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Welcome to the Batu Pahat Website.

I’m Philip and I was born in Hospital Daerah Batu Pahat in the mid 1970s. I grew up in this lovely town of Batu Pahat.

Bought this domain : batupahat.org a few years ago, and did nothing about it. Some paragraphs of nonsense went up, took it down after a while. Posted other junk up again and took it down again after a while. Then I realised that I have lots of BP photos, they are all sitting in my harddisk doing nothing. Might as well put it up right? So there it goes.

Something interesting happened. Photos attacts people to the website! I also used WordPress for this blog, and it lets readers drop comments. Somehow, more and more people put in their comments, they must be home sick I think. haha….

I do not have time to post daily, so whenever I have some time, I post things up here. Hope you will be patient with me.

If you are from Batu Pahat, and have articles or photos to contribute, you are most welcome to send them to me, and I will put them up here. You are email me at philip @ batupahat . org

If you want to post things up yourself, the Forum pages allows you to do so. Got to know a person that is very helpful in answering questions that people ask, so I volunteered him to be the Forum Admin. haha… He wants to be known as Tigersden. Thanks Tiger! (He is so knowledgable about things in Batu Pahat and so responsive, some people think he works for the newspaper!)

This part time hobby of blogging is interesting because of all the comments and responses. Keep your comments coming, tell us how to improve. Please dont thank me, it’s because of the rest of the people that this is interesting. Thank them instead. I think reading the comments from others is what makes it interesting.


4 thoughts on “About this Website

  1. Gerbera on

    Hi Philip
    Many thanks for your effort. I’m from Batu Pahat and still has family there. This is the place that I was born and grew up. I have been across the causeway for work for many years. Returning to BP has always been nostalgic.I wonder if more can be done to make this site for lively and better known and to connect all the Bee Pee-ians once and have-been here.. it will be wonderful!


  2. I am ex convent….1970 vintage, love to hear from my colleagues. What about a reunion sometime

  3. Mary Ann Gomez on

    Hi Philip,
    My name is Mary Ann Gomez and I would like to get in touch with Sarjit Kaur she went to the BP Convent School, I think she was in my class.If you can get in touch with her on my behalf, that will be great.

    Many Thanks.

    Mary Ann

  4. Theresa Chan on

    Hi Mary Ann Gomez,

    I know you. We are in the same batch and goes to church together on
    Saturdays. You used to live near the bp hospital at Jalan Kluang.

    Margaret Henry Hi to you too.
    Are you by any chance sister to Nora Henry?
    Where can she be reach?

    Thanks & Regards
    Theresa ex Convent

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