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It’s almost the annual ‘balik kampung’ time for many. The Chinese New Year is less than 2 weeks away. If you balik kampung via PLUS and exit from Air Hitam, you will pass by Parit Raja.

At Parit Raja, near the traffic light at Jalan Besar, you will see a building. (Sorry I can’t find the photo of the building, must have misplaced it). Inside this building you can find lots of stalls selling all kinds of Kerepek and tidbits.

Some of them are as colourful as this one!
Parit Raja

It used to be in big big bags, and they scoop it for you. But nowadays, it is all packed into 500gm or 1Kg packs like the ones below. Yes, you can try them too if you want.
Parit Raja

These stuff are all made in Parit Raja itself. So they are fresh. You know tidbits taste horrible if they have been left for some time. I have not made a trip to the ‘kilang-kilang’. Maybe one day.

Our family, we always tend to buy from this stall. I don’t know why, but the first time we bought things here long long ago was from this stall, and we stuck to it.

Parit Raja

We always buy the cili kerepek, my colleagues loves them.
If you are wondering, yes, Parit Raja is part of Batu Pahat, but the postcode is not 83000. 🙂

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  1. miss NUR HIDAYAH on

    salam,,saya ad bekalan ubi kayu untuk dibuat kerepek ,, jika berminat blh call.. 0177857642

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