Square One Mall

I was shopping at Carrefour the other day and saw that the building beside it is getting taller by the day.

Another shopping mall is coming up in Batu Pahat.

Square One Mall, Batu Pahat

Can BP sustain so many malls? It seems that BP Mall is not fully occupied. Wira Court’s closed down.

120 thoughts on “Square One Mall

  1. Jija on

    Salam Diana, secret recipe kat BP terletak di Jalan Rahmat. Opposite AM Bank. Servisnya cepat dan pelayannya ramah2 belaka 🙂

  2. Dennis on

    amri89, kalau tak reti BI, tak yahlah nak komen dalam BI. Berserabut, tulis jer dalam BM….i have been paid a much….apa punya bahasa tu. Siapa yang bayar kat kau? Ker kau nak cakap….I have paid so much…kelakor lah kau nih…Nak speaking konon…tapi tak tau nak guna grammar yang betul. Buck up man!!

  3. Petai125 on

    Aku go Bp want beli games jer, aku not kesah about pembangunan or ape-ape jer,but bp masih good dan banyak shoping mall,sbb tu lar summit x der orng sgt,dan kalau nak layanan bagus tahap lima bintang,msak sendiri kat umah lagi senang tak payah nak makan kat luar,…haha (yang BI kat atas tu aku sental jer x payah komplen,simpan dlm ati jer)..

  4. eventOrganizer on

    we as a event organizer will soon having a education fair in batu pahat in december 2010….we will invite lots of publisher,book storer,new technology exhibitors (approximately 50 booths) from KL to join in for this fair…Will the citizens of BP come to support??and what u guys interested….do comment….appreciate!!

  5. event Organizer,

    good ideas to have the grand education in bp!

    so,bprians no need to travel to kl n collect the information for study!

    look forward to tis education fair organise in bp!!!

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  7. matajuling on

    Ada tak kedai jual beg jenama deuter di Batu Pahat? TK.

  8. i heard a Japanese Sushi Restaurant opening soon at Square One Mall, Anyone love sushi or Japanese food?? i very upsad with Sushi Kings at BP mall coz not fresh la.

  9. Raymond on

    Heard that the expansion of Summit will be ready soon, so as the hotel. Any update/info/comments from anyone on this project?

  10. Since Batu Pahat has about half millions of population and becoming more develop,some measure steps can be done in near future (maybe for 10 years time,by start planning now) to make Batu Pahat become better and better town to be:

    1. planning for cross-over bridges in some busy main roads
    (eg: Jalan Kluang)

    2. wider the main roads into 4 lanes road
    (eg: Jalan Peserai,Jalan Tanjung Labuh)

    3. finishing the road divider in Jalan Kluang (extend until Ayer Hitam) ,Jalan Bakau Condong (extend until Peserai,if possible wider the Batu Pahat bridge as well) and Jalan Tanjung Labuh (extend until SMK Banang Jaya)

    4. change the overhead wired lamp posts into underground wired lamp posts in town area, so town arrangement look more tidy

    5. build a highway connecting Muar,Batu Pahat and Pontian joint with Muar by-pass and Lebuh AMJ (Melaka)

    6. Extra more hypermarkets/malls/restaurants/fast foods to set up in Batu Pahat…
    (such as: Jusco Aeon City,Tesco,Baskin Robin,Burger King,Starbucks,MPH bookstores,…)

    Hopefully Batu Pahat can move toward a better future!!!^^

  11. i’m looking for shopping mall for roadshow purpose.but i cant get square one and submit’s website when i surf online.can anyone give me the link?thank you.

  12. Loo Mee on

    I alrdy visited penang.. quite impressive with their multi-languages road name signboard, is it bp possible have the malay-mandarin sign board in those roads which is full with history?? this can show 1 malaysia spirit in bp! ^^
    for examples: Jalan Pengkai (贪吃街),Jalan Rahmat (大马路),Jalan Ismail (日本街),… and so on!!

  13. Loo Mee on

    I alrdy visited penang even in yong peng.. quite impressive with their multi-languages road name signboard, is it bp possible have the malay-mandarin sign board in those roads which is full with history?? this can show 1 malaysia spirit in bp! ^^
    for examples: Jalan Pengkai (贪吃街),Jalan Rahmat (大马路),Jalan Ismail (日本街),… and so on!!

  14. Any semi-d for sale in Batu Pahat? What is the current property value esp for semi-D in BP? Planning to move back BP in near future.

  15. Hope to have a nice bakery shop opened in BP such as Lavender, Bread Talk …

  16. Lim Shu Hoe on

    Hi! everyone,
    May I know where is 圣 皇 庙 located in Segamat johor?
    If there is anyone know where is it located, can you pls send me the address and map? Thks for your help. My email is limshuhoe@hotmail.com Thks again…..

  17. JCCC on

    Hi all,

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  18. hye! anyone noe if theres any nightclub or karaoke place in bp? well i think the “bp”is so sooo empty.. come on man! lets build many more entertainment place.. nothing special bout this unless you bright it!!

  19. Connie on

    Anyone know there any box shop or cube shop in Square One Batu Pahat?

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