about Berean AOG?

  9. Hian Kok on

    Great to see this photo on the BP8300. Thanks Thing Sea. It’s really been a while since we saw the last of each other en mass at the Katerina a couple of years back. That was the biggest event thus far, I must say.

    Thanks to Philip, there is an archive of the good ole BP and a platform for interaction and sharing of resources and reflection of the days of raging hormones in kampung days.

    Hi Soon Siak, Kian Ing & Thing Sea, must send this to more of the SMI gang and the community here will grow. Our past site must have been cobwebbed.

  10. Kian Ing on

    The last alumni gathering of SMI class of 1976 was organised in 2006. Last year, I didn’t go back to BP on Day 1 CNY. Nobody wanted to organise it so it was bypassed after 4-5 years of non-stop gatherings each Day 1 of CNY. This year, I won’t be back in BP on Day 1 again so I’m not sure who would organise the alumni gathering at Katerina. However, I will make an attempt to do one in KL (closer to “home”).

  11. yumun on

    Hi there! Thing Sea, this is a great job. I’m still having my copy of the photo.I think this photo is worth more now than what it was 32 years ago.You guys, do drop me a line.My e-mail

  12. Foo Joon Sang on

    Hi there, fancy seeing my own picture here. Came upon this through Huan Kim. BP will be famous. It will be featured in a Malay drama series in January 2010. We will be commencing shoot there end of this week. BP High School will be one of the main locations. In fact we have feautred BP quite prominently in a travel food show that was broadcasted in Singapore. I can be contacted on

  13. Lian hong on

    Hi everybody,

    Gosh ! What a photo . Great . Thanx thing sea . Btw , js owe us some royalty for featuring us in his Malay drama . Haha ! Anybody agree ? LH .

  14. YF Wong on

    Hi, anyone know how to contact Teo Poy Bean? He was studying with us fellow M’sians at University of Texas at Austin, in the 80s. A number of us from that period would like to find out how he is doing. Would be great if there is any news. Fellas like Poh Hong, Fat Lu, Low Yes Pong, & Sabah Wong, all would be glad to have some news since it has been a long time since we met or in contact. Thanks. Regards, Sabah Wong

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