Our BP girl volunteering at the Beijing Olympics

For your reading pleasure, a story of a BP girl who is got selected to volunteer at the Beijing Olympics.



A ‘Catty Of Milk’ Tickles Malaysian Student Volunteer


By Tham Choy Lin

BEIJING, July 29 (Bernama) — If she is not busy with her studies as a second year journalism student at Chinas prestigious Tsinghu University, Auyong San San will most likely be dancing.

The former Batu Pahat Chinese High School girl is among 75,000 volunteers selected from 1.1 million applicants by the Beijing Olympics Games Organising Committee (BOCOG).

She also heads the dance group of the Malaysian Students Association in Beijing.

Bernama talks to Auyong who remains cool amidst all the excitement:

“Being a volunteer will give me the chance to know the other side of the Games. I have never been this close to the Olympics before. In 2004, I was still in Batu Pahat and my favourite event in the Athens Olympics was the diving event.

I have not heard of any other Malaysian students picked directly by BOCOG. The first person I told when the reply came was my boyfriend, he is in the same university. He and his roommate also applied to become volunteers but were not successful.

My training will begin on Aug 1 and I will be a volunteer right through Aug 26. I have not been told what exactly I will be doing but I will assigned at the spectators area between the Birds Nest and the Water Cube.

In fact, when I applied I asked to work inside these two venues, the two stadiums are the most well-known and recognisable in the entire Olympics. I guess I can be a translator for foreign spectators. Besides Putonghua, I speak Malay, English and several Chinese dialects.

Strangely, I was not overly excited at being picked.

I was confident of getting it because thousands of volunteers were needed. But I found out later that the university had recommended about 200 students and only 13 were selected. From my course, only another Myanmar student and I were chosen.

My three younger sisters and friends back in Batu Pahat are more excited about it than me.

As the Games get closer, Beijing is full of slogans and advertising billboards. The one I find entertaining is not one on the Olympics . It is a milk advertisement that says Mei Tian Yi Jin Nai, Jian Zhuang Zhong Guo Ren (A catty of milk a day, makes strong and healthy Chinese).

If I have to pick one Olympics cheer, it will be “Wo Can Yu, Wo Feng Xian, Wo Kuai Le” which means I participate, I contribute, I’m happy.

Security will be very tight during the Olympics. I had a taste of it during the Good Luck Beijing volleyball championships. Spectators were not allowed to take water into the stadium. I drank it all at the entrance but was still not allowed to take in my empty tupperware. I didn’t want to throw it away because it is expensive. Luckily, someone volunteered to keep it for me.

This summer, I took a break in Qingdao which is hosting the Olympics yachting competition. The whole city is decked out in colour, it was Olympics everywhere.

I feel greater excitement for the Games there.

I won’t have time to watch any of the Olympics competitions. Besides, I don’t have any tickets.

But thats okay. I will watch the Paralympics instead. I think it is more meaningful. I’ve got tickets for the basketball finals, volleyball, swimming and athletics. I don’t feel pity when I see disabled athletes, I see them as equals.”


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