Dih Tong Hai Best Coffee Powder

The 2nd installment of the photos that I mentioned few days ago.
This set looks more familiar to the ones we see nowadays right?

The Japanese fine china version got too expensive maybe?

Dih Tong Hai Coffee

Zoom in for you…
Compared to the other version, I realise they added the word “best” on it!

Dih Tong Hai Coffee

Made in Batu Pahat! It’s made by Johor Pipe Company in Ayer Hitam.
Johor Pipe crockery has been renamed Claytan I think.

Dih Tong Hai Coffee

Wishing all Christian readers a meaningful Passion Week.

5 thoughts on “Dih Tong Hai Best Coffee Powder

  1. Johor Pipe has broken into a few smaller companies that produces different clay products. There’s one that produces stone wares (ala Japanese tablewares), another produces VC ware (like the ones in the pictures above) also known as Claytan and the last one produces sanitary wares (aka toilet bowls and sinks)

  2. baharin ismail on

    OMG! This is the saucer that I have been hunting around all this while. I have its kopitiam cup and is looking for the saucer for quite some time to complete the set for my collections. Will you sell this to me? I really really want it. Please respond to my email address. Thank you

  3. baharin ismail on

    Hi philip. Still awaiting ur response….been almost 8 mths now. Tq

  4. Intersting article. Sheds light into the history of 地中海咖啡粉廠。 Enjoyed reading it! Well done

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