High School Batu Pahat

This is Sekolah Tinggi Batu Pahat or commonly known as High School Batu Pahat by all in BP. The official name is now Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tinggi Batu Pahat. This is where yours truly studied for secondary school.

High School Batu Pahat
(This front sign board did not exist while I was studying there, it was just a normal fence last time)

Everyone remembers the main office building as the white house. It seems that this photo that I took last year, the colour has changed.

High School Batu Pahat
It seems so weird or should I say different now, the colour of the building.

If you are wondering what is NunC Aut Nunquam. Well, that’s the school’s motto. It’s Latin for Now or Never.

Did you study in High School too? Well, I studied there from 1988 (Form 1) to 1992 (Form 5).

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  1. Another memorable character that we BP HiSchoolians must acknowledge and remember vivdly is Mr Palani (the librarian)…..without his first-class customer service approach in managing the counter to those “book borrowers” then (1970s) some of us could not become what we are today!! He is one of the unsung heroes of HSBP. Salam

  2. I still study at here 2012 . Form 1 only . i love this school very much . I study in 1 GAHARU ! Find me if u can ….

  3. RAZIF on

    salam n slamat sejahtera sumer…saya kt HSBP dr 1985(form 1P3) hingga 1989 (5 sains 2) HM masa tu En Jabit Kamin! Ada x kwn2 lama saya! kalau ada leh hubungi saya di fizar_entp@yahoo.com.my1

    Saya masih di BP n stiap kali saya lalu di depan sekolah saya pasti akan menoleh sebentar kt sekolah yg banyak memberi jasa kpada saya! Banyak sgt memori bersama kawan2 n guru2 disana…..

  4. Richard Koh on

    Hi…from Class 79 (5 Commerce) glad to see all these posting going on. Anyone from 5 Commerce 1979…please get in touch. Hope to go back and visit our school one of these days..perhaps to do some payback…Glad and proud to be from HSBP!

  5. SHORT BULLETIN……from The Administrator of the “New Kid On the Blog”……

    As the reluctant administrator of this newly created blog http://hsbpclassof73upper6.blogspot.com/ for HSBP Class of 72/73 Sixth Formers, I appreciate very much if you can share with me your comments, feedback and also problems in logging into this website. It seems that it is easier if you have google account (I could be wrong!)……(but if you’re still using God forsaken Pentium2, there’s nothing much I could assist!)….. So far, not many of our long-lost former school and classmates have become members of this blog since it was first unoffically launched on 2nd February 2012 as the result of a brilliant idea from Prof Dato’ Dr Mushrifah Idris when I first met her (after almost 38 years later) in one of the seminars that I conducted specially for UKM Faculty of Science & Technology. I scrupulously managed to gather some of those that were contactable (thanks to Prof Mushrifah again!) for my 2nd daughter’s wedding reception dinner on 21st January 2012 in KL…..among them were Dr Mushrifah, Najib, Normah (my sister-in-law!), Raja, Mahzan and Fuaad. There were others who were invited but didn’t turn up during the said dinner. Don’t worry…I’m not slightestly disappointed for their unintentional absence as I still have 6 more to go………

    Back to the the administration of this blog, I must give special mention here to those who have made this blog possible (in one way or another) and I would also like to again invite all other remaining members of HSBP Class of 72/73 Sixth Formers’ clan to rekindle old memories by getting in touch with everybody through this blog that is uniquely created as the “Heart Soothers & Breakers Pavilion”!!

    If anyone of you still having the old images or photos (these are precious artefacts!) while in HSBP, kindly scan them and post it to me at my email address. And, if you still keeping “The Pilot” (HSBP School Magazine) year 1972 and 1973 editions in your treasure chest, please share those class photos by scanning them (if you’re not sure to do it, ask your smart children!) and email them to the administrator of this blog………failing which I have no choice but to make a trip to meet up with Mr Palani (the Librarian, hope he’s still around!) at HSBP so as to get those copies of the old precious “Pilot” magazines!

    Again, in the event, if anyone of you still having problem(s) in blogging into this website http://hsbpclassof73upper6.blogspot.com/ , do not hesitate and meditate to email me at driaj2009@gmail.com or guru54@streamyx.com or SMS or call me at 019-6448764.

    Thanks so much old folks for those contributions and comments or honest feedback……hope to hear much more heart soothing & breaking sentimental news from the other old tribe members of HSBP Class of 72/73 Sixth Formers….bye2 for now and Cheers!

    Ismail Aby Jamal

  6. khairunizam ismail on

    hai guys me also ex student i remember that school songs.now i at shah alam.to all ex student,1997 to 2001 email me.especially my class 5M1.

  7. Zainal H Mahtar on

    Anyone coming from form 5 Additional Science ’72 HSBP must remember Mr Balasubramanium, Ap Jacob En Jabar Ahmad and the wife Dorothy Wong. If Hamid Mat Amin, Fandy Shahari, Aliudin Samian, Mat Buang, Peter Chin, Shamsudin Sharif, Sulaiman M Nor or whoever remember me please bother to contact me.

    Zainal H Mahtar

  8. Azizan Napis on

    hi anyone from 5 sc 2 year 1989,wish can ;locate other friends like ali mahyudin,fauzi senin,nordin amat,k ravindran,rizalman ashari,nazre,iqbal,aya,sharifuddin,azhanudin many more,contact me @ my fb (same name).currently im doing my own business of general insurance @ bandar baru uda jb,almost 11 years.really missed all that wonderful years at Hischool….taught me alot about the true meaning of life….bye

  9. M GOVINDAN on

    Studied in High School BP from 1950 t0 1956. Served in the first batch of Army Cadet Corps. Seeking contact with classmates of 1956


    Was in High School from 1971 to 1975 (Form 1 to Form 5). Would love to meet my friends especially those who were at the hostel during that period. Do contact me at 016-2215587. Still remember some of the names like othman khalid, wahid, rahim anis, wong ah heng, ravi,hardi, azman, hussin baboo,sheikh abdul aziz, ismail berg, azman, jamalludin royan, zainal amin, khairuddin hasran,and so on. I miss you guys.

  11. Lee Ah Tng on

    Like to catch up with old friends from TIGS years 1970 – 1974. I live in Auckland. my email address is jkek@xtra.co.nz

  12. sukumaran k. nair on

    There are some things best left unchanged and that includes the colour of the main building. The original white colour of the building should be retained and for goodness sake get the clock repaired! If its about high funds required to do it, I’m sure the state govt can be approached thru the assistance of En Puad Zarkasi?!

  13. christopher chan kheng boon on

    Hi Richard Koh (from posting 354)

    Nice to connect with you here! How are you?

    Stephen Lee and Gang from class of 1979 is organising an Alumni Nite – Class ’79 reunion dinner this 1st September 2012 at Landmark Hotel. Please get in touch with him at 012-7080878.

    Kindly assist to inform others that you are currently in contact with soonest.

    Hope to see you for the reunion dinner. I will be travelling back from KL specially for this reunion. I heard that some from overseas are coming as well(US, Canada and Australia)!!


    Christopher Chan

  14. Tuan Shperi, kat mana sekrg, Langkawi ke? Still remember Ampang Transit?

  15. christopher chan kheng boon on

    Hi Class ’79 friends (continue from posting 363)

    I went back for my Hari Raya holiday a few days ago and met up with Stephen.

    This is the latest news on our Class ’79 Reunion dinner to be held on 1st September 2012 at Landmark Hotel.

    Number of confirmed pax : 100 pax +

    Number of confirmed ex-teachers attending : 10 pax +

    More will be coming as we await their confirmation.

    Cheers and see you all soon!

    Christopher Chan

  16. yem kc aka botak on

    hai ex HSBP…… aku di hsbp (stbp) pd 1973-1982 (SPM) budak sastra,umah jln kc dekat pdg bola kg meredeka
    rugby player 80-82 mssd,mssj n mssm….

    samaad lu orang kenal wa atau tak wa tak pasti tapi nama2 yg ada mcm masri,david n jeffry sabah,sukor,jamal senggarang,yunus sood,kamal ithnin,karu LLN,sukdev,cekgu2 masih ada dalm kepala wa…

    cuma lu orang kenal tak fauzi misran,hatta md yassin,azmi manaf ni wa nyer kamcing…

    wa ada kat ampang trafik…dtg ampang cari wa…

  17. yem kc aka botak

    plz find fb hsbc batch 82/85, ada gahthering last 2nd Raya kat Pine Hotel. plz follow them.. esp Kamal Ithnin

  18. kuda 75 on

    Really miss all my freinds razi dolly, ayam, semut and my dorm mates.

  19. Joe SM aka Jeff on

    Anyone coming from form 5 Commerce ’73 whoever remember me Joe SM aka Jeff from Pt Sulong, please bother to contact me at 019-3441719 or abenjoned2020@yahoo.com

  20. Joe SM aka Jeff of Pt Sulong on

    Received news today that Tn Khairul Faizi Khalid Abas was found somewhere in Taiping. Will furnish his exact location as soon as posibble (sorry, my GPS ran haywire)

    Mr Cheah Phee Aik had been called to the Lord peacefully – RIP.

  21. Joe SM aka Jeff of Pt Sulong on

    Refer to my entry #371, HM’s aka The Barber (very fond of carrying a pair of scissors around) exact location is at Taman Simpang Murni, Taiping Perak and now known as Tuan Haji Khairul Faizi bin Khalid Abas.

    Those around 71 – 75 hopefully still remember him ….

  22. Mabel Gong on

    I would like to know the name of “Uncel Yap” mentioned as past principal? Any names linked to Yap Ah Ch’ng and his wife’s name used to reside at Jalan Mohd Akil; Yap Beng Teck, Yap Kee Seng and Yap Eng Sing who were brothers??

    My email pangrazio@gmail.com

    Thank you

  23. Joe SM aka Jeff of Pt Sulong Says: on

    1. High School Batu Pahat akan menyambut ulangtahun ke 100 nya pada Mac 2014. Untuk keterangan lanjut sila hubungi pihak sekolah di 07-4344003/4341097. email: smktbp@yahoo.com

    2. Encik Shukur Nathan yang lebih dikenali sebagai Mr S Sugathan telah kembali ke rahmatullah 2 tahun yang lalu. Beliau salah seorang dari guru mathematics era 70s

  24. siva prasanna krishnan on

    I would like to thank you Joe for publishing the address of En Khairul Faizi. I was a teacher in BP High School in 1973 and 1974 and he was the Principal. When i was there some of the teachers were: mr Amarjit Singh, Mr Sugathan, Mr Christopher Reed, Ms Cynthia Goh, Ms Charanjit Kaur. I taught GP in Upper Six Science and English in Form 5. I have very fond memories of my days there with the students.

    I would like to know what happened to Mr Sugathan who was an old family friend of ours from Kluang. I last met him when he was the Principal of SMK Paloh, Johore. He was an excellent maths teacher and very popular with the students too. May his soul rest in peace.

    siva prasanna

  25. cikgu shukor nathan adalah guru metamatik terbaik kami zaman 70an semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat.

  26. Wan Mohd Azrul on

    Hello semua.. Dulu pada tahun 1998 aku pernah bersekolah di HSBP. Skrg aku mungkin sudah berjaya. Walaupun bukan dalam bidang pelajaran. Tp dalam bidang perniagaan. Pada teman2 yg masih mengenali aku. Sila hubungi aku. Yeor Kelate.
    Email aku eighty2snooker@gmail.com.

    Pada budak tahun 1998 terutamanya Ai,Helmi,Nuar,Wan Blue…Dsb..

  27. Salam buat bekas pelajar HSBP.

    Saya pelajar tingkatan 5 sekolah ini (2013). Buat masa ni, saya nak minta jasa baik semua bekas pelajar HSBP, tuan-tuan sekalian, kalau ada gambar-gambar lama berkenaan High School Batu Pahat / Sekolah Tinggi Batu Pahat ataupun kepada bekas pelajar asrama, yang mempunyai gambar-gambar lama asrama sekolah ni, bolehlah sudi berkongsi dengan saya dan untuk tatapan semua.

    Harap tuan-tuan dapat beri sokongan dan kerjasama ya! Dan untuk bekas pelajar asrama sekalian, tuan-tuan boleh melihat perkembangan pelajar asrama untuk tahun 2013 ini di youtube saya: http://www.youtube.com/theikhmalzikry.

    Sebarang maklumat sila hubungi saya di emel penaberbulu@gmail.com

    Sekian terima kasih

    Highly Superb Brilliant Performance
    High School Dynamite!
    Kini Sekolah Kluster Kecemerlangan.

  28. Yeo Yien Hoe on

    I am from class of 1987 to 1993. Anyone going back to High School for the 100 years celebrations next year and any idea what type of celebrations?

  29. Yeo Yien Hoe on

    I am from class of 1987 to 1993. Anyone going back to High School for the 100 years celebrations next year and any idea what type of celebrations?

  30. Tee Leong Huat on

    I would like to link up with fellow classmates or form-mates from HSBP 72/73 Form 4/5 science stream. I had Mr Balasubramanium taught me modern physic, Mr AP Jacobs biology & chemistry couldnt remember, add math ?? Any one of you still remember me or our fellow classmates please email me. Thanks

  31. saaid on

    wow 100 yrs celebration!! i was here HSBP from 1971-1974..1A1,then 2A2,n 3A2. in 4science 2 for a short while b4 i proceeded to Royal Military College.will try to make it there for the celebration..

  32. teo ah lam on

    I was there from 1978-79. Joined the reunion. It’s a nice & memorable experience.

  33. Dalbir Singh on

    HSBC….great times from 76-80….Champs in Hockey with Sarjit (now ex professional) ….been too long names forgotten. Cannot forget Master Amarjit Singh the discipline master..En Ismail Othman the HM then …Mr Koh…English teacher rides a scooter those days….wow what fun we had as prefects. That’s the only time we had majority Punjabi students all 8 of us. So any guys from class of 1980 reach me at face book Dave Singh Sandhu. Cheers!!

  34. Maslan on

    Assalamualaikum & hello there! I studied here from 86 to 91 (lower 6)…for those who r still remember me, pls kindly email me :)…btw, anybody knows where is Cikgu Fariday might be now? She taught biology back then 🙂

  35. Tan seio Beng on

    I was in form 5 year 1970, would be good to catch up with old schoolmates here.

  36. I am an ex student of High School Batu Pahat from year 1963 to year 1967. It will be a great pleasure for me if I can have some old photographs of any teachers for those particular years. They are really my life-long inspiration who have thought and given me courage to face life.


    High School Old Boy 1973 – 1979

    MCE 1977
    Studied Biology, Chemistry and Physics under Mr A.P Jacob, Mr Ratnasabapathy and Mr Balasubramaniam. Great science teachers.

    Hope to be there this Saturday for the 100 years dinner.


    It is Ahmad Fuad bin Shamsuddin

  39. aeshah sharif on

    Stumble on this Blog while searching for archives on articles on Batu Pahat, I was a Lower Six Science student in 1973, from TIGS. Only a handful of us Malay girls at that time. I believed we may have been the first batch of Malay girls that went to Science class. I remember our teachers Mr. Mahadevan, Mahalingam & Christopher Reed. Of course Encik Khairul Faizi our Head Master. My father died at the end of 1973 & we had to move. But Encik Khairul Faizi offered for me to stay with his family so I can finish upper six without having to change school. I did not take up his offer as I don’t want to be away from my family. I never had a chance to say goodbye to my classmates. I want to thank En Khairul Faizi for his offer & his concern. I did make it….I am now living in New York & working in my field. I have fond memories of Batu Pahat..the place where I grew up. 2 years ago, I went back & visit the area…of course it has changed a lot!!

  40. What an awesome blogsite. So glad to find it in my search for HSBP. Brings back so many memories …..

    Studied in Forms 4/5 Science stream in 1975/76. Would like to contact teachers and classmates/formmates at HSBP and friends (competition rivals !) at TIGS from that time.
    Email: mike_cares@yahoo.com
    FB: Mike Saram
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/michael-saram/29/3a5/5ab

    Despite being there only 2 years they were the best years of my whole school life. Amazing teachers, classmates and friends. Amazing time.

  41. koh Yong Tee on

    Hi there,

    My name is Koh Yong Tee.

    I was from the Class of ’71 and ’72 (Form 4 and Form 5 Arts 1) High School Batu Pahat. Hope someone can still recall my name. Would cherish to meet my old classmates.

    I have many good memories of HSBP. Cheers!

    Should you know me, please contact me at email yong_tee.koh@fairprice.com.sg. My tel no is 9675 2701 (Singapore).

    I hope, and would be be glad, to return to BP and meet up with my “old” classmates. It has been decades since we last met (whoever your are).

    Can someone please contact me, please?

    Many thanks.

    Koh Yong Tee

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