Earliest Shopping Centre in Batu Pahat.

Way before The Summit, Carrefour, Batu Pahat Mall, where did the locals go for shopping? I was just thinking about it and decided maybe I should do a post about it.

As a small little boy, I remember going to these 3 buildings to buy toys! I remember that Granddad would always buy us toys when we go with him to these 3 places! (Mum reminded that we were quite spoilt!)

This building currently is Courts Mammoth, but when I was a kid, I remember it being Rich’s. It has this giantic Yellow Neon light that blink the letter R I C H’s, that could be seen from far away. Then there was this big fire and it closed down. Then came Parkson Ria. Anything before and after, I can’t remember. Someone fill me in, if I miss out anything. After Rich’s was it Parkson or something else?


I remember this place as Emporium. Where the big Sandman signboard is now, was the Neon Lights of Emporium. I remember this place had lots of toys! hahaha… Then later it was something else that I have forgotten.


This was Fajar. The place that was popular before The Store came in. Anyway, it’s all in the same company now, and the existing Fajar behind The Summit has become The Store now.


Anyone has photos of these buildings when they were Emporium, Fajar, Parkson or Rich’s?

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  1. EG KEE on

    I forgot whether it is Rich’s or Parkson that is being destroyed by fire.

  2. tigersden on

    Rich’s, I was there witnessing the fire on my old Robin Hood bicycle. Then only Parkson Ria moved in.

  3. Looking at the first picture, it just occurred to me the office tower block above the bus station has not really been used before, has it?

    Somehow it has become a permanent fixture of BP skyline, yet it represents a nothingness to it. A weird ‘landmark’ if you want to call it.

    I wonder why they build such an office block in the first place, didn’t they do some market research about the demand of offices in BP?

    Yet this empty tower is hard to be refurbished into some other purpose. A hotel would be deemed too dodgy as the concourse bus station area is kind of rough and dirty and no one would like to come down from a hotel to such environment. The location is excellent though for a hotel.

  4. I also reckon that this tower block is not visually pleasing too. It’s such a mundane block with no aesthetic value to it at all. Can we actually demolish the building? If not a head to toe renovation needed to be done, at least to the awful facade.

  5. philip on

    like air asia’s budget hotel?
    they call it tune hotel right?

  6. EG KEE on

    I was there too when Rich’s was destroyed. I remember my mum holding my hand and we look at peoples carting away the things in the supermarket.

    Hotel Pudu also located at the bus station…

  7. Genesis on

    Reading the comments and thoughts posted by you guys brought back nostalgia and memories of this wonderful town. Even though I have left Batu Pahat 33 years ago, I can vividly remember that there were no shopping complexes then, the only place to shop was Jalan Penggaram. One can almost get anything along that street and the book shops were Tai Tong and Radin. Our supply of ‘Beano’ and ‘Dandy’came from Radin Book Store. If you would care to ask your parents, perhaps they will take you a trip down memory lane.

  8. EG KEE on

    but, Tai Tong bookstore was along Jalan Soga right?

  9. Kasinathan Kengaiah on

    Radin is still around right? Air-conditioned and all. I remember in those days it was open on two sides.

    Tai Tong, sounds familiar but can’t remember where was it.

    Yeah… Jalan Pengaram was the centre of activities those days. Shoes, clothes everything a kid needs. Good old 70’s.

  10. cheryl on

    Talking about the old shopping complex, do anyone still remember the supreme building near to Taman Makmur use to be one of the tall shopping complex cum office tower in Batu Pahat. Now it was abandon.

  11. Hi Folks,
    Just realise There is such A Website For Us B.P.rians. Kudos To The Admin and Mr.Philip For Such a Wonderful And Informative site. I Came Here while searching For Some Old Pics Of My Old School ( High School B.P. ). Anyway I Would like to say A Big Hello To Our Fellow B.P.rians Here.
    Back to the subject of Oldest OR Earliest Shopping complex ( Mall ) In B.P. In fact The First true Shopping complex was The One In Jalan Sultanah. It was Known Then as ( KSM Supermarket ) . Now It’s at The ( Same Building as The present Day Klinik Malaya )….That was The First and Truly Big Shopping complex In Batu Pahat, and It was way back In 1977 or 78 ( If I am Not wrong )….Anyway, It was Jammed Packed On The First Day Of Business, That They had To Control The Amount of people Going In!…..Whoa!…Those Were The Days!….Thanks and By The way I am Freelance Photo Enthusiast…..Hope I could Contribute a little To This Blog….Thanks Uncle James.

  12. dantang on

    Hi Philip,

    FYi, the present Court building was formerly known as Economy supermart. Together with the Emporium (currently a KFC restaurant) they were the most prominent shopping centres in the early 80s. Then there was Intan supermart and later Fajar came to town (all important to us then coz of toys they sold).

    Rich used to occupied the Court building but originally it was located somewhere else (forgotten the road name).
    Parkson came in 1990 and Store also came around the same time.

    Supreme building behind Taman Makmur was up sometime in 1985 and it was probrably the tallest building at that time. However, it was never really been utilised especially the building offices. The 3 levels of shopping floors were mainly hair saloons and music outlets in the late 80s. There used to have a minimart in it but it did not last long. Later it became Toyota showroom for quite sometime and KWSP occupied the corner office. Both have moved out.

  13. Discussing about shopping complexes in Batu Pahat, it came to my mind whether these property developers make their study before building malls? Do you think, as a layman on the street, big malls are required in a small town like BP. Just look at what had happened to Plaza Bukit Pasir, Wira Court, Wisma Supreme – the podium……?? Look at at BP Mall , it is not fully occupied, Summit – quite boring, One Square – just like ordinary shops grouped under one roof, nothing is interesting there. There is no pull up factor to make people visiting these places. I went to Square One recently, the developer or rather the owner is the same with the landlord of Carrefour, that’s why they link the two buildings at one end. And the results?? It is awful as it is not properly designed.Where else in Malaysia you can find a shopping complex configured at a U shape? BP doesn’t need big malls with several floors. A neighbourhood shopping mall on a single floor will do. For example look at The Waterfront, a neighbourhood shopping mall at Desa Park City, KL. It is a double storey mall, with Max Value being their anchor tenant. It is small, yet fully occupied and always packed with visitors.It is live with activities. One thing for sure, one of these hypermarkets, either Carrefour or Pacific or Parkson will close down one day when a new mall is open…..I heard Jusco. Just wait and see…..

  14. Jason's Royal City on

    heard frm elyas_syah, there r tesco is now building at Jalan Rugayah and the AEON Flora City will build in Batu Pahat..??!!

    to elyas_syah,

    how sure are u regarding the tesco is now building at Jalan Rugayah and the AEON Flora City will surely build in Batu Pahat?

    i m quite happy with the development if that is reality but is there are proofs or facts to let me confirm about the news,bcos i afraid the news is jus berita angin n disappointed me again as BPrian…

    i m now study in utp,not in bp yet,during my sem break,i ll according ur facts n proofs to check it out!!!

    really thanks for ur facts n proof!!!

  15. bpbeepee on

    I remember there’s a shopping complex at the junction of Jalan Jenang and Jalan Peng Kai where they had the 1st escalator in town. But now that building has been transformed into a stationery shop on the ground floor.
    Dennis:- i wonder if you know abt the fact that BP is actually the 12th largest town in Malaysia (not a small town) population over half a million.
    The reason why the occupancy rate is low is because the landlord overcharges its tenant and the latest trend is the landlord doesn’t want to sell but rather rent at over-exorbitant price. Did u know d shop in front of KFC in bp mall’s rental is rm15k? Care to rent? So the reason does not lies on how popular malls is in bp or how many r being built or how they r shaped, the bottomline is if rentals are reasonable, i m pretty sure the current malls will be packed. Carrefour is built like a warehouse but try finding a parking on a weekend. If malls are under-utilised, i m sure Meda group won’t be expanding their Summit parade unless their decision makers are idiots.

  16. Dennis on

    bpbeepee…..who cares? Look at previous developments. Can you tell me why Plaza Bukit Pasir and Wira Court failed?? The rental wasn’t that expensive. But where are the shops had gone to? Graveyard!! The number of population in BP cannot support the ever growing retail scenes! Who said BP have more than half a million population???? Show me your facts… How many are staying within 10 km radius from the town centre?? Don’t talk about those staying in Sri Medan, Pt Raja, Pt Sulong, Rengit, Senggarang etc. They are not shopping complex goers. Pasar minggu/ pasar malam are their place of shopping.Still, Square One and Carrefour complexes are sucks…. Square One will change name to Dead One..Grave also square…uhuk..uhuk..Don’t get angry!

  17. Jason's Royal City on

    bp mall fail bcos the rental fee too high,charge as KL shopping mall standard,surely no one ll go n rent if no confident for their business can do well in bp mall…
    carrefour n square one is a favour place for those who like to shopping n watching movies… quite crowded especially weekend…
    batu pahat have the population 468 058 peoples in city area which include:

    North zone in Batu Pahat city:

    * Taman Peserai
    * Peserai
    * Kampung Muhibbah
    * Simpang Lima
    * Parit Besar (Bagan) 峇眼
    * Semerah

    South zone in Batu Pahat city:

    * Taman Kemajuan
    * Taman Mewah 美华花园
    * Taman Kenanangan
    * Taman Bahagia
    * Taman Bukit Mutiara 伏龙山庄
    * Taman Bukit Mutiara 2 伏龙山庄二
    * Taman Flora Height 梅花高原
    * Taman Bandar
    * Taman Bukit Banang
    * Ayam Suloh
    * Senggarang
    * Rengit

    Center Zone in Batu Pahat city:

    * Taman Pegawai
    * Kampung Merdeka 周来村 (in Hokkien:Jiu1 Lai1)
    * Taman Limpoon 林份花园
    * Taman Dato Abdul Rahman
    * Taman Batu Pahat 峇株巴辖花园
    * Taman Sejahtera
    * Taman Damai
    * Taman Damai 2
    * Taman Emas
    * Taman Emas 2 万豪苑
    * Taman Bukit Perdana 龙华山庄
    * Taman Bukit Perdana 2 龙华山庄二
    * Taman Perdana 红山
    * Taman Inang
    * Batu Pahat city centre 峇株巴辖市中心

    East Zone in Batu Pahat city:

    * Taman Banang
    * Taman Bukit Pasir
    * Taman Setia Jaya 金宝花园
    * Taman Setia Jaya 2 金宝二镇
    * Taman Maju 进步花园
    * Taman Tasek
    * Taman Puteri
    * Taman Puteri Indah
    * Taman Flora Utama 富贵城
    * Taman Koperasi Bahagia 幸福合作社
    * Taman Flora 梅花岭
    * Parit Besar 大巴力 (in Hokkien:Du-a3 Ba1 Lik4)
    * Taman Pelangi
    * Taman Berlian 健家园
    * Taman Gembira
    * Kampung Istana 三春村 (in Hokkien:Sam1 Chun1)
    * Hill View Apartment 翠林轩
    * Taman Budaya
    * Taman Sentosa 圣陶沙花园
    * Pura Kencana,Sri Gading
    * Sri Gading 四加亭
    * Bandar Universiti,Parit Raja
    * Universiti Tun Hussien Onn Malaysia,UTHM
    * Parit Raja

    West Zone in Batu Pahat city:

    * Taman Banang Ria
    * Banang Height
    * Taman Ampang Jaya
    * Taman Ampuan 安邦花园
    * Taman Joseph
    * Taman Sri Pantai 金宝苑
    * Taman Pantai 班底花园
    * Taman Pantai Baru 新班底花园
    * Taman Masjid Tanah
    * Taman Dagang
    * Taman Zamrud
    * Taman Soga 苏雅花园
    * Taman Soga 2
    * Kampung Satey
    * Kampung Petani
    * Sungai Suloh
    * Segenting(石文丁)
    * Pantai Minyak Beku
    * Perigi Batu Pahat

    there are facts in wikipedia- (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Batu_Pahat_%28city%29)

  18. Joke of the day…..”batu pahat have the population 468 058 peoples in city area”……Who said?? You mean BP town is more populated than Petaling Jaya?? That figure is for the whole district…..Not more than 150,000 live within the BP town….The malls only get its live on weekend. During weekdays, the sales person even can sleep….I saw them yawning. Pity their towkay!!

    Facts in wikipedia is not from a reliable sources! Anybody can edit and add anything they like. The facts on BP was written by a dreamer… one of them is Jason….

  19. BPrian,Taman Pantai on

    erm… excuse me Fejj? how u get the fact to prove that PJ less populated than BP when BP have the population 468 058 peoples?

    in fact,PJ is more populated than BP!!!

    n here seem like u r not BPrian at all n keep critic the writer in wikipedia… if u have any proof,please show here or go and edit the wikipedia lah… n replace the writer named Jason!!!

    as bprian,we should happy for the development have in BP,not critic here and there…



  20. Hello Bprian. You know how to read ah? See what you wrote :

    “..how u get the fact to prove that PJ less populated than BP when BP have the population 468 058 peoples?

    in fact,PJ is more populated than BP!!!.. ..” You are right. I am not denying it!

    What I wrote was”…You mean BP town is more populated than Petaling Jaya?? …” (I was asking Jason)

    So, next time read carefully ah…

  21. Tan Kim Keong on

    what is happening here? like the smell of bomb is all around here…

    i agree with BPrian,Taman Pantai which support the wikipedia,Batu Pahat City page’s writers… they really contribute a lot when i read it…

    good explaination to my friends frm other places n attract them frm visiting Batu Pahat… as i know,Batu Pahat not longer a pekan anymore… is move toward city status one day…

    the 2nd largest city in Johor,Batu Pahat… GAMABATEH!!!

    Fejj,r u agree with me?

  22. i m support wikipedia writers… they contribute a lot there n make Batu Pahat more attracting n interesting than ever…!!! Keep it up………………………..

  23. BPrian,Taman Pantai on

    i think is u hv to read carefully my statement!!!!!

    fejj said:
    ”batu pahat have the population 468 058 peoples in city area”……Who said?? You mean BP town is more populated than Petaling Jaya??”

    so i answer tat “PJ is more populated than BP when BP have the population 468 058 peoples…”

    nothing wrong wat??? PJ have population of 1,514,100ppls while Batu Pahat only 400,000+++ppls!!!
    GO N READ IN THE jabatan Perangkaan Malaysia website CAREFULLY LAH…!!!!! Before critic others……

  24. Oklah oklah, BPrian.I never have said BP more populated than PJ. But U get me wrong.
    You wrote…erm… excuse me Fejj? how u get the fact to prove that PJ less populated than BP when BP have the population 468 058 peoples? Should I answer/prove it? Whereas I NEVER SAID IT?? Ask yourself.

    Tan Kim Keong, I agree with you…one day BP can achieve City Status….But looking at at MPBP….they still work like before…in 1970s when it was Majlis Bandaran BP.

    BPrian, Taman Pantai…I LOVE YOU….muuuuaaahhhh…

  25. Jason's Royal City on

    i did not expect that my facts can cause quite a conflict here… i jus taken the facts frm wikipedia which the writers contribute there… really pai seh to see all conflicts here bcos of my giving facts frm wiki!!!!!!!!!!

    luckily now the war is end…

    by the way, i still thanks a lot to the writers who contribute wikipedia,batu pahat (city) page a lot… reli a lot info there… best description to BP… gOOd jOb!!!

  26. who is the writers of Batu Pahat (City) page in wikipedia?

    quite a great piece of description to those who wan to noe more fot batu

    great,jia you,keep it up @_@

    anyone can tell me more about batu? extra which did not write in Batu Pahat (City) page in wikipedia there?

    thank u vy much!!!!!!!!

  27. Hi Guys,
    Walamak!…Cool it Brudders! We are after all Anak Batu Pahat or Simply, BPrians. We have a proud history of Inter-Racial Harmony, and Lets keep It That Way. I Love B.P. And am Proud Of It.
    Back To The Subject Of Population, What The Wikipedia Meant Was The Whole District Of B.P., and Not Just The City Itself….. Yes Folks, B.P. Is already a ” Bandaraya ” In case You Forget! Your Cukai Tanah and cukai Pintu has Gone up To City Rates. Batu Pahat was Awarded City Status A few years Back ( I Can’t Remember When ).

    Anyway, Just relax and Enjoy What our city has To Offer. There may be some Good and Bad side of Things, But It is Still A Wonderful Town ( Or City )….Smile and Have A Nice Day Guys!

    Thanks Uncle James.

  28. Kamal on

    Hi, James, FYI the status that Batu Pahat achieved was Majlis Perbandaran and not Majlis Bandaraya. Sorry if I am wrong. Anyone to clarify. Check MPBP website. TQ

  29. erm… “majlis perbandaran” means town status (bandar) ; “majlis bandaraya” or “dewan bandaraya” means city status (bandaraya)…
    currently bp is “majlis perbandaran” means town status (bandar).

  30. BP star on

    *I am weird with sum people here. If u are really BPrian, why don’t u just support ur place! Not insulting ! Cuz this is our BP and we have to give a lot of suppport what ever it is! Malaysian are always like that! Less of patriotism. APPRECIATE OUR PLACE AS WELL AS HOW WE APPRICIATE OUR LIFE ! We are all 1 Malaysia! Bout the City status, I am sure one day it will be true and it is not a dreamin! believe me ! 😀

    *And for the comparison between PJ and BP, it was a stupidity! How can u guys compare that both? U know right PJ is in Klang Valley! BP is in Johor! Why don’t u compare Klang Valley with Iskandar Malaysia? I think people from Iskandar Malaysia will laugh at u because Iskandar Malaysia is 2x bigger than Klang Valley. And 1 thing u have to remember city like PJ,Shah alam,Subang in Selangor developed rapidly because they just nearby KL.KL bustling stuff will affected them as well. It is same when u change Selangor to Perlis, can Selangor be ‘maju’ like now? Any other state will maju if they affected by KL economy and everyone know that KL is capital. Loads of investment.

    *1 more thing here,if u guys not from BP here,better just log out and leave just BP community here coz we don’t wanna any ‘pergaduhan kanak-kanak kecil’ here. Be matured. Yes, it is a fact when it comes to population in the city, PJ is more populated than BP coz they are in Klang Valley and all developed in the project and just nearby Subang and capital area. But when it comes from overall of the district include town and city area, BP is more populated than PJ. It just a vice versa. In fact from Jabatan Perangkaan, Subang,PJ and Klang is more populated in the city area surpass JB and KL itself. But when it comes from overall place and not just including city area, Klang Valley is at 1st and 2nd is Johor Bahru. Does JB depending on the government mega project like Klang Valley? No,right? JB developed itself without any insentive or benefits from Klang Valley. So, which one u might be proud about?

    * Keyakinan amat penting dalam pembangunan sesuatu bangsa atau pembangunan, bukan kekalahan. Sesiapa yang bersifat kekalahan atau hanya tahu mengkritik, sebenarnya org itu bukanlah seorang pemimpin malah hanya menggunakan anarki dan tuduhan sahaja.

    *Induvidu yang bercakap penuh keyakinan adalah orang yang berjaya, same here, people who are believe BP can achieve city status, yes, u guys are on the right track because we love our place. But induvidu yang bercakap penuh dengan kritikan sahaja dan bukan kritikan membina, that is loser kerana dia hanya nampak kegagalan sahaja. As apa yang dia nampak BP akan gagal dan tak akan berjaya. Adakah itu melambangkan ciri-ciri pemimpin?

    Let we think bout it deeply! We as BPrian, if we insulting our own place, we are really like a clown. No matter how worse it is, it is our place and we live here. It is vice versa from people who are not from here too. Love ur place like ur blood.

    No matter if you are Malay, Chinese or Indian, we are all 1 malaysia ! Remember that!


  31. scorpio on

    i believed JB developed bcoz of singapore and not by itself and people with real estate background know this.

    always in my heart …… BP

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